8 Best Pixelmon Texture Packs for Minecraft

Pixelmon Texture Packs

This article will cover the top textures for pixelmon that you can download in Minecraft. There have been many players playing Minecraft since the time it was released. Additionally, they like playing the game a lot. However, you can also enjoy Minecraft by adding various textures to make it more enjoyable.

The texture packs can alter the look and the music of Minecraft original version.

The Pixelmon Texture Packs are very beneficial for you if you’re a massive lover of Pokemon because it’s much more enjoyable.

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Best Pixelmon Texture Packs for Minecraft

Project Pokemon’s Pack

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The very first texture pack is known as the Project Pokeymon’s Pack. It is a popular texture pack for Minecraft players.

This will provide you with the best experience playing Pokemon while playing Minecraft. It is possible to download the texture pack with music if you want or with no music if you do not want to.

But I would recommend installing this texture pack and music for the most enjoyable experience.

I am sure you will enjoy this texture pack since it will make you feel like you’re playing a game with Pokemon. Additionally, you can download customized NPCs to use this.


PokeBallers Texture Pack

The second texture pack is listed as the texture pack for poker ballers. The texture pack is extremely popular for Minecraft players.

It is also possible to enjoy a more enjoyable experience with this texture pack, similar to project pokemon’s pack. However, this texture pack is unique in its distinctiveness.

You can also install the shaders pack to enhance your experience with pixelmon. It is a good idea to give it a go.


Pokebox Pack

The next texture pack for pixelmon includes the pokébox texture pack. It’s also a great pack of resources that gives you a fantastic pokemon feel.

It also features a beautiful blue-colored GUI, and you’ll see that the designers tried to give the game a cartoon-like appearance to make it more fun for Pokemon.


Pixelmon Legacy Pack

This resource pack includes distinctive and distinct features to provide you with a more enjoyable experience. The look of the sky and water is amazing inside this package.

In addition, this pack comes with new music and a revamped GUI.

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Pixelmon Merge

The Pixelmon Legacy pack is very well-liked by Minecraft players. It was developed by Qualthron. The resolution of this texture pack is 16x, and it can be used in conjunction with the 1.12.2 Minecraft version. I would also strongly recommend checking out this one as well.

Pixelmon Faithful Pack

This pack is most used for the classic Minecraft. Pixelmon faithful packs modify the appearance of the items in Minecraft. The grass textures haven’t changed, but it’s not an issue.


Nix Pix Pack

The last texture pack for pixelmon can be found in the Nix Pix pack. It was developed by Nick of L8Games. I’m sure it will be your top pack.

The texture packs are different from the other Pixelmon texture packs, and it appears similar to HD.

Adventure Pack

It’s also a great texture pack you can make use of to enjoy the full gaming experience of pixelmon from Minecraft. The texture pack is modified for every texture in Minecraft. It is among my favorite textures.

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How do I download texture packs for Minecraft?

  1. Get the texture packs that you are looking for.
  2. Then, open Minecraft and select Options from the top menu.
  3. Then select ‘Open Resource Packs.’
  4. This will start the resource packs folder in Minecraft
  5. Then, put the downloaded texture pack into the appropriate folder.
  6. Open Minecraft and go-to resource packs, and then select the texture pack.
  7. After that, click done.
  8. All you have to do is enjoy it now!

Each texture pack will not work in the current version of Minecraft. This means you have to use Minecraft using the latest version of Minecraft that supports the pack. You can switch to the latest version of Minecraft within the Minecraft launcher.

This video will assist you in understanding how to add texture packs for Minecraft.

Now that you are aware of Pixelmon texture packs. Don’t forget to leave your comments on which one you’re going to first try.

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