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apple airdrop stops working Fixed

Troubleshooting Apple airdrop stops working? Apple ecosystem is very popular. One of the best feature we can include in Apple ecosystem is AirDrop. Airdrop has become a key tool for all apple users. It is an easy solution that allows file transfers between iOS devices.

Airdrop is fast and easy to use without the need for e-mails or storage devices. AirDrop makes it easy to transfer files quickly between iPhones, iPods, Mac computers, and other Mac gadgets. Bluetooth LE technology is used to broadcast, discover, and negotiate connections. To transfer data more efficiently, one can use point-to-point Wi-Fi. 

If you are facing issues with AirDrop and want to resolve issues with AirDrop not working, you can check these points.

Latest Method to Fix Apple AirDrop Stops Working

We present information on how to troubleshoot AirDrop issues they might experience on their devices. We will provide you with information about what to do and when.

AirDrop minimum requirements

Verify that both the sender and receiver devices are meeting these conditions.

  • Make sure both devices are located closer together.
  • If the device is a Mac, make sure it was released in 2012 or later. It is best to ensure that the device runs the most recent version of macOS. This information can be found in the Apple menu > About this Mac. The Apple menu > System Preferences> Software update is available.
  • If the device is an iPad, iPhone, or another iOS device, make sure it has the latest iOS version. The information can be found at Settings > General > More. For the latest updates, go to Settings > General > Update Software.
  • If the device is an iPhone or iPad, turn off the Personal Hotspot. This can be done by going to Settings > Mobile or Settings > Personal hotspot.
  • Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on both the iPhone and iPad. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > Bluetooth. If the device has a Mac, you can turn Bluetooth on by clicking the Bluetooth icon within the menu bar. Also, make sure the Wi-Fi connection has been turned on.
  • You must disable the Do Not Disturb option. Go to Settings > Don’t Disturb on your iOS device. For Mac devices, go to the Apple menu > System preferences> Notifications.

Airdrop on Mac Note Working.

AirDrop can only be received by devices like Apple, iPad, and Mac.

  • Navigate to Finder, click Go, and then choose Airdrop. You should check the “Allow me to be found by” setting. If it shows “No One,” you can change it to either “Everyone” or “Contacts only.”
  • Set the Firewall settings to be applied to the Mac device. Go to the Apple menu > Security & Privacy > System Preferences. Click on Firewall and ensure that “Block all inbound connections” isn’t selected.
  • Tap Settings > General > AirDrop. If you see the option as “Receiving Off,” please change it.

Troubleshoot AirDrop problems (Airdrop Waiting)

Do the following if you see issues or problems in your Apple AirDrop:

  • Turn off Bluetooth and wait for it to turn on. Wait 15 seconds, then turn on the Wi-Fi feature. Turn on Airplane Mode. Wait 15 seconds before turning it back off. Restart the device.
  • You may have a connection issue. Reset your network settings. Before you continue, ensure that all network settings, including Wi-Fi passwords, are deleted.
  • Go to Settings > General > Repair > Reset Network Settings. On macOS devices, click on the Apple menu >System Preferences >Network. The Wi-Fi settings can be removed and then re-added.


AirDrop lets users share and transfer photos and videos; contacts Passbook passes, Voice memos, maps locations, voice notes, Voice Memos, Voice Memos, Voice messages, Passbook passes, Voice Memos, and anything else that appears in a Share sheet. Apple AirDrop can still be problematic when used with iPhone

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