Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Recap, Ending Explained

‘ Attack on Titan season 4 episode 28, titled ‘The Dawn of Humanity’, takes place in the present. As she reflects on her past, Mikasa contemplates what could have been the cause of Eren’s sudden shift in her heart following her decisive victory at the end of the Shignashina episode. She regrets not sharing with her husband what she felt when she was given the opportunity and blamed herself for the horrifying events that have placed countless lives at risk. This is everything you should be aware of after “Attack on Titan” season 4, episode 28. There are spoilers ahead!

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 Recap

When General Magath, and Keith Shadis, sacrifice their lives to take down those Marleyan Cruiser chasing their allies, Mikasa, along with her friends, heads to Odiha. Odiha. After a fight with Annie, who doubts her determination to end Eren, Mikasa ponders if her friend, whom she knew all of her life, ever stood committed to the greater good. She believes that Eren always had a desire to help other people but cannot reconcile her emotions with the genocidal plot that is in direct contradiction to the ideals of her former friend.

Mikasa remembers how she and her classmates set foot in a city across the ocean. They realized what it meant, living a life without worry about being smashed by Titans. While enjoying the many foods available for consumption, Sasha’s purse gets stolen by a child, and Levi is caught red-faced. As the crowd gathers to give the boy an important subject, Levi and his friends leave together with him so that they don’t take extreme actions. Eren, who’s been watching the events unfold in silence as the boy, is followed by Eren and is found in the vicinity of an area of the camp.

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If Mikasa is found, she draws parallels to the lives of homeless people who have been ripped apart from war and those of the Eldians. In the present, he is also asking Mikasa about his role in her life. Unfortunately, he cannot get an answer when an obedient man from the nearby camps invites them to dinner. Soon, the two are joined by their companions while they consume food and drink away their worries while ignoring the pathetic battle for survival they and their family members are in back at home.

In discussion with Kiyomi Azumabito, They are told by the ambassador to Hizuru that the only way for them to be heard is through the scheduled forum to be held in the near future. Mikasa asks Hange to make sure that the public should know that the Eldians are in favour of peace and not anything other than peace. But, the next day, when the forum was held, Mikasa and her friends did not get their voices heard. The situation gets worse. The forum became the main source for the propagation of the idea that they had come to combat.

As of the present, Eren and his army of Colossal Titans are confronted by the largest canons in the world. However, they cannot take on their adversaries, and, in just two minutes, the entire fleet of ships is destroyed. Eren’s Colossal Titans begin their journey to the first city they’re planning to take down, and his team doesn’t seem to be in a position of meeting Eren any time soon.

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Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 28 The End: What Caused Eren to Refuse Peace and Go ahead with his Extermination Plan?

The moment that Eren and his companions first set foot in a new country in hopes of promoting peace talks, they believed they could somehow achieve the seemingly impossible without unnecessary bloodshed. But, by the time they arrived, it was evident that Eren was on the verge of giving up his hope of peace in the long-running conflict. However, things could have turned out differently If Kiyomi Azumabito’s suggestion had succeeded according to her plan.

While Eren and his fellow participants took part in the international forum, one of the speakers delivered an emotional speech about the need for urgent assistance to the displaced Subjects from Ymir refugees who don’t adhere to the dangerous beliefs of the Eldian Empire. Eldian Empire. In addition, he emphasized that these people were compelled to breed by the Eldians and the only ones worthy of hatred are the devils who live on Paradis Island.

The emotional appeal was not able to be ignored because the audience at the forum worldwide applauded the speech, indirectly approving of the hatred directed at the Eldians. Although this was disappointing for Hange and other participants, none attempted to defend the hate speech proclaimed at the forum. Eren, who has been paying attention to everything, chooses to leave the forum with his fellow participants.

It was the international forum that ended Eren’s hopes of a peaceful settlement of the war. Eren left a message to his friends but disappeared shortly after. He didn’t meet them again until the liberio raid arc. At the same time, he thought of using Zeke to gain the power from the Founding Titan to take down everyone who lived outside Paradis Island.

What does Eren plan to accomplish by Implementing His Genocidal Plan?

Eren’s genocidal plan has personal and historical facets. When he explains to Historia the things he intended to accomplish, he reveals his thoughts on the second. It’s evident that through the acquisition of the memories of his father, Eren now has a thorough understanding of the centuries-old conflict that led to the deaths of numerous innocent victims.

Eren concludes after a thorough investigation of the complicated history and believes that the best way to break the cycle of hatred created by revenge is to eliminate the history of civilizations and the cultures which have caused the issue in the beginning. While it is possible to claim that such conclusions are not right, Eren wholeheartedly believes in the truth of these assertions.

While this is essentially the end of his understanding of the historical background of the issue and the solution, It is noteworthy that the anti-hero has repeatedly cited an emotional motive for his actions on various occasions. In committing the unforgivable sin of genocide, he hopes that his family and friends will have a long and satisfying life.

To conclude, Eren plans to wipe out entire civilizations, giving the world a fresh beginning and ending the cycle of vengeance while trying to ensure that his fellow citizens can find some happiness amid the chaos.

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