Best Games for 1-year-olds | Get Baby Motivated with 30+ Activities for 1-Year-Olds

Games for 1-year-olds

It can be difficult to find the Games for 1-year-olds. Although they are not big children, many infant activities do not stimulate them enough.

My baby is one year old, and I’m always looking for activities to keep him busy. He is just starting to walk and loves to play and move all day. I want to encourage his growth and process in the world around us. I also want to have fun learning activities.

There are so many things you can do with a one-year-old!

Through my research, I have compiled this list of Activities for 1-year-olds. It will give you some ideas for the whole month.

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Anything can be a game to little ones! Young toddlers can learn hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills through games.

Games for 1-year-olds

Keep your cardboard boxes, milk bottles, and other containers clean because many of these 1-Year-Old ActivityActivity Busy are items you already own!

Baby Play Station

Create a baby station using toilet paper rolls. This is the perfect game to play with your baby. It can make noises and move and has different textures.

Recycled cups as toys

This educational idea is from, And Next Comes. You can stack up recycled cups and let your baby knock them down. It is the most fun game for children!

Ball Pit

Do you need to make a difference in the energy of your one-year-old? “No one ever!” haha.

A ball pit is available! This baby play area folds up easily and takes up very little space. All those balls can be used to play a multitude of games.

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Empty containers and plastic eggs

This Happily Ever Mom activity will help you make a simple game of an empty container and some plastic eggs. They take the eggs and put them in. Then they pour them out. My kids found pouring to be the most exciting game.

Fabric Scraps Game

To make an easy and quick game from Hands On: As We Grow, save your fabric scraps. This great activity requires only fabric scraps and an empty baby wipe container.

Peek-a-Boo House

Isn’t peekaboo the ultimate baby game? This idea is from I Can Teach My Child. Grab some felt and make a peekaboo house! You can take any pictures! Peek a Boo is the first form of pretend play.

Tickling Game

This tickling game by Adventures at Home with Mum will make the baby giggle! This neat Toy will make all the ribbons and cloth tickle while playing.

Get Things Done!

Play at Home is the best way to teach babies cause and effect. Watch the world roll when you make a ramp. This is all you need, except a ramp and a book. This is the gravity game.

Simple Baby Games

How wee encourages babies to move and walk with’s simple games for babies. You only need some tape and household items.

Take-Along Box

This Pink Oatmeal idea will help you create your baby pull-along box. This is perfect for little ones who struggle to stand on their own. Walking becomes a game.

Are you looking for 1 Year Old Games? These are some of our favourites!

There are so many activities for 1-year-olds!

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One-year-olds learn through activities.

We take problem-solving for granted in our day to day lives. But it can be a lot of fun! This is why children love toys that challenge them.

Snowflake Drop Activity

This snowflake drop is an Elsa-approved toy. You only need an old container with a large enough mouth to hold the “snowflakes.” This is why 1-year-olds love the idea of object permanence.

Peek-a-Boo Puzzle

This sweet idea by Nurture Shop lets you make a peek-a-boo puzzle using family photos. My favourite way to use photos of loved ones is to do so, but you can also use pictures of animals.

Disappearing Act Activities

Babies will be asking, “Where’s it gone?” Laughing Children Learn’s Disappearing Act! You only need to provide some tape, paper, and pom-poms for them to be amazed at how the pom-poms disappear.

Activity boxes for children under one-year-old

This idea is from Danya Banya. Make an activity box for your baby. This is something I have done before. To make different pieces of paper, you can use different ribbons.

Reflection play

Take baby’s attention with reflections from Mama’s smiles. Joyful Parenting. It’s so easy!

Tunnel Play Activities

To make it more fun, give them a tunnel. This Toy is a hit with my little girl! It’s great to crawl, crab-walk, and tumble in. It’s a great way to get your one-year-old active and increase energy expenditure.

Bouncy Balls & Muffin Tins Activities

For this brain-building baby play, grab some bouncy balls and a muffin pan from Sugar Aunts. They will love chasing the balls around as they bounce to and from. If your one-year-old is not walking, you can stop the balls to and fro. giggle

Clothespin Drop Activity

This I Can Teach my Child learning game lets you make a clothespin drop using an old container. This game requires hand-eye coordination. It is great for developing motor skills in a young child, which is crucial to their development.

One-year-olds are best if they have fun!

Explore Things to Do With 1-Year-Olds

Babies are naturally curious. It’s so satisfying to watch the little sparks of curiosity that appear in their eyes when they learn something new. These activities for toddlers are the best busy activities for 1-year-olds that encourage their curiosity!

Make a Toy

Create a toy for your baby’s one-year old. These toys can be used to stimulate and encourage teething. It will be a great investment in their future.

Outdoor Sensory Bin Play

These outdoor sensory bin ideas will keep the baby happy and sprinkle in the sun. They don’t require any clean-up! It is so important to do outdoor activities with one-year-olds. They can explore the outdoors in safety.

Cardboard box tunnel activity

This cardboard box tunnel with socks is our favourite, The Internet Tree. Even though you’re only one year old, sometimes the box is the best part!

Star Box Sensory Play

What a sweet Where imagination Grow star box sensory play for 1-year-olds! I would love to curl up with my little one and read a book in that star box sensory play for one-year-olds!

Wash Apples Activity

Wash apples! This outdoor activity allows you to get your hands dirty and then enjoy an apple snack. Busy Toddler

What is the first thing a 1-year-old will do?!

Sensory Learning Activities for 1-year-olds

The day my baby found his hands, I will never forget it! The whole family was there, looking down at his bag, happiness and wonderment. These Fun Activities for 1-Year-Olds will keep that spirit alive and help you to teach your baby sensory activities.

Sensory ActivityActivity for texture walls

This creative idea and a DIY busy board will help you create a beautifully textured wall for your 1-year-old to explore. This is a great way for kids to learn how to use their Fun At Home with Kids embroidery boards.

Squishy bag touching activity

To touch and explore, hang a squishy handbag in your window. This was something I did with my baby. They loved to touch the goodies in the bag. You can find the complete instructions from Page Fun Mums.

Finger Painting…Kinda

We have the best fingerpainting for toddlers solution. It is fun and easy, and I guarantee it!

Amazing Sensory Box Activities

Meri Cherry’s blog offers a fun and quick ActivityActivity. Use cardboard boxes to make these great sensory activity boxes. The variety and ability to explore with all their senses will be a big hit with one-year-olds.

Texture Walk

Take baby outside to take a texture walk inspired by TeachPreschool. Feel the grass, bark, leaves, dead and live leaves. Take the opportunity to experience the amazing sensory experience with your 1-year-old.

Touch and Feel Board Activity

This idea by Happily Ever Mother allows you to make a personalized touch and feel board that your baby can explore. This is a great and easy project. This was a great project for my little girl.

Velcro and Pom Pom play.

Teach me Mommy’s velcro-pom pom game will keep your baby entertained for hours! The pom-poms stick to velcro every time, and they’ll enjoy it. This is just one of many activities that they can repeatedly do.

Bath Sponges

A classic childhood memory is playing in the tub with bath sponges of different colours! This idea is great for your one-year old!

Sensory bins are a favourite of 1 year-olds!

Do you want more sensory bag ideas? This page contains 100s of sensory bins and bags.

Do you need more sensory activities for toddlers? This is a great resource!

Develop Skills for Your 1-Year-Old

These 1-Year-Old Activities were a hit with you. Let’s now talk about modifications for a bit older children, like 18 months. This is not because I think people with 18-month-olds might be interested in this information. It is because your 1-year old is learning new skills and growing.

You can guide your 18-month-old, 2-year-old, and 2-year olds healthily by knowing where they are heading. Don’t worry about what they don’t know yet; many years are ahead.


This list can be a starting point for older babies over 18 months. Depending on your child’s developmental stage, you might have to adjust the activities and games.

If you’re thinking about 18-month activity modifications, focus on curiosity and coordination regardless of whether you’re doing indoor or outdoor activities.

18-month-olds are curious to learn

Your 18-month-old child will be most interested in activities and games that make them curious. They want to understand how things work, what they look like, how they are organized, how they are ordered, how things get scheduled, how everything feels, and how it tastes.

An 18-month-old can be more engaged in a game or ActivityActivity if there is a sense of curiosity. This will help them overcome their short attention spans and keep them interested for longer periods. Giving them some freedom to explore and be supervised can help keep their curiosity piqued.

Gross Motor Skills Development Activities For 1-Year-Olds

An 18-month-old baby is developing coordination at an incredible rate. If only we could do that later in our lives! When you think about coordination, you may be familiar with the terms gross and fine motor activities.

Gross motor activities are generally defined as “big movement” of larger bones, muscles, and joints. Gross motor activities for 18-month-olds:

  • Stable walking
  • Ability to run for short distances
  • Get up enough with your feet so that your toes don’t touch the floor.
  • Jump from a low surface such as a step
  • Kick a ball
  • Hold onto something as you go up and down the stairs
  • Will you be able to squat on tiptoes and hold onto something while playing?
  • Toys can be pulled, pulled or pushed.
  • Can you throw a ball?

This is how 18-month-old gross motor skills are built on a play! If your child appears to be having difficulty with one or more of these skills, you can help them by engaging in related play and activities.

The mantra of the 18-month-old is “I can do it!”

Things to do for one-year-olds with Fine Motor Coordination Skills

Fine motor skills at 18 months are smaller movements that require more coordination. It would simply be the child’s ability to negotiate smaller items with more nuanced movements.

Fine motor skills that an 18-month-old usually masters:

  • Take a sip from the cup.
  • Take a spoon.
  • Colour with a crayon and scribble. Check out our large selection of easy colouring sheets that you can download & print
  • Wear simple clothing and undress yourself
  • A stack of 2-3 blocks can be made
  • Turn doorknobs
  • You can put up to four rings on a peg
  • Turn pages in a book. It is not normal at this stage to do so once in a while.

Here, play is the foundation of all development at 18 months. Because every child is unique, it is important to look at these skills in the bigger picture.

Pom play will bring us so much joy!

One of the most simple play ideas is to use pom pom activities. There are over 20 ideas you can do at home or in daycare.

7 Games for 1-year-olds

Children turn one when they can walk and talk. It’s up to you to help them. Children as young as one year old are eager to discover the exciting new world around them. However, this doesn’t necessarily require elaborate toys or expensive equipment.

Focus on communication with your children, no matter what it is: fantasy play, imitation of grown-ups, or other activities. A social psychologist and author of ” Small Things Long Remembered”, Susan Newman suggests that toys and games should be simple and easy to understand. She also recommends that you have fun and share your thoughts with your children.

Marina Koestler Ruben is the author of How To Tutor Your Child. She says that it’s important to monitor their interest and frustration.

These seven activities are perfect for the 1-year-old stage of development.


Children begin to make-believe around their first birthday. Ruben says that encouraging children to play with fantasy will encourage imagination and creativity and even help them develop language skills.

Newman concurs: “One-year-olds are quite mobile, so it is important to explore their world.” They require objects that they can feel, move, smell, and taste. These labels are essential for a child’s increased language proficiency.

Ruben suggests that you start by giving your child a favourite stuffed animal. Next, ask children to name something in their room and then ask them to show it to each other.

Play pretend on the phone.

You will need a couple of toys or non-working phones or make-believe phones. Both of you will each take a phone and switch sides.

Dr Patricia McGuire is a developmental and behavioural paediatrics specialist. She says that children will learn to mimic their parents by having concrete objects such as toy phones, strollers, or steering wheels in cars.

Stevanne Auerbach (also known as Dr Telephone games, such as Toy, can help children expand their vocabulary and speak in sentences faster.


Place a few blocks on the ground and have your 1-year-olds place them there. You can encourage your child to build short stacks by building the blocks yourself. As they get more proficient, you can increase stack height or ask them to make stacks using only red or blue blocks.

McGuire says that toys that encourage children to feel different shapes and colours, with grown-ups providing the language and knowledge of how an item might be similar — “See they’re both red” — will help them notice their world more.

Auerbach said it is important to choose blocks that are easy to grasp when playing with 1-year-olds. You should look for large blocks of foam, sponge, or cardboard. Also, try to find colourful ones with pictures or illustrations.

Simple hide-and-seek

Peek-a-boo can be made into simple hide-and-seek games where you hide behind another chair or piece in the same area and ask them if they can “find you.”

Dr McGuire says that interactive games with children, such as hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo, imitation and turn-taking, are beneficial for 1-year-olds. These games allow the child to explore permanence, social interaction, and role modelling concepts.

Learn patty-cake

All you need to make a patty-cake is your hands and your voices. Show your children how to clap their hands together to make the sound. Then, sit down facing each other and have them sing the song.

This game combines motor and music skills, essential for child development. Auerbach says music can help children learn rhythmic movement. You can also learn hand-eye coordination with a patty-cake.

For waterfalls

You can do this ActivityActivity during bathtime, even though it might get wet. “Young children like pouring,” says Ruben. Ruben says, “So I suggest a game where they and their grown-ups pour water back and forth between containers.”

Begin by moving water from one container into another. Next, add different sizes and shapes of containers to discuss how they differ.

Have fun at a racetrack

You can set up a simple racetrack at Home using a piece of cardboard connecting to a table. Let children place a toy car onto the track and go down to the base. McGuire says toys that allow for more controlled manipulation to accomplish an action… teach cause-and-effect. This understanding will help the child interact with the world and manipulate it better as they grow and develop.

Simplicity and communication are key to playing with 1-year olds. Talk them through the process and keep the games simple.

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.

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