Best Fun Games for Children 7-8 Years of Age

You can use scientific and technological learning games with your 6-year-old or younger children. You can find what you are looking for here: 

Best Games for Children 7-8 Years of Age

Learning Games for 7-8 Year-Olds

The confidence and maturity of children aged 7-8 years are increasing. You can choose more challenging and complex activities for 7-year old development than you would for 8-year-olds. You can also start to take advantage of printable activities.

You can choose educational and fun games for children aged 7 and 8, but they will require more attention. Children reach a stage in their development when they can use motor skills more effectively and find their strengths. They are socially connected. Their skills are developed in both group and individual activities.

Let’s now look at the 7 and 8-year-old games, crafts activities, and their effects on children’s development.

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Mastermind Board Game allows two people to code-break and strategizes together. It is a popular game, especially for learning games for 7-year olds and learning games for 8-year-olds. It improves logic, reasoning and strategic thinking skills in children.

The Codemaker creates secret codes, and the Codebreaker attempts to match them using logic and luck. The Codemaker will give the Codebreaker clues after each move. You can make the code more complex by using multiple pegs with the same colour or leaving one or two peg holes empty. Every game will be a brain teaser with the many code combinations available.


MentalUP Educational Games is an excellent brain teaser tool for children of all ages. Many educational games are available for children aged 7 and 8 with different difficulty levels.

MentalUP is a learning app that determines intellectual potential and then starts the most appropriate game. This award-winning app uses a unique method to help your children develop their minds.

MentalUP Educational Games can help your child excel in many areas, including math, visual intelligence, focus, attention, motor skills, and verbal intelligence.

It is also important to remember that younger children have many options, depending on their age, such as learning games for toddlers at MentalUP.


Cluedo, a classic detective game for 8-year olds, is known as one of their most popular games. This game is also very popular with older children. It can help children develop their logic, strategic thinking, and reasoning skills.

Three to six people can play the murder mystery board game. The game’s objective is to find out who murdered the victim, what crime occurred and which weapon was used.

Each player assumes the role of one of the six suspects. They try to find the right answer by acting strategically on a board that represents the rooms of a host and then collecting clues from other players about the murder conditions.

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Monster Physics

Monster Physics is an innovative building app that lets kids play with physics! This game is a great choice for fun games for boys and girls aged 8 to 8.

It helps children improve their learning abilitiesknowledge and reasoning. A separate learning section introduces players and their basic physics concepts, such as friction.

Children can build and operate their vehicles, cranes and rocket ships, aircraft, helicopters and tanks. Complex working mechanisms are built using over 68 parts. They can choose from metal, wood and plastic, and rubber and ice.

Escape Rooms

This may be one of the oldest games known. Over the years, many different versions of this game have been created. There are many ways to play the game: online, on a board or in person. Roomescape is a favourite among 7- and 8-year olds because it helps children develop motor skills and advance to more complex thinking.

Roomescape games allow players to escape a locked room and solve certain puzzles within a given time limit. It develops motor skills and logic.


Battleship With Planes Strategy Game was created to add a humorous commentary to traditional warship games. It is a favourite and most popular game among boys aged 7 and 8. This game can be very helpful in developing critical and strategic thinking, attention, focus and logic.

Battleship With Planes Strategy Game is a classic naval wargame. Players search for their enemy fleets and attempt to eliminate them in a head-to-head battle. They also try to defend their fleets.

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Geography Drives USA

Geography Drive USA has the right games for boys aged 7 and 8. This age group loves to explore. This game will help them develop their learning skills, mental health, and academic success.

This online game allows kids to jump in their cars and go on an educational and fun journey. They learn about America’s history, states, and most important places during the journey.

Help children learn in multiple ways with MentalUP!

Many games are focused on teaching children one-way skills, but MentalUP offers multi-faceted learning opportunities with more than one hundred fifty. MentalUP is the best source for children’s education because academics have designed all games.

Home Activities for the 7-8-Year Olds

There are many fun activities and board games that you can organize at home and online games. All of these games can be found for free. Fun activities for children 8 years of age, educational activities for children 7 years of age, and math activities for children 7 years of age… you can find all this information in our article.

Chatting with Alphabets

It’s a great learning activity for children 7 and 8 years old. It helps develop both verbal and written skills.

One child writes a word in the middle of the piece of paper. The next player must create a new word beginning with the letter that spells the word. It is not possible to reuse spelt words. This cycle must continue as long as possible.

MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP is a complete solution for your 7-8-year-old children. It includes memory matching, attention & concentration, attention & concentration, analytical thinking and visual intelligence.

Your child will find MentalUP unique. Mind games and brain exercises are designed to suit the performance and age of your child.

Locate the location

This game is a great choice for indoor and outdoor activities for 8-year olds. This game will help your child improve their field comprehension, geographical knowledge, and learning ability.

Ask children to draw a map and place it on the wall. The first child to correctly identify the map wins!


Origami is the ultimate classic. It’s a favourite activity among 7- and 8-year olds. This activity helps children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and geometry skills.

Each child should be given a piece of paper. Give each child a piece of paper. Tell them how to fold it and make a bird or plane. For more fun, check out our printable origami guide.

Family Tree

This activity, among many others for 7-year olds at home, creates a special bond with your child. It allows you to teach your child where your roots are. Knowledge of family trees increases self-confidence and encourages children to research, learn and focus.

Begin by drawing a tree together with your child. Next, look through your family albums. To establish relationships, tell your child the stories of your grandparents. Put the photos of family members in the tree, and the links will come to life.

Board Games for 7 to 8-Year-Olds

Are you looking to find board games that are fun for 7-year-olds and board games that are exciting for 8 year-olds? You are in the right spot! These cool games are sure to please your kids!

Best Board Games for 7-year-olds


Uno is a classic card game that kids of all ages enjoy playing. All you need is a deck of Uno cards.

It’s not just fun! Not quite! It can also improve memory and focus!

You don’t have to acquire a deck of Uno cards if you have problems. You can substitute regular cards for them and make a Concentration game out of them!


It’s time for you to get out the dice.

Parcheesi is a board game that 7-year-olds love! It may seem like a game of chance with little benefit for children’s mental development, but it can help them learn patience and has the bonus of being pleasantly surprised. The board game can be purchased online or at your local entertainment store.


This traditional board game has many benefits!

The brain-building chess game for seven-year-olds is a great one to get started, especially if they are young. It aids children in developing and improving problem-solving and strategic thinking and other important traits like patience and accepting the consequences.

Ring-up game

This is a challenging intelligence game that comes in many versions. The game’s main idea is to get a ring out of a system. It’s quite challenging!

It might seem impossible to remove the ring from its beginning point until the end, but that is just the first impression. This is a difficult game that requires concentration.


It’s a simple strategy game for two players with simple rules. Abalone is easy to learn and fun. It’s based on sumo wrestling.

Each player is given 14 white or black marbles and a hexagonal board. Your goal is to push your opponent’s marbles out of the board by pushing at least six of them. One, two, or a maximum of three marbles can be moved horizontally or vertically.

The attacking player must have more marbles per row than his/her opponent to push a marble of an opponent. Three marbles can push two, three may push one, and two can push both.

Best Board Games for 8-year-olds

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram puzzles are a great way to learn if you haven’t already.

Traditional Chinese puzzles, Tangram puzzles, aim to improve strategic thinking skills, build proper motor skills and improve concentration.

We have many printable tangram Puzzles to delight your children since the traditional Tangram is a square.


Sudoku is a fun and simple game that encourages creativity. It is a great brain-development game for 8-year olds.

You can play it online, on paper with numbers or with fun printables with different figures!


Scrabble is an old but still very popular game.

This game is great for family game nights and will help your child’s vocabulary, strategy, and concentration. What other benefits can a game provide?


It is a board game for education that two players can play. There are 4 cups available in four sizes. Each move must include 1 cup. You must bring 4 cups together. If your opponent places a larger cup on your cup or lifts one, this can affect the game’s direction.

You must estimate the movement of your opponent in the Gobblet game. Be careful when you move and keep track of which cup was under. You could lose the game if you do not.


Mancala, also known as a transfer in Turkish, is a strategy game first played in Turkey in the 16th Century. Among all intelligence games in Turkey, Mancala is well-known all over the globe.

Two players play this game. Each player has six wells and one large container that can be used to collect stones. Each player has 24 stones. The total stones are divided into four stones per well.

The first player will take four stones from any of the wells and leave one stone where he/she took them all. The player then distributes the remaining stones in the correct direction to the wells and finishes all of them.

When all stones are gone from any player, the game is over.

Games for Children 7 to 8-Year-Olds

We were glad to hear that you are looking for games and activities to keep your game nights lively! These are the best games for you and your family!


Charades are more entertaining than watching a movie!

This game is great for family nights that include games for 8-year-olds. This game requires focus, strategic thinking, creativity, and lots of creativity. Make sure to add it to your game night schedule!


Bingo is a great family activity that everyone loves!

This activity requires concentration. Don’t lose your chance at winning!


Are you ready to make the game more interesting?

Twister is hands-down one of the most enjoyable family activities! But don’t let that fool you!

This popular game demands very good motor skills. You can build them while you play.

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