Best 2021 BGMI ESP Hack APK Download for Android – Now Push Conqueror With Ease

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A genuine Pubg Mobile hack is really difficult to find. To get it, some spend hours watching YouTube videos while others browse many websites, including malicious ones.

This makes it difficult for a player to get a good hack. But no worries because I’ve provided a legit hack that is still used by conqueror players. The best part is, they haven’t got a ban notice till now. So, it is the right time for you too to apply the hack.

Just be with me till the end and I’ll not only provide you with the hack download link but also tell you how to use the BGMI hack carefully so that you won’t get banned.

New Pubg Mobile Aka Battleground Mobile India Hack

Most of us have been killed by hackers in Pubg Mobile. Before the BGMI release, there were only a few hackers and those eventually got banned by the Pubg Mobile corporation.

You might not know this, but there are hundreds of paid and free hacks available for Battleground Mobile India and Pubg Mobile. 

So, which one should you choose?

If you want a legit hack, then I recommend you to go with the paid hack. With a paid hack, your chances of getting banned reduce.

In India, all BGMI players are struggling with hackers. According to the reports, BGMI banned over 200k hackers. Still, we find them during gameplay. 

Why is this so?

Because most of them are using paid hacks. 

Don’t believe me? 

Just go to the rank section in BGMI and you’ll find hundreds of players with a 10+kd ratio. Only a few of them with normal hacks got banned.

What if I Use a Free BGMI Hack? Will My ID Get Ban?

I too did the same thing while searching for a free Pubg Mobile India hack file

I got a link from one website and downloaded the given BGMI hack mod apk and zip file from there. 

Initially, after installing the hack successfully in my secondary ID, I was very happy and did chicken dinner with 32 kills in Erangel.

After playing only 3 matches, I thought I would get the conqueror title in Pubg. So, I decided to play the mod game with my primary ID. 

Just started my first match, killed 7 enemies, and got a permanent ban of 10 years. 

This was really disappointing for me as I’d bought a Royal Pass and unlocked many guns and car skins.

So, I won’t recommend anyone to go with free BGMI recoil hack scripts and install any free hack as it can lead to a permanent ban of 10 years.

If you still want to use the free battleground mobile India esp hack, download it from any website and use it. Play the game once and then only your children will be able to play it again.

BGMI Paid Hack 2021

Download Link for Battleground Mobile India ESP Hack – No Grass No Recoil Included

Because of Google’s terms and conditions for websites, I can’t provide you the hack link here. But you can get the BGMI mod script and hack injector by clicking on the given link.

It will redirect you to a telegram page. Just DM “hack” there and my partner will provide you the BGMI hack download link after you make a successful payment.

BGMI Free Hack For Android 2021

If you still don’t want to spend money on the paid hack and want to use the hack only for fun purposes or to defeat your friends in the room, you can also try this free BGMI ESP Hack 2021. The link will be the same.

I am a newbie, I don’t know how to install hack?

There’s nothing much technical in installing the BGMI mod. Along with the hack, you will get a video tutorial on “how to install bgmi mod apk and file”?

Key Features of this Hack

  • LESS RECOIL, and a lot more.

This hack is safe for pushing rank. For more safety, players can use a firewall. Although players using this hack are not banned yet, we don’t recommend you use this hack in your primary ID. 

Why I am Recommending this Hack?

There are many players who ask for a genuine hack so that they can easily push their rank. Among all the available mods, I found this one useful. Also, it is cheaper than other paid hacks.

As my friend is also playing BGMI with this hack for the past few seasons, he hasn’t faced any issue yet. And he is a conqueror player.

Nevertheless, it is only up to you to use this hack.

Also. watch this short youtube video(in spectator’s mode) where a hacker kills an enemy in Livik with M762+4X scope.

Note: The post is for entertainment purposes only. Usage of any mod is strictly prohibited by BGMI.(Aisa likhna zarori hai, samjho)
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