Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 of CS: GO

Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 of CS: GO

Dust 2 is the most well-known map in CS: GO, and its lines are vital. This is why we’ve put together this list of the top places to a grenade in Dust 2.

Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 map has been in existence for just over 20 years. It first came out in March 2001 for Counter-Strike 1.1. The map was later added to CS: Source and CS: GO in their respective eras.

Dust 2 is an iconic map from Counter-Strike And; even though it’s a bit old, it is still one of the most popular maps in CS: GO. A proper grenade lineup is integral to the game. This allows you to throw grenades to specific spots on the map.

Knowing the best smoke spots for Dust 2 is great; however, knowing the top places to grenade is even better. Below is our top list of top grenade spots in Dust 2.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

First, let’s look at the top locations for grenade emplacements in Dust 2’s A Site. It includes a variety of pop flashes, incendiary/Molotov, and HE grenades that can be beneficial for Terrorists as well as Counter-Terrorists.

A Long Doors Pop Flash

A straightforward right-click-click flash lineup

The first grenade in the list of grenades is one, which can be used to enter the long doors. Most of the time, CTs can push up the door’s length and hold an uncompromising angle. This pop flash will assist you in getting inside and can even help you pick one or two kills.

A Flash to enter a Site from Short.

Another great entry flash for T-side players. It is thrown from the A shorter catwalk side, and it should disorient most enemies hiding in the default plant location. Keep an eye out for players that are hiding in Along or car.

Long Doors, Aggressive Pop Flash with Teammate

Then, we will provide a flashlight for CTs who wish to become more assertive and go for long doors. This will make it difficult for terrorists to see who is pushing their way through long doors. It’s not possible to do this Flash by yourself, and you’ll require someone to throw the Flash.

Get your top Discord headset and test the Flash along with a buddy or duo. It’s an extremely strong flash that your opponents won’t be able to spot.

A Site Default Molly

Site default molly for removing plant sites

Then, we’ll move on to the Molly and grenades. Molotov and incendiary grenades ignite and spread when they explode. This is a great method to get rid of corners and spaces without checking each one.

This Molly can be used to clear a site default. It will aid in clearing the site so that it is secure that your group can set the bomb.

A Site Goose Molly

Goose is situated at the top of the site. It’s an ideal spot to protect yourself from A short and have a full view of Along. AWPers play at the goose and hide in the corner to hide most of the time. Throwing a Molotov at this location is a good way to clear the area when coming from a shorter distance.

Car Molly

We finally have the car molly that is for an A site. This is the final A site grenade on the list. Car is a very popular angle as you may see Terrorists traversing from either an A long or a short. It’s always worth having the Molotov search the vehicle to ensure nobody is hiding in the pocket.

The Molly may be thrown out of in a secure area and paired with the long door pop flash to ensure security.

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

Here are the top places to grenade the B location on Dust 2. Lineups generally require jump binds to ensure precision. You must prepare your top CS: GO-style keyboard to precisely throw these grenades using jump bindings.

Back Platform Molly

Back plats are typically where AWPers keep angles in the B sites. It is possible to get them to move with a molly thrown back. He can either move out of your cover, and you take him down quickly, or he is burned by the mole.

Make sure you have some protection because it’s a fairly open field. Smoking at B main will aid in a great way.

CT Spawn Molly from B Site

This Molly is excellent for stopping quick rotations through CT spawn. It covers a vast space, and enemies cannot get through unless they employ smoke grenades to take out the Molly or get a bit of injury.

Unfortunately, this grenade place only works when you control the B site since it’s fired from a wide area.

B Main Molly/HE, from Doors

The next Molly is designed for CTs and is a great way to avoid major rushes in the back. It is also possible to work together with a friend to complete the sequence with a HE grenade or throw it yourself once Molly is gone to get some additional time.

B Main Molly/HE, from Window

In addition to the primary location for grenades, you can throw a molly or an HE grenade out of the B window. It serves the same purpose. This is merely a better method of throwing the grenades when you’re speaking of an AWPer waiting window.

B Site Molly Great for Retake

The last molly grenade location is an excellent method to take back B site control, as CTs. It can be safely thrown near B boxes and could gain control over the area once more. It could also be an effective way to deter or deter enemies from putting down the bomb.

B Site Entry Flash

The next two flashes are both intended to enter the B Site. Both come from different places and cause blindness to people from different angles. The first is more suitable for close-ups and can blind anyone directly looking at B main.

B Site Deep Flash

The next Flash for the B Site entry goes higher than the initial one and can blind enemies located at the B window back plat, outside B car, and the fence. Both flashes are fantastic to apply one after the one and will ensure that most of the people defending the B site will be blinded.

B Main Flash in Windows

Since we’re already discussing flashes, here’s an additional great flash that can be used to deter A main’s rushes. This Flash is fired from the B window, and it should confuse all those in a rush to get B main. Be sure to announce the Flash if you have players who are on the back plat as it could flash him.

B Site Flash for Retake

In the final, there is a fantastic flash to retake B site. The Flash can be thrown right outside the window of B and will blind anyone who is in the vicinity, who’s watching B window, and those who are holding B door. It’s a fast and effective flash that covers an enormous area.

Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

The final section of this list contains the top grenade locations in the middle of Dust 2. Be sure to have your most efficient CS: GO mouse and line grenades suitable for the mid-doors, short, and tunnels.

Mid Doors Pop Flash

First, We have a fantastic mid-door pop flash that is perfect for pushing through mid tunnels. This might surprise the enemies who are between mid doorways. Most AWPers are mid-door holders, and occasionally, some of them have close angles. They’ll all be blinded to this light.

Mid Doors Molly

This is an excellent sequel molly to the previously mentioned Flash, particularly if you do not want to go through the mid-doors. This Molly hits right in front of the doors in mid-range and burns anyone in the corner.

Short Stairs Molly

The next step is an A-short molly that can ward off aggressive CT pushes and also assist you in navigating middle doors or push tunnels. However, be ready to fight as enemies could nevertheless force their way through the Molly.

Short Molly for Defenders

In contrast to the previous Molly, this is a CT-side one that you can throw to avoid rapid pushes. This Molly allows your team the chance to rotate towards the A-site or allows you to move at a more favorable angle.

We picked these as the top grenade locations to play Dust 2. Dust 2 has been around for about 20 years, and it’s been four years since the game was updated in the game CS: GO. There are many more grenade locations and lineups to be found.

Make sure to leave a comment in the comments section if you know of any additional grenade lines in Dust 2 that you want to see included in the list.

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