15 Best Bloodborne Armor Sets

Best Bloodborne Armor Sets

Bloodborne is a difficult and unforgiving game with many enemies players should be prepared for. You can use armour in the main game or DLC to protect yourself.

As they travel around the world of Yharnam, players can find armor pieces and sets. The “armor” sets of Bloodborne aren’t the typical plated chain or metal armors found in fantasy games.

However, armor in Bloodborne, and the Old Hunters DLC, offer many protections and resistances against various dangers like slow poison resistance and fire resistance. While some armor sets are more resistant to damage than others, armour sets also provide greater protection than others.

Updated November 14, 2021 by Talha bin Rizwan. Like all the other games from FromSoftware, Bloodborne is a brutal and violent game that doesn’t hesitate to punish its users. The game features a complex combat system that forces players to stay alert and on their toes.

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To make their experience easier, players can equip armor sets. While some sets provide great protection, others are more effective against a specific type of damage. There are many bloodborne armor sets that players can choose from throughout the game. Some are better than others.

Best Bloodborne Armor Sets

Choir Set

Some players may be surprised to learn that the Choir set is one of Bloodborne best armor sets. This is due to its highest stats across all fields, even though it lacks high numbers in other areas. The Choir set includes 370 arcane and 290 fire damage defenses, as well as 290 bolt damage defense. With 220 blood damage defense, the Choir set has decent amounts. The Choir set’s standard physical damage defense isn’t the best, but it compensates for it with magical damage defences. The Choir set can be found in Upper Cathedral Ward, at the side of the Healing Church.

Set of Yharnam Hunters

The Yharnam Hunter set can be accessed by the player starting with the Messengers in Hunter’s Dream.

The Yharnam Hunter set is a great choice for Bloodborne armour. It has consistent stats across all levels. The ranges for the general damage defense and subcategories of physical damage, blunt and thrust, are in the mid-200’s. The magic damage defenses arcane and fire for the Yharnam Hunter Set are located between the low 200’s and the high 200’s.

Set of Graveguards

The Graveguard set’s stats are consistent, just like the Yharnam Hunter sets. The Graveguard set has 270 arcane and 280 bolt damage defense. The status effect resistances of armor sets in Bloodborne are slow poison, rapid poison, and frenzy resistances. Graveguard sets have high-status effect resistances, with 122 slow poision resistance, 119 rapid poision resistance, and 135 frenzies resistant. You will find the Graveguard set in the Forbidden woods, where you’ll encounter snake parasite mobs.

Henryk’s Hunter Set

Henryk is a hunter which players can battle in Tomb of Oedon. Henryk can only be seen if players have interacted with Eileen, the Crow outside Oedon Chapel in Cathedral Ward.

Henryk’s armor set can be purchased from the Messengers of the Hunter’s Dream after being defeated. Henryk’s Hunter set is highly protected against physical and fire damage. Henryk’s Hunter set has a staggering 360 bolt damage defense. Beasthood is another effect that armor sets have. Beasthood is a way to increase physical damage and decrease physical defense. Henryk’s Hunter Set also boasts one of the best Beasthood stats, which is 146.

Gascoigne Set

Father Gascoigne is the first main story boss that players will encounter in Bloodborne. After defeating Father Gascoigne, the set can be purchased.

Gascoigne’s set is very strong in physical damage defense. It has damage from blunt and damage from thrust attack. Gascoigne’s set has a high arcane defense and fire damage defense (both at 280). This armor set is ideal for players who are susceptible to poisoning. It has both a slow and fast poison resistance.

Executioner Set

Separately, you will find the Gold Ardeo, which is the headpiece for the Executioner set. After Alfred has given up the Wheel Hunter Badge, the Messengers will sell Alfred’s Gold Ardeo. The Executioner Set’s remaining pieces are located on a corpse in Cainhurst Castle. At 290, the Executioner set is the most resistant to blunt attacks. It has high stats in nearly every stat, including 270 arcane and bolt damage defense and damage defense against thrust attacks of 260.

Black Church Set

The Black Church will be found near the Cathedral Ward round plaza. The set will be found on a corpse near the round plaza in Cathedral Ward.

The Black Church has a low physical damage defense and blunt attack damage defense. The Black Church has high defense against blood attacks, arcane and fire attacks, and bolt attacks. These stats are 300, 280. 260. 270. It is also extremely resistant to slow poison (146) and rapid poison (141), making it an excellent Bloodborne armor.

Set of Tomb Prospectors

After the player has obtained the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, the Tomb Prospector set can be purchased from the Messengers. While the Tomb Prospector set’s physical damage defense is lower than its blunt damage defense, it still has a high thrust-damage defense of 270. The set’s arcane damage defense is 310. The Tomb Prospector set is high in fire damage defense and bolt damages defense at 270. It has high slow and rapid poison resistances at 133, and 129 respectively.

White Church Set

The White Church set can be found in the Forbidden Forests. It is located on the top of the building near the dog cages and is guarded by two crows . The White Church set is the most vulnerable to blunt and physical damage, among all the armor sets. These stats, along with its frenzy resistant, are the lowest for the White Church set. The other stats are all remarkable high. The White Church set has a blood defense of 325, an arcane and fire damage defense of 295 and a bolt defense of 282. This armor set is the most resistant to slow poisoning.

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Harrowed Set

The Old Hunters DLC has the best armor set of Bloodborne. After defeating Lady Maria from the Astral Clocktower, players will find the Harrowed set within the Fishing Hamlet. With 310, the Harrowed set is the most physical damaging, with an average defense of 310. This set also boasts one of the best slow poison resistance and quick poison resistance stats. The Harrowed set boasts an arcane damage defense of 280 and a bolt damage defense of 277. The Harrowed set’s blood damage defense and fire damages defense are 250.

Set of Constables

The Old Hunters expansion adds the Constable Set to the game. Valtr, Master of the League, wears the set. The helm will be given to Valtr, the Master of the League. Players can get the pants, gloves, and garb from Hunter’s Nightmare. The set has a decent defense rating of 270. The set also provides 250 protection against Fire and Bolt, making it a decent, all-around Bloodbornearmor. The attire does not protect against poison damage.

Charred Hunter Set

The Charred Hunter Set is easy to find in the game. However, players will need to face a challenge to obtain it. It can be found on the top of an Old Yharnam building, near the area where Djura and his disciple will be encountered.

The set provides only 230 defense against damage to the physical and 120 against arcane. The set offers 290 points of fire protection, which is the best. This set is best used against enemies and bosses who deal fire-based damage.

Set of Old Hunters

Hunter’s Nightmare is the first area in The Old Hunters DLC where you can purchase The Old Hunter Set. It will be acquired piece-by-piece, distributed throughout the area. The set is able to withstand damage and has good defense. The set offers 270 points against physical damage and 200 for arcane damage. With 320 points, the set has remarkable fire resistance. It is weak against poison damage, with only 51 points against slow poison and 45 points against rapid poison.

Maria Hunter Set

After defeating Lady Maria of Astral Clocktower, players can purchase the Maria Hunter Set in The Old Hunters DLC. For a total of 14 insights, it will be available for purchase at Insight Bath Messenger. The set does not provide adequate defense against damage. The full set provides only 220 points of defense against physical damage and 200 points for arcane defense. It provides remarkable blood defense, with a total score of 370 points. It has a total of 125 points to resist rapid poisoning.

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Cainhurst Set

Cainhurst Set is unique because it’s made of steel and not cloth. This set offers a high defense against blood and physical damage. However, it provides only mediocre defenses against other threats such as bolt, arcane and fire. It provides 300 physical defense, 320 blood defense, and 110 bolt defense. However, it does not provide 140 arcane defense. After acquiring the Cainhurst Badge, you can purchase the set from the Bath Messengers for 113,000 Blood Echoes.

Bloodborne was released on March 24, 2015, and is now available on the Playstation.

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