Ayano Love Is Blind: Japan | Shuntaro And Ayano Still together?

Ayano Love Is Blind

The Love is Blind: Japan fans are probably consuming the entire show at this point and will likely remain shocked by the proposal of Shuntaro for Ayano.

Despite their 25 years of the age difference, The couple shared an unbreakable bond from the beginning. While people were supportive of the couple, we fell in love with Ayano Love is Blind: Japan and her sweet and sweet personality.

Real Titbit wanted to know details about this reality show star and, even though there’s nothing on the internet, we managed to discover intriguing information regarding Ayano.

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Meet Ayano Love Is Blind: Japan

She was born on June 25, 1994. Ayano has been a self-proclaimed 30-year old beauty expert from Japan.

While her professional career has not been defined, however, the details of her Instagram bio and profile indicate that she is active in the beauty and fashion business and is passionate about all things fashion.

Ayano uses her Instagram platform to share her love of fashion and write reviews of products for makeup and brands that she sponsors.

Her feed comprises posts that are OOTD posts, where she discusses gorgeous outfits by the top designers around, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Bottega Veneta.

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She also does “outfit historical” reviews in some posts, where fans are informed about her limited-edition items.

Ayano was once the real-life Disney princess.

Before beginning her career as a professional working in IT, Ayano worked in Disney Land Tokyo,, where she acted as a distinct Disney princess.

If you look through her Insta to the year 2019, her feed is filled with professional images of her character during her visit to Disney Land.

Ayano has appeared on stage as the Little Mermaid’s Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine. Ayano enjoyed performing in Disney Land and, when talking about the atmosphere at the park, she stated, “every day feels like a new year’s celebration.”

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She also posts pictures from her time in Disney Land with some of the other characters we love, such as Mike and Sully in Monsters Incand the famous Spider-Man.

Ayano’s Instagram

If you’d like to see additional pictures details about the Love is Blind Japan actress and what she does in her private life, follow the actress’s Instagram. Instagram under the username @ayani0625.

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Is Shuntaro And Ayano Love Blind? Japan Are They Still together?

In what could describe as an emotionally charged rollercoaster of drama and romance, Love Is Blind Japan” is a dating reality show which explores the concept of finding love solely based on one’s personality. In the end, it revolves around singles who meet, date, and get engaged.

They meet, get to know each other, and are engaged without ever looking at one another for one month together before deciding whether they’re willing to commit for the rest of their lives or not. Shuntaro and Ayano was one such couple that formed in the first season of the Japanese spin-off series ‘Love is Blind. If you’re interested in knowing more about their intimate relationship and their romantic relationship, we’ve got the information for you.

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Shuntaro And Ayano’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

While charming and bubbly by nature, the 30-year-old’s experience in the pods was not straightforward in any way or manner. She was fascinated by Yudai or Mori at various moments, but neither would they have Ayano as their top choice because they thought she wasn’t allowing her guard to fall.

This was not the case. Considering that she was trained to “read the room” in her youth due to her father’s work and family background, She was simply not understood. This is why it was a hit with 56-year-old Shuntaro, who confessed that she was frequently misinterpreted.

As a highly successful advisor, Shuntaro was once convinced that he’d met the woman he would spend his entire life with. However, she tragically died due to medical issues. With the determination to find a new partner once more, he ended up becoming the Netflix first and the corporate worker who was 16 years older than him. He almost lost her, too, though in a different way as he stayed cool in their conversations, as he helped her deal with her feelings.

That’s right, Shuntaro eased Ayano’s worries by offering her an environment that allowed her to be vulnerable. He also spoke about her expectations and talked about their shared love of art, yet he had never publicly expressed his feelings. He was almost ready to give up on hope after Sho had also gotten into the picture. However, when she asked him to marry her, He couldn’t resist the urge to let his heart out and admit that he had always imagined them getting married. His words were a hit with Ayano as never before, causing her to make the same choice.

Do Shuntaro and Ayano Are they still together?

When proposing Ayano, Shuntaro said, “Aya and being together, I’ve had the chance to be myself at first. It’s the first time I’ve ever met an individual who is so extraordinary. It’s possible to boast that I’ll keep you satisfied, but that’s not the way to go. I’m looking for to meeting you. Aya. I want you to marry me.” After having clarified that she was only interested in marrying him as he was, Ayano reacted, “If you’re happy with me, I’d love to share my future in your company.” When they met face-to-face,, he promised to look after her for the long haul.

However, the time passed, and they began to have significant issues between them – communication as the most significant of them, causing Shuntaro to pull the plug on their wedding in the morning of. He admitted that he felt like his efforts had been a bit too much. Ayano or their love to appear like something they did not have, so going down the aisle was not an option.

In response, his companion said that she was planning to decline the offer due to their age and personality differences. Shuntaro could not have the exchange he’d been expecting and was turned down completely. That’s right, Shuntaro and Ayano are not a couple, and according to what we’ve seen, they have never reconciled.

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