Are CODA Actors Deaf in Real Life?

CODA Actors Deaf

Sian Heder directed ‘CODA’, a remake of the 2014 French movie La Famille Belier. It follows Ruby, a 17-year-old girl who is the deaf-only member of her family. After joining the school choir, she finds her true calling in music and helps her brother and parents with their fishing business. Ruby is torn between her passions and her love of her family, who are dependent upon her.

CODA is a beautiful portrayal of the difficulties and dilemmas faced by deaf parents and their kids and the unconditional love that a family shares and tugs at the heartstrings. The movie’s comedy-drama cast makes the audience laugh and cry with their nuanced performances. They also make people wonder if there are any deaf actors in the film. Let’s learn more about Are CODA Actors Deaf in Real Life?.

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Are CODA Actors Deaf in Real Life?

Three of the main actors in ‘CODA’ actually are deaf. Troy Kotsur (Ruby’s father Frank), Marlee Mattlin (Ruby’s mother Jackie), and Daniel Durant (“Ruby’s brother Leo”). Sian Heder cast Marlee as the first actress. She is an Academy Award- and Golden Globe Award-winning actress who also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For her role in “Children of a Lesser God,” the actress won the first two Academy Awards.

Marlee’s portrayal of Tess Kaufman, a police drama television series “Reasonable Doubts,” earned her two Golden Globe Award nominations. Apart from this, she is an active member of the National Association of the Deaf and works with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to use subtitles and captions on for-your-consideration screeners. Marlee insisted on Jackie’s role and demanded that deaf actors play Jackie.

In a January 2021 interview, the actor spoke out about how the movie can be understood by everyone, even people who aren’t deaf. It depicts deaf people living in everyday environments. She stated, “People believe that deaf people have a monolithic approach to life.” This film breaks that myth. It’s odd because studios have the power to cast anyone they like, and it is clear that there are still a few people who don’t realize you can tell universal stories even with deaf actors,” Marlee said.

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After watching Frank in two Los Angeles Deaf West Theater productions, Marlee insisted that Sian cast Troy Kotsur as Frank. Troy is an internationally acclaimed theater artist. He has appeared in many acclaimed plays and the T.V. series “Sue Thomas: F.B.” He is also a prominent theater artist who has appeared in several acclaimed plays and the T.V. series ‘Sue Thomas: F.B.’.

Sian ultimately selected Daniel Durant to play the role of Leo after auditioning. He is most well-known for his portrayal as Matthew in the T.V. series “Switched At Birth.” Emilia Jones, who plays the role of Ruby, studied American Sign Language and took voice lessons for nine-month to prepare for the character.

In addition to the actors, the movie’s director sought the assistance of ASL masters, Alexandria Wailes & Anne Tomasetti to gain a deeper understanding of the deaf community and communicate more with cast members. Sian and all of the actors made magic on screen thanks to their real-life experiences. It is loved by critics and audiences alike. The film has been nominated for multiple prestigious awards.

Troy was the first deaf actor to win the BAFTA Award as Best Supporting Actor. He also became the first nominee in the same category at 94th Academy Awards. Troy spoke out about the importance of representing deaf communities better in film and T.V., saying, “You can think outside the box and present more options, instead of having just two options…Either you write the script because someone’s deaf, or I’m writing the script because it’s a deaf character.” There is a difference.

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It can be said that CODA was brought to life by the genuine performances of deaf and hearing cast members and Sian Heder’s vision. The movie will hopefully open the door to more inclusive productions that highlight the extraordinary talent of deaf actors and crew members.

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