Annie Kasprzak Murder: Where is Darwin Christopher Bagshaw Now?

Annie Kasprzak Murder

In 2012, a probe into the disappearance of a teenager named Annie Kasprzak ended tragically after her body was discovered in the river. The authorities were faced with numerous obstacles while finding the person responsible for her disappearance. Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘A Time to Kill murder on the Jordan River’ delves into the circumstances that led to the girl’s death and how the perpetrator was arrested. We’ll find out what happened, and then let’s get started.

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Annie Kasprzak Murder: How Did Annie Kasprzak Die?

Anne Grace “Annie” Kasprzak was born in January 1997. The 15-year old had an unhappy childhood and had to go through the foster system before being taken in by the Kasprzaks when she was nine years old. When that incident Annie was an incoming freshman student at Summit Academy in Draper, Utah. Like many teens, she was a fan of the music she listened to, spending time with her friends and loved animals.

On March 10, 2012, Annie was reported missing to her parents because they could not contact Annie. The next day a jogger alerted authorities of shoes and blood on a bridge that pedestrians use to cross the Jordan River in Utah. The police were then able to investigate the scene and finally discovered Annie’s body downstream of the river. A postmortem examination confirmed that she was afflicted with several blunt injuries that resulted in a skull fracture.

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Who Murdered Annie Kasprzak?

At the beginning of the investigation, authorities were misled by witnesses fraudulently claiming to have witnessed Annie murdered. The police were then investigating two men aged between 30 and 40 at the moment. It was soon discovered that they were not involved, and the statements only led to an indefinite delay in the inquiry. The authorities then looked into Annie’s boyfriend, at the time, a 14-year-old Darwin Christopher Bagshaw.

The two teens had been together for one year and a half when Annie was found dead. The night that she disappeared, the two called each other several times. The last conversation occurred at about 8:15 at night. This led police to examine Darwin more attentively. When they questioned him at the beginning after finding the body, he had blood on his shoes but claimed it was because of Annie, who had a bloody nose just two weeks prior.

Initially, a friend corroborated the story but later told officers that Darwin requested that he be truthful. The acquaintance added that Darwin was able to tell him about being in the Jordan River. Jordan River on the evening Annie disappeared, but he asked to discuss it with anyone. The incident. Data from his cell phone seems to have confirmed Darwin’s place of residence that evening. He was near the crime scene when he spoke to Annie’s mother.

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Darwin was detained at the end of October in Colorado in the state where he resided in a home with his parents. Authorities discovered a piece of paper in his trash, which contained an outline of the events that occurred and an account of the jacket Annie was wearing the night of. The defence believed Darwin was angry because Annie claimed to her friends about being pregnant and having a baby. She had to leave. They believed that he struck her several times with a shovel close to the river. Then she threw away her body. Darwin was also convicted of that he had killed her as an inmate in the juvenile detention centre.

Which are Darwin Christopher Bagshaw Now?

In February of 2016, Darwin pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in connection with the death of Annie. He was then 18 years old and was sentenced to 15 years or more in prison for his crime. Darwin admitted in court that “I’m deeply sorry for what I did. I’m sorry, the family of Annie.” Darwin’s defence had argued for a softer sentence, saying Darwin had been drug-addicted and agitated upon hearing about the baby’s pregnancy. Prison records show Darwin remains in the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Sanpete County. Darwin will be eligible for parole by the end of October 2034.

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