Airdrop Failed Not Enough Space – Here’s How to Fix?

AirDrop is a wireless ad-hoc service available within the Apple Inc.’s iOS and macOS operating systems, which was introduced by Mac OS X Lion and iOS 7, which can transfer files between supported Macintosh computers and iOS devices using close-range wireless communications.

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Airdrop Failed Not Enough Space – Here’s What You Should Do

Cache files in the Safari browser can accumulate over time, and use up lots of storage. It is necessary to clear these files at the end of each session to maximize the storage. Navigate to settings > Safari and select clear history and web data to delete cache files.

If you receive a pop-up notification on you iPhone or iPad saying that your storage is full.

Check out the storage options for iPhone or iCloud.

There is no way to increase the storage capacity of your iPhone. But, you can optimize iPhone Storage by using iCloud Storage. Conserve space on your iPhone

Settings > [your name] > iCloud Tap Photos Pick Optimize [device] Storage . Set up and use iCloud Photos Apple Support

iCloud storage is used to store a copy of the iPhone data in a safe cloud. If you erase data from your iPhone the data stored on iCloud will be deleted.

iPhone Storage (Setting > General > iPhone Storage)

  1. Total storage stays identical throughout the life period of the iPhone
  2. Storage cannot be improved.
  3. You can backup your backups on Mac or PC by using iTunes without iCloud

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iCloud Storage (Settings > [Tap your name] > iCloud)

  1. In default, every user receives 5GB of storage space for free.
  2. You can purchase additional storage according to your needs of 50GB, 200GB or 2TB and more with a monthly payment
  3. Based on the storage capacity of your device, you can backup iPhone or iPad
  4. Storage space can be divided among the members of your family for an additional 200GB of storage
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