Best Gaming Crypto Coins and Tokens to Invest in 2022 – Part II

Best Gaming Crypto Coins and Tokens to Invest in 2022 - Part II

Are you looking to invest in Gaming Coins? You have found the right place if you’re looking for the best gaming crypto projects to invest in in 2022. Here are the best gaming coins that have excellent prospects.

The gaming industry reached an all-time high due to lockdowns and stay at home directives that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. The metaverse, digital and crypto gaming platforms offer immersive AR/VR experiences. These platforms and the metaverse provide a vast array of possibilities – people can play and explore on their own, purchase real estate, collect collectables, and fight monsters.

To do any of these things, you will need digital currency. This is what you use to transact, purchase digital collectables, or have a wonderful experience. The divine union between the gaming industry, blockchain network, and cryptocurrency led to the creation of gaming cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens that have been the game-changers within the crypto space.

5 Best Gaming Cryptocurrencies For 2022

Before going further, take a look at what gaming crypto coins are.

What are Gaming Cryptocurrencies and Tokens?

CryptoKitties was the first-ever crypto game. The gaming industry has made great strides since its inception and application. Currently, blockchain technology is being used to create new experiences.

The topic of decentralized finance is a hot topic in crypto. It has been combined with state-of-the-art video games to create something called GameFi. This allows people to play to win digital collectables and become verified owners and collectors of multiple digital elements in these gaming metaverses.

To perform the actions mentioned above in the gaming universes, you need to use the in-game currency. What better way to get them than cryptocurrency? Yes, cryptocurrency can be the fuel that powers these gaming metaverses’ development, design, and operation like a well-oiled machine. Both the gaming and cryptocurrency metaverses are in constant evolution, so there is plenty of potential for future applications.

Gaming tokens and gaming coins already became buzzwords in 2021. Blockchain gaming companies raised more than US$ 476 million in the first half alone.

Let’s now look at some exciting gaming cryptocurrencies projects for 2022. These will be great additions to your portfolio and help you make solid gains.

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AXS for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular and significant cryptocurrency games, is very popular. You can use Axie Infinity to buy, collect, battle and trade creatures called Axies. This game is very similar to Pokemon Go. 

It offers players an immersive gaming experience in real-time. AxieInfinity was also the first P2E gaming platform. Players can play to earn AXS gaming tokens. Axie Infinity stock prices have risen from US$ 0.54 to almost US$ 80 by January 2022. Some players report earning AXS gaming tokens in the thousands every day.


  • It is powered by Ethereum-based blockchain tokens – AXSs, SLPs, and Ether-convertible crypto-tokens.
  • Axie Infinity, a play-to earn blockchain ecosystem, runs fluently on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Axie Infinity’s open-ended digital universe is built on a complex gaming ecosystem, whose gameplay, functionalities, and complexities will continue to be enhanced.


  • Gamers can only earn as many AXSs as they want while playing on the platform.
  • Most gamers are disappointed by the significant initial investment required to start the game.

MANA for Decentraland

Decentraland is an excellent crypto gaming project you should follow in 2022. Virtual reality platform allows players to purchase LAND sites and then use them as they wish. It was built using the Ethereum blockchain network.

People can purchase plots for farming, construction, games, digital tourism, or art in the Decentraland cryptocurrency gaming project. Players have complete control over which sections of the platform they want to use, called Districts. These are themed around specific themes like CyberPunk or SteamPunk.

MANA is the native token of Decentraland, which can be used to make transactions on this platform, such as purchasing LAND.


  • The community governance of Decentraland is done by the Security Advisory Board (SAB).
  • MANA can be used to purchase and sell LAND, and you can also auction NFTs via the system.


  • Lack of compelling and engaging content to entice users and encourage interaction.
  • Decentraland’s terrain is highly uneven.

SAND for The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized platform that allows players to build their virtual worlds and digital assets on their terms. The platform uses multiple visual scripting tools to achieve the same goal and enables users to store assets and collectables in LAND, the virtual property of the forum.

Atari, a gaming company, has teamed up with the Sandbox to create virtual theme parks using limited amounts of LAND. There are only 166,464 plots of LAND, but thousands of gaming worlds are made every day by the Sandbox. The plot values can often be as high as US$ 50,000.

US$ does not power the in-game transactions. You can purchase LAND or other digital elements with SAND – the native token of Sandbox.


  • Simple, decentralized protocol for trading, buying and selling assets, products and services.
  • VoxEdit and Game Maker are two of the platform’s cutting-edge tools and resources for game design.
  • The platform allows SAND-holders and others to participate in its governance.


  • It is unknown what the protocol’s authentication algorithm will be, and no processing nodes are incentivized.
  • This is a very young project with a roadmap, but full implementation will not be possible until 2023.

Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin, a unique gaming cryptocurrency platform, offers software development kits for developers to create digital assets, collectables, currencies and other digital assets linked with multiple gaming platforms.

Developers must use Enjin Coins to create digital assets for blockchain games. They will need to lock these coins in a smart contract that guarantees real-world value. To develop games that use Enjin, they will also need to use Enjin Wallet to keep their Enjin Coins and any inventory.


  • The native wallet of this project allows seamless trading in cryptocurrencies or NFTs.
  • Enjin’s ‘Beam” – which allows businesses to increase their consumer base while also keeping them fully satisfied – is available from Enjin.


  • The Enjin Wallet is not open-source and lacks sufficient vetting.

$DERC for DeRace

$DERC is the native token that powers entry fees and breeding for DeRace, one of the most innovative plays to earn metaverses. This NFT horse racing metaverse allows you to produce NFT horses and participate in horse races. 

DeRace offers a strong community on multiple social media channels. It also allows you to build your hippodrome, which can help you earn more $DERC aside from owning racehorses.


  • DeRace is home to a large community of NFT and blockchain enthusiasts.


  • This P2E metaverse is similar to Decentraland in that there is not much variation.
  • This blockchain project will only be of interest to horse-racing enthusiasts.

These are just a few exciting gaming protocols and projects generating a lot of hype, such as Theta Network, Illuvium, and Chromia. They are viable options for Defi projects because they extend their functionality beyond gaming and allow for cryptocurrency transactions.

Is investing in Gaming Crypto Coins Good choice?

According to the latest reports from Coin Market Cap, there have been billions of tokens and coins in circulation during the week ending January 8, 2022. Despite a decrease in market cap last week due to the slump experienced by the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem, the tokens and coins above have a value of US$ 0.34-US$ 74.28.

Even when you consider cryptocurrencies, gaming coins and tokens can still be risky investments. The above numbers suggest that gaming tokens and coins enjoyed a great run in 2021. However, critics frequently point out that this is not an all-encompassing trend.

The constant growth of blockchain gaming and the evolutions of the metaverses indicate otherwise. Gaming tokens and coins are still in development and have no proven results. Before you invest, make sure to do extensive research on each gaming token and coin.

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