Are The Blind Side’s Coach Cotton and Miss Sue Based on Real People?

Coach Cotton and Miss Sue

Produced and directed by John Lee Hancock, ‘The Blind Side is a 2009 family-friendly sports drama film inspired by a fascinating real-life story. The film focuses on the childhood of former NFL player Michael Ohel, his encounter with the Tuohy family, and the way it changed the lives of all the people affected. Michael was troubled in his childhood. His mother was addicted, as was his dad, who wasn’t there. With assistance from his friend’s dad, He enrolls at an exclusive Christian school but has a difficult time academically.

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The Tuohys eventually accept him and assist him in becoming what the man he was always meant to be. Then, Michael brings his adoptive family members closer. In addition to the main characters, The Blind Side features a host of characters supporting the main characters that keep the story moving. These include Coach Cotton (Ray McKinnon), Michael’s coach at football school, as well as Miss Sue (Kathy Bates) as his private tutor. If you’re wondering if the characters in these movies are based on real people, here’s the information you must be aware of. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Is Coach Cotton from The Blind Side Coach Cotton, a Real Person?

At the beginning of the film Tony Hamilton, the father of Michael’s friend and a friend of his, convinces Burt Cotton, the football coach at Wingate Christian School to let his son and Michael become students at the school. With Michael’s massive physique and his natural athletic ability, Cotton ensures his enrolment. The issue arises when other teachers find out that Michael is struggling to learn.

Cotton has its roots in actual football player Hugh Freeze, whose contribution to Michael’s growth as a footballer was very important. Wingate Christian is an imaginary school. The directors created the name after being told they couldn’t utilize the name of Briarcrest Christian School, where Michael went to school.

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Freeze began his journey at Briarcrest in 1992 and was named head coach in 1995. He stayed at Briarcrest from 1992 until Memphis institution. He was promoted to the assistant athletic director of football’s external affairs at Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi or Ole Miss in 2005. Freeze was appointed to this position just a few days when Michael signed his letter of intent to enroll at Ole Miss. It was reported that this caused issues when the NCAA was investigating Michael.

The NCAA finally found it was clear that Ole Miss committed no rule violation when seeking to recruit Michael. However, it found Freeze accountable for reaching out to Memphis recruits before his appointment as head coach at Ole Miss was finalized. In December of 2011, Freeze was made the head coach at Ole Miss. He was affiliated with the organization until 2016 when he resigned in the wake of allegations of a violation during recruiting and scandals that involved an escort company for women. Since 2019, Freeze has been serving as the head coach of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Is Miss Sue a Real Person?

It’s true; Miss Sue is a real person. Her title is Sue Mitchell. The majority of what the film depicts about her is factual. The Tuohys have hired Sue to assist Michael to improve his grades to allow him to attend the college that he wanted to attend. Leigh Anne met Sue at a sorority event. Sue was a teacher with more than three decades of experience working in schools for the public in the Memphis region. In the documentary, she’s a true liberal.

Sue took Michael through a demanding routine to bring his scores up. The results were impressive. He scored Bs and A’s during high school, yet it was not enough to compensate the poor grades. Finally, Sean Tuohy found a solution to their issue through online courses offered by Brigham Young University.

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