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Windfall’s newest Netflix movie is Charlie McDowell’s dark Comedy about a home invasion gone wrong. Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, and Jason Segel star in Windfall. Their characters are not named for the entire narrative. Windfall is set entirely around the Plemons’ vacation home (who plays a tech billionaire).

Segel portrays the casual intruder, who was just chilling at the house before he could break into the place and flee. However, he is cut short by the sudden appearance of the couple. McDowell’s film has a lot of old-school Hitchcok vibes. It’s not entirely about the mystery of what-ifs, but it does have a strong throwback to McDowell’s masterwork, especially when you look at the outstanding Danny Bensi score.

Movies Like WINDFALL ON NETFLIX, What started as a home invasion quickly turns into passive-aggressive behavior and intruders’ motives gone wrong. This is a twisted view of a toxic relationship that is more a control game than anything. It is about those who have it all and those who don’t. They are trapped in a cycle of following the crowd. It’s also a joke on the class divide. People who have everything and treat others as scum are guilty of this.

If you like the dark Comedy of Netflix’s Windfall, I recommend some movies as an after-watch or double bill.

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Movies Like WINDFALL

ROPE (1948).

The rope is like an apartment set up for a showdown. The mystery is revealed to the audience from the beginning, and it stays in hindsight until things fade into black. With each interaction and instance, the culprits become closer to being caught or, to be more mildly, ‘being entertained.’

Rope, like Windfall, is a movie that satirizes privilege more than anything else. Plemons’ passive-aggressive CEO is a sign that people don’t know how to handle a lot of money.

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BONE (1972).

Windfall is a story that shows people trapped in situations they don’t enjoy. The Netflix movie “The Wife” (played by Lily Collins) focuses on the circumstances in which Nobody (Segel) finds himself. He has always been there, and his remarks trigger her.

Bone, much like Windfall, is a funny home invasion movie that subverts the expectations to reveal the real story behind the glitz. Larry Cohen’s 1972 film is about a Beverly Hills criminal who enters a wealthy home to discover a greater conflict than just escaping.

THE REF (1994).

Although The Ref is not a movie about home invasions, Ted Demme directed it. However, there are a couple and a thief involved. Let’s not forget that Ted Demme also directed the film. The bumbling, bickering comedy stars Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey. It begins when a cat burglar is forced to climb into their car during an argument after one of his break-ins goes sour.

The Ref, a film about a thief caught in the middle of a failing marriage, is similar to Windfall. It’s a movie about him becoming more of a referee than anything else. The movie is more comical in tone and emotion than Windfall, but it feels good enough to be included in this list for its similarity.

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It is a good idea to recommend Haneke to anyone who has not yet seen his cruel gaze. Funny Games are a great addition to any list of home invasion movies. The film, which was originally directed by Michael Haneke in 1997 and later remade in English with the same title (in 2007), takes place at a vacation house. Two normal-looking young men enter the home and disrupt the relationship.

Funny Games is a more violent and brutal movie than Netflix’s Windfall. It uses a meta-structure to achieve stunning results. This film pokes fun at the wealthy and criticizes those who see it without turning it off.

VILLAINS (2019).

Black Comedy where amateur intruders engage in a fight with homeowners Sign me up! Villians, directed and written by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, stars Bill Skarsgard & Maika Monroe as two robbers who invade the home of George and Georgia (played respectively by Jeffery Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick). Only to find everything very messed-up for them.

Villains are one of those movies about home invasions that knows how to meet the audience’s expectations. It’s a fun and entertaining thrill ride that makes you question your feelings about who you love more and who you want to be on the other side.

PARASITE (2019).

The parasite was a movie that dislodges the home-invasion scenario during its second act. It’s so bad that it can’t be called a home invasion movie. Parasite, like Windfall, is about class. The parasite is about the top and bottom and the constant desire of those at the bottom to eat and enjoy the cake.

Parasite won the Oscars Best Picture Award. It is a film about a home invasion that goes completely berserk. Windfall relies more on character interaction than plot twists. However, the true portrayal of the rich undervaluing the hardships that the poorer population has to endure is striking.

THE RENTAL (2020).

It’s not uncommon to see couples having a great time in big vacation homes. Dave Franco, Sheila Vand, and Dan Stevens tell the familiar story of a vacation gone wrong in his directorial debut.

Its conflict is internal before any outside intrusion occurs. Windfall is similar in that the burglar isn’t the central threat. Both movies share a similar theme: the toxic fake relationship between the couple and how one of them can withhold everything before they have enough.

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