10 Best Rocket League cars

There’s a range of vehicles available for play within the Rocket League. Certain are available since the very beginning of the game. While others are unlocked during playing, and the remaining are available as Crates or DLC packages.

The various cars come with various hitting and handling characteristics that affect how your car is interacting with the ball or your turns’ speed.

Almost every vehicle can indeed perform well for Rocket League once you master the art of using it (with the possible exception of the Scarab that is an unprofitable cause). However, some vehicles stand out from other cars at more advanced levels.

Here are a few of the most popular cars you can play with to play Rocket League.

Best Rocket League Cars


Best Rocket League cars

While the Octane is the default vehicle the moment you launch Rocket League, it’s still considered the best car to play with by a huge distance. Since the launch in the first game has been the most sought-after car to choose in both professional and amateur games, it’s well-known for its precise turning radius, superb hitbox, and overall precise design.

The Octane comes with a flexible rectangular hitbox that provides an adequate surface area at the rear of the vehicle without making it appear too tinny. It’s responsive with the tightest turning radius. Its profile is elevated enough from the ground that it can move the ball on the ground and from the sky.

There are a variety of vehicles that have this Octane hitbox, including The Takumi and the Twinzer. They are also excellent options, but most high-end players are more comfortable with the regular Octane over the other versions due to it being the most regular Octane car model that works well with the game’s hitbox.


The ’16 Batmobile is another popular choice among players of high level. The 16 Batmobile battle car was added to the game on March 8, 2016. It’s the longest vehicle in the game and comes with an incline hitbox. Many top players favour the car because its design is angular, allowing the car to take strong, precise shots. Additionally, the large flat frame could be an effective tool for dribbling or shooting in the air.

Unfortunately, those who want to purchase the Batmobile from 2016 are no longer available to purchase. Therefore, unless you already have an account and purchased that pack, you won’t be able to purchase this car regularly and will have to wait until Psyonix introduces it again in the Item Shop, for instance, in this year’s 2021 Haunted Hallows event. It’s good to know that several other cars have the same hitbox. These include those from the Artemis, Centro, Mantis and Sentinel. It is possible to achieve the same results with these plank-type cars even if they don’t have the 16-year-old Batmobile.


The Dominus was a DLC car when it first came out on August 13. 13th of 2015, as one of Supersonic Fury Pack. However, following Rocket League’s switch to Blueprints, it’s now available for download without cost across all accounts.

Following the Octane After the Octane, the Dominus has become the second most sought-after car to choose at the top level of play. It has many positives of Batmobile car type on the ground. However, it has better handling of corners than the hitbox plank cars. The Dominus gives the most optimal plank and Octane hitbox for certain players, allowing you to play from the air like an Octane and handle the ball on the ground like an Octane.

More than 20 cars within Rocket League make use of this Dominus hitbox. These are the ’89 Batmobile and The Dominus GT, the DeLorean, and the Aftershock. The classic Dominus is still the one closest to the hitbox you’re working with and is still the most well-known version of the car.


Image via Psyonix

The Breakout is among the three standard cars, The Octane and the Merc. The Breakout isn’t as well-known as the Octane or the Dominus as well as The ’16 Batmobile, but this vehicle is certainly capable of getting the task accomplished when tested.

It has a fairly useful hitbox that acts as an elongated and slightly larger variant similar to that of the Dominus hitbox. Though it’s more difficult when it comes to flying than the Dominus, however, it’s a good alternative for those who don’t own a Dominus or a vehicle equipped that has it. Plank hitbox.

While the Breakout isn’t a common sight at the top levels in Rocket League, it’s not completely unusual. Particularly, freestylers have used the vehicle to execute their outrageous aerial tricks. Many cars have with the Breakout hitbox, such as the Cyclone, Samurai, and the Animus GP. If you’re only beginning to get acquainted with Rocket League and cannot be patient to get a plank-hitbox car, the Breakout is an option that can be used as a replacement.


The Endo first came out on March 22, 2017. The car is only available through Blueprints and occasionally in the Item Shop, So finding it may be difficult. The car is a Hybrid body style that is boxier than the other vehicles on this list. The Endo is taller than the Octane but has the same width and height as the Octane’s hitbox. It also feels higher over the Breakouts.

The main drawback of this model Endo is that it’s not as adept at turning as the Octane, Dominus, or Breakout. What it isn’t able to do in terms of turning radius is it makes up its air handling. The upside-down flight of the Endo is a blast, and its more extended design could create energy where the Octane may struggle. The Endo might be less than the Octane in a certain way, yet it’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get away from the usual guidelines and go for an out-of-the-box vehicle.


Aftershock was released on July 5 2016, as part of the Rocket League Collector’s Edition, which means you’ll have to download the DLC with it, or you can be lucky and obtain it via drops. It features the Dominus hitbox, but it is rather swift for its weight.

This car can have a strong feeling of control, making it ideal for aggressive play and scoring the most goals you can. It’s an excellent choice from the Dominus hitbox vehicles to pick from.


If you are a fan of playing defensively, The Marauder is an excellent choice to serve as a goalkeeper in a way. It was originally part of Rocket League Collector’s Edition DLC and then made accessible for purchase as an individual. In the present, however, players must purchase it through drops.

The Marauder comes with The Octane hitbox, which is similar to one of the top cars on the market. However, it’s a lot heavier and tank-like. Due to this, it’s heavy driving. However, that’s why the hit seems more powerful, too. The size of the ball can be a huge space to protect the goal while also fending off the opposition.


The Mantis is a fantastic vehicle that you can play around with if you are a fan of that ’16 Batmobile. The Mantis was launched on May 10, 2017, only through the Nitro Crate. It was released in response to players’ requests for a car that resembled the Batmobile.

It also comes with also the Plank hitbox, which means you’ll need to often leap to do flips and utilize its flat construction best to make goals or stop the ball in mid-air and also play offensively.


The Nimbus is one of the Hybrid cars available on Rocket League, similar to the earlier mentioned Endo. Because it features the Hybrid hitbox, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of playstyles thanks to its small and slim build. It’s similar in feeling like the Dominus and is an easy transition towards the Nimbus.


The Merc may not be everybody’s preferred choice due to the size of its hitbox. Its size could work well to help defend goals, strike the ball from the sky or simply hit other players and then explode the other players.

The car was released July 7 2015, at the time of its release, and you’ll be able to begin playing it at the beginning. It is possible to trade painted versions; however, it’s not a typical car. It’s the only car with hitboxes. Merc along with Battle Bus are the only cars with Battle Bus are also the only vehicles that have hitboxes that are compatible with the Merc hitbox.

The Merc will not give you speed but only strength. It’s a great choice for those who aren’t sure how to use strategies like flips, jumps or jumps. It’s a simple style of play and has a unique design. You can hit the ball using everything you’ve got.

What car you use comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. If you like a car that isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Use whatever feels good to you, have fun, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Some people never test any other vehicle outside of the Octane, but that’s okay. Do a little research on different possibilities. You might be amazed at the amount of enjoyment you can have with all the cars Rocket League provides and how the different hitboxes can influence your gameplay.

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