7 Best Co-op Games On Game Pass

Playing against your friends in multiplayer games is competitive but playing together as a team strengthens your friendship with them. Cooperative games let the players work or play together to achieve one common goal. You play here as teammates and in this way, you can help each other during obstacles, making it easier to win against the opponents. 

Game Pass has a wide range of these amazing co-op games that players who love playing together with friends can check out. Games like It Takes Two, Grounded, and A Way Out are some of the best co-ops you can enjoy. If you are looking for a fun game night with your friends and co-op games attract you the most, then do go through our list of some of the Best CO-op games on game pass. 

Here is a list of the seven best co-op games on Game Pass:

  1. Grounded
  2. ARK: Survival Evolved
  3. No Man’s Sky
  4. Overcooked 2
  5. It Takes Two
  6. A Way Out
  7. Gears 5

Keep reading this article if you want to know in detail about each of these games

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7 Best Co-op Games On Game Pass

If you have a Game Pass subscription and want to make the best use of it then do try these best games we choose for you to enjoy together with your companions.

Know more about these Best Co-op games and choose what you want to play.

  1. Grounded

Yes, it is a survival game. No, it’s not that brutal. Yes, it has some fun elements. Well, the location is your backyard! Ever wondered how can someone play a survival game where the location is the player’s backyard? Grounded does that for you. In this survival adventure game, the players are shrunk to the tiniest level and thus need to survive in this normal world that has suddenly become huge and dangerous. 

The game lets you explore the location, craft, and build tools or shelters required for your survival in this dangerous, giant world. Search for a way to get back to normal with the help of your companions and enjoy this uncommon adventure. 

  1. ARK: Survival Evolved

The players are stranded on a deserted land but they still have the company of their friends and best friends, the Dinosaurs. In this open-world gaming environment, the players must build their bases by collecting the resources required for that. They have the ability to craft items for weapons and survival. The most interesting feature of the game is that you can tame creatures present in the ARK world. 

The game provides more than a hundred creatures that the players can tame in challenging modes. Share your base and built-up structures with your friends to survive and team up with them to ensure safety. 

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  1. No Man’s Sky

It won’t be wrong to say that everyone once dreamt to explore this universe and its mysteries, then why not take your friends with you on this awesome journey? The co-op mode in No Man’s Sky permits the players to traverse around the galaxy and visit other players’ worlds. The players can even build their own bases on the planets. 

With the help of your partners, participate in the several co-op missions provided by the game and try to tackle the mysterious dangers of aliens and other unrecognizable threats to the universe. 

  1. Overcooked 2

The four players must come together as a team in Overcooked 2 and cooperatively prepare the desired dishes. The task might seem simple but the mode of difficulty increases with every new level. The various obstacles will try to distract you from your goal but you must prove yourself and your team superior. Never would have you thought that a cooking game like this will provide you with the thrill but Overcooked 2 surely tests your patience. 

Try to overcome these thrilling obstacles with your friends and serve your prepared dishes in time. Take help from your teammates by tossing them the items to prepare food and win together. And if possible, try not to overcook your food. 

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  1. It Takes Two

An amazing game with a crazy but exciting storyline, It takes two sends the players on an insane journey of a splitting couple, Cody and May. Due to their daughter’s desperate wish to mend the relationship between her parents and a little touch of magic, the couple finds themselves turned into dolls. The adventure takes them around their own place but they are tiny in that huge environment. 

The obstacles they face to reach their goal, which is to get back to their daughter and find a way to return back to normal encourage the couple to support each other and work together. The adventure they face together is a great help to mend their relationship. 

  1. A Way Out

Leave the delightful gaming and go into the action. Leo and Vincent, two prisoners who escaped jail, are controlled by the players in order to stay out of conflict with the law. Although the players must adhere to certain responsibilities for each of them, the objective is the same. To escape, they must cooperate with one another.

A Way Out is an ideal action-adventure game that tests the players’ loyalty and above all, their friendship. Both the plot and the action are great which makes the game one of the best co-ops available. 

  1. Gears 5

Gears 5 is a shooter game and a great addition to the series Gears Of War. The missions in Gears 5 are extremely Strenuous but when you have the support of your partners, the journey seems a bit less burdensome. The player character, Kait, is on a journey to uncover the truth and origin of the Locust and take on the many missions of the game with your squad. 

The Horde Mode of the game is entertaining where the player with their four friends fight against 50 waves of Swarm, the antagonist creatures of the game. Another amazing mode is the Escape Mode where the player enters a Swarm Hive and the goal is to blow it to pieces and leave asap. These missions get even more interesting when your friends accompany you. 

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned list has some great co-op games specially chosen for game lovers who enjoy playing with their companions. These games let the players team up with their friends and complete these unique, hard but fun missions and win them altogether. Do check out these fun games. 

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