Bandit Mask Elden Ring | Complete Guide About Elden Ring White Mask

Bandit Mask Elden Ring

The Elden Ring White Mask is among the most sought-after items in the game. Elden Ring offers players a multitude of options for building their characters. One of the most powerful methods to achieve this is to use bleeding damage. Bleed builds can do massive amounts of damage to bosses with huge damage pools. And The White Mask is an ideal method to capitalize on the power of. For more information about the reason and how to acquire this mask, check out this guide on Elden’s Ring White Mask

  • You’ll need a great bleeding weapon to pair along with your White Mask, and there aren’t many, if none, that are superior to this river of Blood katana. For information on how you can get it, read about the steps to locate Elden Ring Rivers of Blood in our guide. Elden Ring Rivers of Blood in our comprehensive guide

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There’s a reason that people who create bleeding models within Elden Ringrecommend the White Mask so much. While wearing the mask your character is more vulnerable when the bleed effects occur near to you. Bleeding builds typically require a swift, dexterous weapon to enhance the effects. All of these factors make your character more vulnerable to damage.

When you’re battling using your katana, the whip, or whatever weapon that you prefer to make use of, you’re creating the bleeding effect. Once it is activated the effect, you instantly begin to do further damage using your weapon, resulting in an ever-growing snowball of damage that continues to increase making any boss stupid enough to spill blood.

  • If you’ve been ever a witness to someone shouting “blood for the blood god!” and thought, I’d love this to be me Then look no further. Check out our Elden Ring Bandit build.


To acquire an Elden Ring White Mask for yourself is mostly through the side quest of a character. This isn’t a game that role-playing gamers be interested in because it takes you through a dark and dangerous path however, you don’t require completing the quest in full and committing to it. The quest is about Varre the creep wearing a mask who you meet when you into Limgrave at the beginning of your game. Yes, you must deal with the man who teased your maidens status. I guarantee it’s worth it.

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Varre is on The First Step until the player is defeated by one of the demi-gods, for example, Godrick The Grafted. Return to his place after having defeated one of the bosses, and you’ll discover a note left behind by him. The message says that he will be located in the Rose Church in Liguria. The church is located in the southwest region of the region, to the south of Raya Lucaria and west of Academy Gate Town.

You can talk to Varre at the front of the Rose Church and he will offer you a number of Festering Bloody Fingers. These can be used to enslave other players. To keep the quest going you must infiltrate three players. Whatever your results in fighting, completing three attacks is enough to move on. Go back to Varre and He will offer to you Lord Blood’s favor. It is necessary to dye this fabric with the blood of a maiden but you don’t have to kill anyone.

  • A large part of the quest is visiting Elden Ring, the Church of Inhibition, and the journey to get there is no easy task. For more information regarding how to reach the church find out the directions to Elden Ring Church of Inhibition. Elden Ring Church of Inhibition.

There are two dead maidens that you can get some blood from. You can either make use of to use the Four Belfries or return to the area of origin which is the Church of Anticipation – wherein you can collect the blood you require from a deceased maiden. Alternately, you can go towards the Church of Inhibition, which is located in the northeast of Liguria. It is difficult to access as you must go across an area known as the Frenzied Flame Village and you are surrounded upon entering this church. However, you can deal with it using the directions above and you’ll be able to discover the maiden you’re looking for in the church.

Go back to Varre using the red cloth, and he will perform two things. The first is that he will gift you a reusable, permanent model of the Festering Bloody Finger. If you talk to him, you will be presented with an item called the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This is the most important item that we require to acquire to obtain the White Mask, so for all practical purposes, we’re finished with Varre right now. This Pureblood Knight’s Medal can be activated within your inventory to take players into Mohgwyn’s Palace. If you are in the area It is advised to climb the stairs to discover the Dynasty Mausoleum entrance place of grace, since dying earlier will bring you back to the surface.

From the site of grace, walk back to the steps and walk south, past the giant skeletons summoned by enemies, and then to the west, towards the lake of blood. While you are there you will be attacked by 3 Nameless White Mask NPCs. You must fight them one at a given time, but taking down one of them Nameless White Mask rewards you with the War Surgeon armor set, which includes a White Mask. It is crucial to take down the Nameless White Masks before doing any other thing in this area because they will not show up after you have killed the boss of the region, Mohg, Lord of Blood.

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This is all you have to do in order to obtain an Elden Ring White Mask. For additional Elden Ring guides why not look at our collection of designs:

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