Are There Any VR Games Like Sims?

Video games let you enjoy various gameplays from your living room. Virtual Reality games let you live it. The players completely forget their surroundings and get immersed in the game, making it their own reality. There are numerous games that players can enjoy in VR mode, The SIMS 4 is one of those. 

The SIMS 4 is a popular life simulation game where the players can play and control the lives of characters called SIMS. They can create their own characters, build furniture and stuff for them, dress them to their liking, and much more. These games might not have that much action but they are surely entertaining and fun. 

The Lab, My time at Portia, Minecraft, and Raccoon Lagoon are some examples of VR games like Sims. 

Are There Any VR Games Like Sims?

The SIMS in itself is so much fun but playing it in VR makes it even more exciting. There are several other examples of Games like SIMS that you can play in VR. 

Following are some realistic VR Games Like Sims

  1. Cooking Simulator VR
  2. My Time at Portia
  3. Raccoon Lagoon
  4. The Lab
  5. Minecraft
  6. Job Simulator
  7. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades

Read more about these fantastic games in detail and choose your favorite to enjoy. 

  1. Cooking Simulator VR

This delicious gameplay presents you with an opportunity to become the ultimate Masterchef. Your cooking skills will be tested through this game which provides you with numerous recipes, around 80, and ingredients to prepare them. Take control of your own kitchen which looks insanely realistic with the ingredients and utensils.

Enjoy this fun game and master the art of hosting the next Thanksgiving at your place as you will surely learn how to handle a knife. 

  1. My Time at Portia

After a destroyed civilization, the process of rebuilding started when the people emerged out from the underground. The player character in the game is the son of a renowned builder who has now left for traveling. The player has inherited his father’s workshop in Portia and is now burdened with the purpose to build everything back to normal. 

Collect the required resources and create items of use. The items finished and submitted can bring rewards and even change the whole town’s look. There are also dungeons to fight with the opponents. 

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  1. Raccoon Lagoon

Some cute, adorable sailors are on your island and you cannot stop yourself from helping these little creatures. Together build a home for these guests and maybe they can repair the broken heart of this deserted island. Every animal sailor has their own requirements and you must fulfill them as they will help you with the stuff you require. 

This wonderful exploration game unlocks even more biomes and areas you can visit as the game progresses. 

  1. The Lab

It is not just limited to the medical field as the game provides you with almost 8 different minigames, which means 8 different experiences. In the medical scans, the player can do CT scans of 3D human figures. They can be an expert in the lab and repair the robots or even visit the various planets in the solar system. 

Explore these varieties of worlds and enjoy choosing from various fun gaming options available. 

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  1. Minecraft

The name you were looking for since the beginning, players can now enjoy the popular gameplay of Minecraft in VR mode which will provide you with a new level of experience. This new experience includes walking around your living room while you build and perform mining. You can perform various motions in-game as well as in person. 

You know the game, you love the gameplay, now enjoy actually performing all this moving, jumping, and climbing around. 

  1. Job Simulator

You might see it as a game but some might sense the future in it. The robots have now replaced all human jobs and it’s now their duty to perform them well. The jobs include those of an Office Worker, a Store Clerk, an Auto Mechanic, a Chef, and a lot more. The game presents various choices to the player while performing the tasks. 

There are many humorous elements in the game where players can mess around with their jobs, show aggression and entertain with their puns and wordplay. 

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  1. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

The game is nothing like what it sounds so don’t confuse yourself with the name. We have guns and more guns and yes, even more guns. The game has many mini-games within and provides a realistic experience in customizing arms and guns and then shooting. VR mode of the game makes it even more exciting as you can perform your little stunts with complete movements. 

There are explosives and some very annoying meaty robots. Enjoy the realistic and not-so-real firing ranges like an expert shooter or train yourself if you are an amateur. 

Wrap Up

VR games provide a realistic experience for your favorite games. Playing on the controllers or PC is great but performing your own actions is more fun. The above-mentioned list has some great VR games like Sims which you must play and enjoy and experience what you never experienced before. 

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