10 Best Basketball Games For Kids

It’s always good to get your children interested in sports. This is a great activity that they can enjoy and also gives them exercise. It also introduces them to the idea of following rules. Basketball is one of the most loved sports.

You can play many games with a basketball or a hoop, despite what you might think. Here are 10 Basketball Games For Kids.

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Basketball Games for Kids

You can introduce your child to several games if they show interest in basketball. These games can be played in your backyard. You only need a basketball and a hoop. These are some great basketball games for kids:

Around the World

If you want to improve your children’s shooting skills and endurance, this is their game.

How to Play

  • Mark five spots on the court with sidewalk chalk where you want your kids to take photos.
  • Take turns with the children to take photos from the designated spots.
  • The winner is the player who makes five consecutive shots.

Line Dribble

This game will give your child good practice at dribbling the ball.

How to Play

  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw some lines. These lines can be drawn straight or curvy.
  • Let the children dribble your ball along the lines you have drawn.


  • You can ask the children to switch their hands during a dribble to make it more difficult.

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This one-on-one basketball game for children is a great one. It promises a friendly match.

How to Play

  • One person attempts to make a shot while the other tries blocking the person.
  • One point is awarded to those who make a shot.
  • The second player has the opportunity to make the shot while the other attempts to block.
  • It doesn’t matter who will attempt to take the shot. There should be a designated place for them to begin.

Musical basketballs

This game requires a lot of balls but promises to be fun and different from the standard Musical Chairs.

How to Play

  • One ball is required per person.
  • Place the balls in a circular arrangement.
  • The players should form a circle. The music will start, and the players should begin walking around the balls.
  • Each player must grab the ball and shoot it when the music stops.
  • To signify that the shot is over, the player should sit down.
  • Each player should keep trying to make shots and sit down when they succeed.
  • The last person remaining will be eliminated.
  • Repeat this until there is only one remaining player.
  • This player is the winner.

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This is one of the most fun basketball games for preschoolers.

How to Play

  • Any number of children can play this game.
  • The first child to play choose a spot in the driveway from which to take a shot.
  • The first player can invent any shot. The player can, for example, sit down on the ground to attempt the shot.
  • They are awarded the letter H if they miss the shot. If they miss their next turn, they receive the letter O. This continues until the word HORSE has been spelt. They are out of the game if this happens.
  • The second player must copy the type of shot taken by the first player.
  • If the first player misses the shot, the second player can develop a new type of shot. They can, for example, try to make the shot standing on one leg.


  • You can make the game shorter by using PIG instead HORSE.
  • So that the children can practice, you can give the rules.

Sharks and Minnows

This is a very common game and can be played by most beginners in sports. This game can be played anywhere there is a basketball hoop.

How to Play

  • You can have two sharks if you have a lot of kids. But if you have only one Shark, it is better to have one.
  • The Minnows are the rest of the children. They will have to form a line at the baseline to face the sharks.
  • The basketballs of each Minnow will be provided to them, but not for the sharks.
  • The Minnows will have to dribble from one sideline to the other.
  • The Sharks will have to attempt to steal their ball or knock it out of bounds.
  • The Minnow becomes a Shark if the Shark can steal or knock out the ball from the Minnow.
  • A Minnow travels one baseline to another in one round.
  • The winner is the last Minnow standing.
  • The Sharks will be the two remaining Minnows. If there is only one Shark in the group, the Shark will win.

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Basketball Tag

This game is great for practising dribbling skills.

How to Play

  • The kids will be asked to layout their bodies on the court.
  • Two taggers are recommended if the group is large.
  • Designate one tagger if the group is small.
  • The children on the line must continue to dribble their ball without moving from the lines.
  • The taggers will attempt to get rid of as many as possible. This can be done by forcing them off the line, making the ball lose control, or simply touching tag them.
  • The winner is the one who is still standing and dribbling.

Dribble Limbo

This is more difficult than regular limbo because you must bend lower and maintain control over the ball.

How to Play

  • Two children will hold the limbo stick, while the rest will have to line up.
  • Players will need to move turn-by-turn, dribbling and going under the limbo stick.
  • After everyone has been under the limbo stick for a while, the two remaining players must lower the stick.
  • Players in the limbo line continue the same process, but they must bend slightly more.
  • After all, players have gone under; the limbo stick will continue to be lower.
  • All who lose control of the ball, or fall over, are removed.

Beat the Buzzer

This game is simple but very challenging.

How to Play

  • Your child should stand a little further from the basket than is comfortable.
  • Set your timer to run for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Find out how many baskets your child can make in the given time.
  • If there is more than one player, the winner is the one who makes the most shots in the given time.

Basketball Relay

A group best enjoys this game.

How to Play

  • Divide the children into two or more teams.
  • Each team must form a line.
  • Each team should have a ball.
  • The ball should be dribbled by the first person to cross the line.
  • They pass the ball to the next person in line when they reach their starting point.
  • The relay winner will be the first team to complete it.

Children of all ages can play a variety of games with a basketball. Many of these games will teach your child the fundamentals of playing the game on a real court. Give these basketball games a shot with your kids. It’s possible to make it a family event and have fun together.

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