AWS introduces Amazon HealthLake into GA for the management of health data

Amazon Web Services on Thursday announced the public launch of Amazon HealthLake, a service which allows health institutions to use cloud-based storage and management of health information. It is part of Amazon Web Services’ AWS for Health initiative, that offers specialized cloud services for biopharma, healthcare, and genomics clients.

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HealthLake is an HIPAA-compliant service that lets organizations use non-structured health information. It uses its Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) industry standard to format data and allow organisations to move the data from on-premise systems into an encrypted, online data lake. It employs machine learning to analyse medical terminology and clinical information and provides standard labels for data, making it easier to find and explore. Once all that is accomplished, AWS customers can then utilize machine learning and analytics to study the newly structured data.

It was first revealed at Amazon’s Re:Invent conference in December. AWS’s vice-president in charge of AI, Matt Wood, explained that the health sector is hindered by the fact the data is scattered across multiple repositories with various formats, which takes weeks or even months to create and stage data, as well as transform it.

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Customers who have used HealthLake to date include Rush University Medical Center, that has utilized HealthLake for their Covid-19 responses. Cortica offers healthcare services for children suffering from autism, other neurological disorders, and other brain disorders. It has used it to gain greater insight into the treatment progress that its patients receive.

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