About Sanditon Season 2 Sidney Parker: Here’s What You Should Know About Sidney Parker

Sanditon Season 2 Sidney Parker

Sidney Parker is dead! Yes!

The eagerly-awaited Season 2 premiere of PBS drama Sanditon was quick to reveal the cause of death: The hot Regency gentleman who was set to propose Charlotte Heywood before fate intervened at the conclusion in the initial season was struck down by yellow fever during the trip to Antigua.

The show began with the funeral of Sidney (even before the beginning credits). The footage of the coffin taken to his burial site was interspersed with an energetic Charlotte (Rose Williams) singing in a blaze returning home to Willingden until Sidney’s sister-in-law Mary (Kate Ashfield) delivered the news of his passing.

The viewers have known that Sidney’s character, Theo James, wouldn’t reprise his role for the Masterpiece series’ second season.

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The departure of James shattered expectations that Charlotte and Sidney would be able to live happily forever. Season one of the adaption of Jane Austen’s solitary novel concluded with Sidney opting to wed his ex- lover to keep his brother out of the prison of debtors. What if Sidney need to die?

In January, the new chief writer Justin Young told a Television Critics Association panel that Sidney’s sudden death would echo through the entire season.

“It provided us with this huge emotional moment at the beginning of the season that is the catalyst for the story,” he explained. “The whole season is about that in a sense that everyone is moving to the next chapter after Sidney.”

The idea of bringing in an actor who was not familiar with the role was not an possibility. “We could not recast, since that would have ruined the authenticity of the entire universe,” Young said.

“It was a stretch to believe that. We believed that we should let the audience know immediately that the actor isn’t returning even though Charlotte is waiting for his return. We wanted to allow the audience to grieve in the same way as Charlotte.”

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It’s the way another PBS show, Downton Abbey, handled the departures of two famous character actors, Dan Stevens’ Matthew Crawley and Jessica Brown Findlay’s Lady Sybil Branson When the actors who played the characters decided to quit the show. They did this by killing them and illustrating how their loved ones handled their sorrow.

In the past, the show’s All Creatures Great and Small changed the character of the rich, dog-loving Mrs. Pumphrey with Patricia Hodge after Diana Rigg who was the original character was killed in her death.

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