Are Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli Still Together?


The Australian version of the Danish reality TV series ‘ Married at First Sight”MAFS” is a show that features a variety of strangers who experts choose to be married at the altar on the very first time that they see each other. Following an official ceremony, it gives glimpses into the life of the couples before they go on their honeymoon and then attempt to be a normal couple for a short period. Following this social test, the couple’s bond to each other is examined at the time of the vows ceremony, in which they are asked to decide if they prefer to remain together or separate.

Contrary to those in the American model, weddings featured in “MAFS” aren’t officially obligatory by the rules of the country. Like the previous seasons, the ninth episode of this experimental show was a massive hit, with the couple Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli contributing quite heavily to the drama of the season. Since the beginning of their journey in the series, Carolina and Dion have attracted viewers’ attention with their unpredictable dynamic and enthralling personalities. Naturally, viewers are interested in knowing the current status of their relationship. If so, we’ve got all the information you have to be aware of!

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Carolina and Dion’s Married At First Sight Journey

Carolina Santos is an Online Business owner located in Sydney, New South Wales. When she joined the show in Season 9 of this reality series, she was paired with Dion Giannarelli, a 33-year-old property developer who hails from Melbourne, Victoria. The two were brought together through the magic of the show’s experts Alessandro Rampolla, Mel Schilling, John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla; they were married with hopes of spending their entire lives together.

The dramatic story of the couple began before the wedding had been completed. Dion was forced to stand on the wedding altar for 3 hours because Carolina suffered an issue with her makeup and hair. However, the groom thought it was worth it and was ecstatic with the bridesmaids who were picked for his wedding. The couple appeared to have begun with a positive note following that, although the humorous humour told Carolina about her husband’s size.

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But, things quickly went downhill for the couple. While they were initially united through shared interests and Carolina’s candid discussion of her son’s age of 16, She discovered that she wasn’t attracted to her co-worker physically. In addition, their differences, such as the reality that Dion isn’t a regular at the gym, his refusal to have breakfast or the fact that they don’t have the same musical tastes, began to take a toll on her.

Carolina began to form bonds with Daniel Holmes — he was the intended wife, Jessica Seracino, who had quit her because of their common interest in fitness, among other things. In the meantime, Dion’s romantic gestures, such as an intimate dinner and love note, left Carolina more irritated than happy. The newlyweds were in a major fight, with Carolina telling Dion that he’s not the one she would like to live her entire life with. Did they work out the differences, or do they go different ways?

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Are Carolina and Dion Still Together?

It’s not true; Carolina and Dion are not in a relationship. After Carolina’s confession, her decision to walk away at the end of her second ceremony was not shocking to anybody. Even Dion had hoped to leave but ultimately decided to continue their journey. At the third ceremony, Dion arrived on his own, unaware of where his wife was. The answer came in midway through the ceremony when Carolina came in with the name you’ve guessed, Daniel.

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