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7 Best Anime Like Platinum End That You Must Watch

“Platinum End” is a Dark supernatural fantasy inspired by the Japanese manga with the same title created by Tsugumi Ohba. Its illustrations are with the help of Takeshi Obata. The series takes place in the life of Mirai Kakehashi. She is a teenager who loses her parents when he was a child and is left to live with violent relatives.

After not finding happiness over the years and years, he makes the decision to take his own life but is saved by an angel that gives him supernatural abilities. Mirai discovers that he is competing against 12 other contenders to be the next God of the universe in an intense physical and mental combat in which his very life is in danger. Here we have some Best Anime Like Platinum End.

With its unexpected twists and twists, the action-packed show has won the hearts of millions of viewers across the globe. Many of these viewers are likely to want to watch like-minded shows. So, we’ve compiled an assortment of anime that fans of the show ‘Platinum End’ are likely to enjoy. Most of these anime are streaming through Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Amazon Prime.’

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Best Anime Like Platinum End

Darwin’s Game (2020)

Kaname Sudou is a normal teenager whose life is turned upside down when he accepts an invitation to play a game on his mobile called Darwin’s Game. The first game he played was a horrifying nightmare after the snake appeared from the device and bit him in the neck.

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After he regains consciousness, Kaname shrugs off the experience as a fright, but when he starts the game and tries to survive, a battle is fought as the main character finally realizes what ‘Darwin’s Games is about. The fans of the ‘Platinum End’ series who enjoy high stakes battle royales will surely enjoy ‘Darwin’s game. The series is streaming right here.

The Promised Neverland (2019 – 2021)

‘ The Promised Neverland or ‘Yakusoku no Neverland’ doesn’t have evident resemblances to ‘Platinum End in terms of the plot. Both shows heavily rely on psychological warfare to keep viewers interested. The Promised Neverland is about three friends who are confronted by the brutal truth of Grace Field House, their orphanage in which children are looked after by a woman called Isabella.

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Though the majority of the children in the orphanage are naive, they are all being made to be killed and fed to monsters that are keen on eating children’s brains. However, simply recognizing the reason behind establishing an orphanage in nowhere isn’t enough, as the group must figure out ways to save every child and beat Isabella, who always seems to be just one step in front of the others. The show can be streamed right here.

Stay night/fate: Unlimited Blade Works (2014 through 2015)

Production by Ufotable, ‘Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works’ is a dark fantasy, supernatural anime that centers on a war royale called The Holy Grail War. Seven magi battle against one another, directing Heroic Spirits, also known as Servants. Rin Toosaka is a mage who is in the battle together with her assistant, the Archer, and hopes to win the battle and achieve her goals with the help of a magical item that grants wishes and the winner gets.

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However, the nature of the contest changes drastically when her classmate Emiya Shirou joins her own Holy Grail War. Similar to ‘Platinum End,’ the characters of ‘Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works’ fight against one another using supernatural powers in a battle royale, with supernatural helpers at their side. If you’re fascinated by the anime and want to see it, then view all shows on this page.

No Game No Life (2014)

The fantasy show is about Sora And Shiro, Two shut-in NEET siblings that are the source of the mysterious player named Blank, who is famous reputation in the world of gamers. The undefeated duo is challenged to play a game of chess in a different world by a charming boy known as Tet.

In the bizarre world of Disboard, Conflicts are resolved by simple games that naturally lead to inequity and oppression. Set to repair the obvious shortcomings in the structure, Sora and Shiro vow to take on Tet and take over God’s reign. Similar to the gods in “Platinum End,” the two siblings have an almost identical goal, as they want to create their worlds in their own ways. Watch “No Game No Life” on this page.

Btooom! (2012)

The survival series is based on Ryouta Sakamoto, a jobless 22-year-old among Japan’s top players of ‘Btooom!’ the game played online. His life is a solitary affair thrown into a new direction when he’s compelled together with players in a battle of death and life that seems to be akin to the original game. Only those players who are willing to murder seven of their fellow players are allowed to return home, and others will die.

While Ryouta is inherently against unjust competition and doesn’t wish to inflict pain on anyone, things can worsen when he comes across individuals who don’t subscribe to his philosophies. The high-stakes survival game royale is a hit with people who have seen ‘Platinum due to the obvious similarities. If you’re planning to catch it, you can view all shows on this page.

Death Note (2006 – 2007)

The list would be insufficient without including Tsugumi Ohba’s other work as the source for the anime with the same title. ‘ Death Note is the story of a promising 17-year-old Japanese pupil Light Yagami who accidentally ends up in possession of a mysterious notebook that is able to kill anyone. While the notebook is initially used to help those in need, the awe-inspiring supernatural powers available to him make the worst of him when he starts to hunt down criminals in a rut.

When detective L begins investigating the mysterious murders of many criminals, a psychological war between the deuteragonists begins, which, over time, develops into one of the biggest and most violent rivalries in the history of anime. Like many characters from “Platinum End, “Light is driven by the desire to be godlike, which renders them unfit for duty itself. If you are a fan of the mind games of “Platinum End,” then there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the ‘Death Note’ series. You can stream the entire series here.

The Future Diary (2011 – 2012)

Yukiteru Amano is a well-organized middle schooler who enjoys having to plan everything. He keeps notes of his daily activities on his smartphone.

It’s an electronic journal for him. Incredibly, he has a relationship with the God of space and time, Dues Ex Machina, as well as his servant, Mur Mur. Yukiteru notices that his smartphone predicts certain future events on a not particularly noteworthy day. Although he doesn’t consider it a serious matter, at first, it becomes apparent that the predictions need to be considered seriously.

On the day that he discovers his classmate has a similar journal, Deus Ex Machina meets Yukiteru and makes clear that the 10 other contestants have been chosen to take part in an extremely high-risk survival battle, which will ultimately decide who succeeds his predecessor.

The fans of ‘Platinum Ende will be able to see that both shows are based on the same premise. Thus, people who enjoyed the ‘Platinum End’ series will likely enjoy The Future Diary. The show is available to stream right here.

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