About Israel Keyes Daughter and Girlfriend

About Israel Keyes Daughter and Girlfriend

Israel Keyes (January 7, 1978, until December 2, 2012) was an American serial killer and burglar, bank robber, arsonist and kidnapper, and necrophile who killed at least three people throughout the United States from June 2011 to April 2012.

Israel Keyes Daughter and Girlfriend

Keyes relocated to Anchorage together with his son and his girlfriend in 2007.

One of his colleagues was later interviewed and stated Keyes was a good dad to his child. 

This could be among the main reasons no one could be convinced that Keyes had an enigmatic lifestyle. One of his former colleagues told me: “He would come into work and boast over his little girl. A loving father and a caring father.”

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What did Israel Keyes do to Samantha?

Thought he was just a random burglar trying to steal his car The boyfriend of Samantha ran inside to seek help, and Keyes fled. 

When he returned to his house, Keyes poured himself a glass of wine when they returned home to their shed. He then was raped by a sobbing Samantha. Keyes then strangled her until death.

Did Israel Keyes have a family?

Yes, they are family members.

  • Heidi Keyes
  • Autumnrose Keyes
  • Sunshine Keyes
  • Charity Keyes
  • Hosanna Keyes

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