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Are Anthony and Edwina Married in Bridgerton Season 2 Spoilers

Bridgerton Season 2 shifts the focus to the oldest Bridgerton children. Anthony Bridgerton wants to marry a good woman to become a viscountess. But he has one caveat. He doesn’t want to be in love. Anthony starts to pursue Edwina Sharma, the season’s diamond. Anthony soon realizes that she is the right woman for him, but his feelings for Edwina’s older sibling Kate interfere. Will Anthony and Edwina finally get married?

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[Warning: This article contains spoilers Bridgerton season 2]

Anthony Bridgerton seeks a loveless union.

Bridgerton Season 2 focuses on Anthony’s decision not to marry a woman he loves. Episode 3 takes us back to when Anthony’s father, Edmund, died. Anthony was just 18 years old when his father got stung by a honey bee. His family was shocked and grieving when he died from an allergic reaction.

Anthony witnessed his mother’s complete collapse after Edmund’s death. Violet and Edmund were in love. This is why she was so devastated. Anthony decides to marry his wife out of love and not out of love, so his widow will not be as devastated when he passes away.

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In Season 2 of ‘Bridgerton,’ Anthony and Edwina are married?

Edwina Sharma is welcomed into society in Bridgerton Season 2. The Queen soon names her the season’s diamond. Anthony quickly notices and decides she is the right choice for him. To the dismay and surprise of Kate, Anthony begins to court Edwina.

The Sharmas visit Bridgerton’s house, and Anthony continues his pursuit of Edwina. Things get more complicated when Anthony and Kate develop feelings. Anthony proposes to Edwina just as she leaves the Bridgerton estate, and she accepts.

There are always complications. The Bridgertons learn that Edwina will inherit a lot of money if she marries a British gentleman. Anthony plans to marry the younger sister of Sharma, despite knowing that Edwina didn’t know this.

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Kate supports her sister at the altar during their wedding. Anthony rushes to grab her broken bangle during the ceremony. Edwina suddenly realizes that Anthony is in love with Kate and rushes to get out of the church.

The wedding can still be salvaged, but Edwina realizes she has never made her own decisions in her entire life. She tells Kate that she will decide to marry Anthony and not anyone else. Feeling better than she is, Edwina decides not to proceed with the wedding.

Charithra Chandran explains Edwina’s journey in “Bridgerton” Season 2

While Edwina’s story may not end in a marriage, in Bridgerton Season 2, she does grow a lot. Charithra Chandran, the actress, spoke to Shondaland about her character’s journey. She began, “Edwina’s is a coming-of-age tale.”

“She transforms from a young girl to a confident young lady. It’s all about self-discovery, self-love, and the courage these things require. Women are expected to sacrifice a lot, especially as women. Edwina is an example of this. Relationships with others are what define women, whether they’re sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, or other family members. It’s almost like we are worth something in ourselves.

All episodes of Bridgerton Season II are available on Netflix.

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