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Atlanta Season 2 Recap and Finale Explained

“Atlanta” is a comedy-drama show developed by Donald Glover (‘ Community’) that revolves around the lives of two cousins, Earnest “Earn” Marks and Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles. After Alfred’s rapping career has taken off, Earn is his manager in an attempt to help him improve his life. Along with Alfred’s right-hand person, Darius, the trio manages the world of music within Atlanta, Georgia, and also deals with their issues.

In the show’s second season, Alfred, Darius, and Earn are confronted with a new variety of challenges as viewers discover more about their previous lives. Alfred’s career takes an entirely new direction, while Earn must consider the ramifications for his own life. If you’re looking to catch up with Season 2 of ‘Atlanta, here are the main events from ‘Atlanta Season 2!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Atlanta Season 2: Recap

Season 2 of the show ‘Atlanta’ (subtitled ‘Robbin’ Season’) opens with the discovery that Earn has been evicted from his storage unit used as a temporary home. In addition, the arrival of Alfred’s friend Tracy who has had her released from prison under parole, makes it more difficult for Darius, Earn, and Alfred. Earn visits his uncle Willy and is given the gun in gold.

While Van’s relationship between Earn and Van is steady, Van is unhappy with how Earn treats her. Earn struggles to manage his money and is having trouble caring for his daughter Lottie. The strained tensions between Earn and Van become heated during a Fastnacht celebration, where they debate over their relationships. While Van protests, Earn is relatively content with their “agreement.” Therefore, Van is furious and decides to leave Earn.

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The new single from Alfred is receiving some good online attention, but Alfred is struggling to manage his fame. Furthermore, Alfred grows dissatisfied with Earn’s role being his manager. At the same time, Alfred and the gang meet Clark County, the commercialized rapper, and their manager Lucas. While Clark is arrogant and rude, Alfred befriends him. In the following days, Alfred, Tracy, Darius, and Earn journey to Statesboro in Tennessee, where Alfred performs in a festival for college students. However, Earn’s shortcomings and failures as a leader are revealed during the journey. Furthermore, Tracy bests Earn in a battle that makes him feel inadequate.

In a flashback story that we watch, we get to know Alfred and Earn’s experiences as middle school students. Earn and his classmate Devin will become targets of intense bullying by children due to their FUBU shirts. Even though Alfred helps to keep Earn from being victimized, Devin is roasted and humiliated by the children and eventually commits suicide. This incident has left a sour impression on Earn and Darius, while Alfred is unaffected. Alfred, Darius, and Earn set off for Europe for a tour together with Clark in the season’s final. Yet, Alfred contemplates replacing Earn with Lucas for his role as manager.

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Atlanta Season 2 Coming To An End Do You Take Earn Leave for Europe? Is Alfred Get Rid of Him?

In the finale of the season, Darius warns Earn to remove the gun made of gold that he’s been carrying. Earn puts it in his bag but doesn’t take it out before leaving the house. Earn also speaks to Darius about Alfred’s plan to succeed as a manager. Darius says that although Alfred appears to be insistent on hiring a new manager, Alfred will always be concerned for Earn since they are both their family. Earn feels a sense of security because Alfred urges him to travel to Europe and travel around the world.

Earn realizes that he has the weapon before entering the security screening in the terminal. Earn manages to plant the gun inside Clark’s bag and then the plane at the very last minute. Before takeoff, Alfred and Earn have an emotional talk about their relationship. Alfred realizes that Earn loves him, and many people in his life would like to be reciprocated or wish to be part of his fame. But, the conversation comes to an end, with Alfred indicating the future of Earn in his role as manager.

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What happens to Clark?

The episode reveals that Clark joins Alfred and his friends on a Europe tour that the singer is the headliner. This is a huge opportunity for Alfred because he’s recognized worldwide for the first time in his professional career. However, once Earn places the gun inside Clark’s bag, the situation is put at risk. In the show’s final moments, Clark surprisingly boards the plane just before taking off.

It’s revealed that Clark took responsibility for firing the shooting on Lucas’s boss. Clark’s brutality stands in striking contrast with Alfred’s sluggish personality. This incident illustrates the significance to Earn Darius and Darius in Alfred’s life, as they provide him with a sense of security. For Clark, his insanity could pose a significant obstacle in the way of Alfred and his crew members in the third season of the show that is due to air shortly.

Will Earn as well as Van Reunite?

Van and her lover Earn hit an obstacle on the show’s 2nd season following their public dispute over their relationship. Van states that she doesn’t want to have a romantic relationship with Earn. They decide to only work together for their daughter Lottie. But, Van remains unemployed by the end of the season and depends on Earn to support his child for Lottie. Thus, it may be logical for the couple that split up to reconcile their differences and resumes where they had left off.

In the finale of season 2, Van and Earn realize that Lottie is a talented student, and they must be a hard worker to support her. Additionally, Van decides to move to live with her mother, thereby increasing the distance between Van and Earn. So, the two of them won’t ever be reunited shortly. Their main goal is to take care of Lottie.

What happens to Tracy?

Tracy is first introduced in the second season premiere but remains an odd character for the duration seasons. When viewers get to know him, it is evident that Tracy does not care about anyone else and profited from his friendship with Alfred. But, Alfred is too friendly to speak to Tracy. However, in the final episode of season 2, Alfred and the crew go to Europe without Tracy, which indicates that Alfred is finished with Tracy. At the very least, the fact that he doesn’t consider Tracy to be part of his circle.

In addition, Tracy’s presence has changed the dynamics among Alfred, Darius, and Earn. So, having him leave prior to what could be the most significant trip of their lives is understandable. However, Tracy is left in Atlanta, and his anger at being left out could cause him to take dark paths in the third season.

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