Best Injustice 2 Character From Worst To Best

Best Injustice 2 Character From Worst To Best

Injustice 2 This is one of the most popular fighting games in years. It has both single- and multiplayer content. NetherRealm Studios was already a master at adding story modes to fighting games through their Mortal Kombat series. But they would continue this tradition with Injustice, which uses a compelling comic book storyline that rivals animated movies.

Injustice 2 has a wide range of supervillains and superheroes. Some are more difficult to use than others. However, it is possible to argue that each character can be as dangerous as another if they are in the right hands. Pros and amateurs can organize many characters into categories ranging from superpowerful to completely useless.There are clear winners when it comes to choosing the best characters for Injustice 2.

Gene Cole updated the May 5, 2021 list. Injustice 2 is not receiving new support for a while. However, there are many DLC characters that have been released since then, as well as numerous balance updates to alter how certain characters play. We felt that this list should contain the most recent stars and current rankings of the best Injustice 2 characters.

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37 Cheetah

Cheetah, the villain, was once known as Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist. Minerva betrayed Wonder Woman in order to gain the powers of God. She was unaware that she would be forever cursed by the Cheetah. Cheetah blamed Wonder Woman for everything and became obsessed with drawing Wonder Woman out in the open to kill her.

The speed of the Cheetah is amazing, as are her incredible combo chains. This speed and agility come at a price. She deals very little damage, and is extremely vulnerable due to her low durability and high health stats. This is a shame, as the character is still very well rendered in the game, but it doesn’t compensate for her near-inexpensive abilities.

36 Black Manta

Injustice 2’s inclusion of Aquaman as the nemesis was a strange one. He is a lesser-known and underrated villain who often seems more silly than serious. Although he was present in Aquaman’s film, it was not surprising that he was included for fighting games.

This was a disappointing move, since his laser vision is the only one that’s effective against most foes. The other damage he does is too weak to be effective against most foes. It’s also not enough to keep him on the top tiers of competitive play.

35 Atom

Atom is an unusual character in DC Comics. He’s often confused with Captain Atom, and has many variations across different media. Many people will recognize Atom from the CW Arrowverse shows, where he is more like Iron Man. However, many animated versions will keep him as a scientist with no powers.

Injustice 2 is slightly easier for Atom to be consistent with, as Atom has quite a few skills that can compensate for his low damage. Although his shrinking and growing abilities allow him to dodge opponents more effectively, it doesn’t make him any easier in taking down his opponents. Although it’s difficult to kill Atom, you will likely have enough time to rescue him from his dodging cycle.

34 Cyborg

The Snyder Cut of Justice League movie reinvigorated excitement about the character for DC fans. It’s disappointing to see him not perform as well in this game. Cyborg lost his friends in the destruction and destruction of Metropolis. His anger led him to turn his loyalty towards Superman, The Regime and Batman. He is still loyal to Superman and reluctantly joins Batman to fight the invasion of Brainiac.

Cyborg is a versatile player with a variety of moves. He can work well at close range and long distance due to his high ability stats. However, his combination of abilities doesn’t give him enough consistency in his strategy. Although his charge move can stop a combo chain in its tracks, it requires more skill and timing than most players.

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33 Brainiac

Brainiac, an intelligent being, has megalomaniac goals to absorb all of the universe’s knowledge and become the ultimate supreme being. In Injustice 2, he is responsible for the destruction of Krypton. He makes a great villain, as he works to eliminate the villainous Superman and the confused Supergirl.

His health stats are not great, despite being the main villain in the game. Although he is a strong long-range fighter, his abilities are complex and difficult to master. Brainiac is not for beginners, but those who like to fight on the outside will be able to use him.

32 Firestorm

His appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has made Firestorm a popular character. Firestorm is the union of two minds, Professor Martin Stein and Jason Rusch, which is established in the story as one of the most powerful entities in the Injustice universe.

This high power comes with some low-tier health stats. Firestorm is a powerful special attack with complex particle effects that can keep your opponent guessing. However, his combo chains can be hard to execute even for experienced players so he doesn’t have the best home or playstyle.

31 Black Canary

Black Canary is Dinah Laurel Lance’s alter-ego and the wife to Green Arrow in Injustice. Black Canary is an expert martial artist and a member of Justice League and Birds of Prey. She has a remarkable power that allows her create supersonic vibrations with her mouth. This puts her surprising ahead of other superheroes.

Injustice 2’s Black Canary’s speed and moves are very easy to use. , her Super Power move, is one of the best and most effective ways to stop your opponents from being stopped. Her normal attacks, despite their power, don’t do a lot of damage and, just like Cheetah, this can keep her from dealing enough damage consistently.

30 Atrocitus

Atrocitus, a former struggling psychologist from the planet Ryut, was killed by the Manhunters. These robots were created to punish criminals and made Atrocitus a martyr. He resolved to take revenge upon the Guardians of the Universe, which would eventually lead to him becoming the leader of The Red Lanterns.

Atrocitus is an excellent character, with high strength and health stats. He can also create fast combo chains when you unleash Dex-Star, his feline companion. The player must be active on offense at all times. His large stature means that you can see your attacks from miles away. While he isn’t the worst character in Injustice 2, it does make him one of the most fragile.

29 Catwoman

Catwoman is often seen in DC Universe as an anti-hero and sometimes as an annoyance. This can make it difficult for The Dark Knight to trust her completely, but she is an extremely capable fighter.

Catwoman is a fun character to play. She has a great combination of speedy moves and good range with her whip. She is a lower-tier fighter due to her weaker strength and attack stats. While Catwoman has more utility than Cheetah or Black Canary, it still leaves her short in the areas that fighting game characters need.

28 Darkseid

The Lord of Apokolips, Darkseid is one of DC’s most powerful characters. Darkseid is so influential that Jim Starlin, the artist who created Marvel’s supervillain Thanos, admitted to having been influenced by him. Darkseid is a limitless fighter, invincible, and commands an army Parademons. This makes him appear potentially super-powered in a fighting video.

Darkseid, despite his powerful reputation and inspiration is very ineffective when it comes To Injustice 2. Darkseid’s speed is very low and he relies heavily on heavy attacks being used at the right time, which will not work against many foes. Even if you are an experienced player and can time his attacks perfectly, he is far from useless. However, don’t be surprised if you try this cosmic terror for your first time.

27 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one the most popular and well-known superheroes in DC. She has been featured in two blockbuster movies and has a long history of success on television. She is most well-known as the iconic Amazon who protects humanity from ancient and mystical threats.

Wonder Woman’s strength, health, and speed are all impressive in this game. However, her frame is thin, which makes her vulnerable to the faster-tiered speed characters. Although they are quite effective, it can be difficult for beginners to grasp how to start a combo chain.

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26 Bane

DC fans regard Bane to be “the man that broke The Bat” and was once a member of Superman’s Regime. Batman pursued Bane relentlessly after he was betrayed and betrayed by The Regime. Bane is determined to take revenge on Batman and The Regime. His ultimate goal is to rule over Gotham City.

Bane is a strong character, with high health and ability stats. However, his defenses are weak. Similar to Atrocitus, Bane is very focused on fast, ruthless aggression. However, his Injustice 2 character is extremely strong due to a simple moveset. Although he’s not a star, he can fight most B-tier characters.

25 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing, also known as “The Green”, is a living elemental that protects all plant life on Earth. When he discovers that his Earth is in danger, Swamp Thing joins other heroes to save it from Brainiac, and all other dangers to it. This gives him one of his few notable appearances alongside other DC Comics heroes.

Swamp Thing may be large and powerful, but he’s not as strong or durable as Atrocitus or Bane. Although his health and ability statistics are among the lowest, some of his most powerful moves aim low to catch unsuspecting opponents off guard. Although he is vulnerable to faster opponents, he is also quite good against those who are more skilled.

24 Green Lantern

Green Lanter was an Injustice player who joined the Sinestro Corps. He was later rehabilitated in The Guardians Of The Oa. He returned to Earth to save himself and stop Brainiac from invading Earth.

His ring gives him power, just like comic books. He has extremely balanced moves and lots of options for different playstyles. It can take him a while to recover his stamina and start over, but if he is more experienced, he might be able make good use of his versatility.

23 Aquaman

Aquaman is the King of Atlantis. He has been trying to protect the Kingdom from being overthrown by the rest of the universe since the events of the last game. Many comic book fans consider him a joke, but his recent movie appearances have slowly diminished this image. He is a satisfyingly powerful when he comes to Injustice.

Aquaman is a solid fighter with top-tier strength and high defense stats. This makes him a formidable opponent. Aquaman’s fighting style is better suited for patient players who love fighting defensively. Given his disappointingly low health stats, you will want to block and take your time as much possible.

22 Starfire

Starfire is most well-known from Teen Titans, but Injustice 2’s existence is worthy of discussion. Her aerial combat style was almost impossible to control when she first appeared. Each patch made it more difficult.

She’s still quite powerful at this point but not as devastating as she was before. Her strategy is to keep your opponent at a safe distance through long-distance and wide attacks. However, her impact is very low. Her only benefit is her ability to do aerial dodging.

21 Superman

Superman is the most popular DC character, right behind Batman. Injustice 2 tells the story of a darker version. Superman’s personality change is due to his bitterness and contempt after being tricked into killing Lois Lane by the Joker. This sets off an alternate universe in which Injustice takes places.

Superman’s starting strength stats rank second to those of Gorilla Grod and Scarecrow. His defense stats are top-tier, but his abilities and health stats are mediocre. You will have to fight him defensively while trying to use his flying abilities, which make him more vulnerable than other characters and can be quite challenging to control.

20 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was also known as Dr. Pamela Isley. She was a botanical biochemist with the ambition to make the world safe for plant life. She was injected with toxic substances and experimented upon while she was a doctor. She was able to produce mind-controlling hormones and control plants thanks to the toxins.

Poison Ivy’s best game is when she keeps her opponents away. This helps her to maintain her lower health statistics. Although she has good combo chains, they can be difficult to execute and leave her vulnerable to close-range fighters who can take advantage of the low-tiered status of her health.

19 Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle character will be familiar to fans of Young Justice, an animated series. Jaime Reyes was able to acquire his powers after he found an artifact called the Scarab while out with his mother in Texas. The alien tech binds to him and gives him many technological abilities, including flight and energy blasts. His appearance in the game is sure to be a surprise to many comic-lovers.

Blue Beetle is an all-around fighter who has decent speed and ability stats and can do a lot of great moves. Blue Beetle’s combo chains are fast and powerful from mid-range. However, his strength stats can prove to be difficult for beginners. He is, however, the point at which Injustice 2’s characters get significantly stronger.

18 The Joker

17 Red Hood

Former Robin handle holder and arch-nemesis of Batman, The Red Hood is a DC Comics fan favorite. Because of his unique style and backstory, his bizarrely dressed style with gadgets and guns has made him a huge favorite among Batman fans.

Injustice 2’s Red Hood is a powerful DLC character that functions very similar to the Joker. Red Hood can be countered with any move and his attacks are quick, making him a great anti-hero.

16 Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd, an intelligent, telepathic and powerful ape , was born after an alien spaceship crashed into the African home of his tribe. Grodd was granted intelligence by the ship’s pilot. Grodd also gained the powers of telepathic, telekinetic and other abilities that aren’t mentioned in Injustice 2.

Grodd is a powerful character. Grodd is an explosive character. He can pull in opponents from far away and is very fast. Grodd is a great choice if you need to quickly and disruptively juggle opponents in air.

15 Robin

Damian, Bruce Wayne’s child, is currently wearing the suit of Robin in Injustice 2. Talia al’Ghul, his mother, raised him in the League of Assassins. He was never in agreement with his father’s code of non-killing. It is therefore natural that he supports Superman’s Regime in Injustice 2.

Robin is a great mid-range fighter and can easily land disruptive combo chains. He’s also very similar to Joker. His middle-tier stats make him a balanced fighter but not an exceptional one. He is particularly good when it comes to battling larger tanks that aren’t able to keep up with his speed.

14 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn was a criminal psychologist and she practiced until The Joker got into her head. She then seduced Harley Quinn into becoming his sidekick. Harley Quinn’s popularity has increased since she was a main character in DC Suicide Squad and an Adult Swim series. This surely led to her inclusion in Injustice 2.

Although Harley isn’t a great player in every statistic, she is very balanced, especially when you know her setups to unleash huge combo chains. This character is great for beginners as she is easy to learn compared with more powerful characters. However, her defenses and offences are not as good as those of the superpowered characters.

13 Scarecrow

Scarecrow was officially known as Dr. Jonathan Crane, a psychologist and professor of psychology at Gotham University. After he shot a gun in class and injured a student, Scarecrow was fired from his position as a teacher. He quickly retaliated against the professors and joined Gorilla Grodd’s Society to spread fear worldwide.

Scarecrow is visually stunning and one of the most powerful characters in the game. His Normal moves are very damaging and can do a lot of damage. However, they can take a while to recover fully. This makes Scarecrow a good character for players who can accurately predict their opponents so that there is no chance of serious mishaps.

12 Black Adam

Black Adam is known for being both a super villain as well as an anti-hero in DC’s universe. The wizard Shazam gave him incredible powers. He is an Ancient Egyptian prince. He and other members of The Regime were defeated in the previous game. They remained secret from Batman in Kahndaq.

Black Adam is a high-ranking character with top tier strength and top-tier abilities and defenses. However, he has an unusually high number of tanks and is lacking in his health stat. He functions very similar to Superman so if you like the more aggressive and effective style of movement, you can try this villainous character.

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11 Dr. 11 Dr.

Kent Nelson is a powerful wizard who can see the future. His Helmet makes him want to keep the world’s fate in order to save Order. However, his constant presence causes him to intervene and becomes a dominant force throughout Injustice.

Dr. Dr. He’s a great choice if you like countering combos.

10 Captain Cold

Captain Cold seeks revenge on the death of his sister by Superman’s Regime. He has joined Gorilla Grodd’s Society believing it is the best way to get back at them. This iconic Flash’s Rogue member is a great choice for Injustice 2.

Captain Cold isn’t a combination-heavy character like other Injustice heroes. But the moves he does have are very effective. He is able to create traps and strike his opponents with overheads and non-blockable strikes, which can pose many problems for the opposition. His defense is low so he will be protected by using long-range, mid- to long-range attacks.

9 Supergirls

Supergirl was originally sent to Earth with her cousin Superman. However, her ship was thrown off course and Supergirl ended up in space in a cryogenic condition. Kal-El was already Superman by the time she reached Earth. However, he had been kept away from Supergirl and had been imprisoned.

Supergirl’s versatility makes it a great character to learn. She can take all the great qualities of Superman or Black Adam, but isn’t as complex or strategy-based. Supergirl’s combo chains and special moves can be learned quickly, making it easy for novice players to use her in almost any matchup.

8 Batman

Batman is the most well-known superhero. His name is associated with many movies, shows and games, and it’s difficult to imagine him as weak in Injustice 2. Batman is here leading the fight against Gorilla Grdd’s Society and leading almost every other hero of the planet when Brainiac invades.

Batman is a low-tier fighter, but his combo chains can inflict massive damage with their close-range punches and long range kicks. Although the character is difficult to master in practice mode, it’s worth the effort. He can use his martial arts and gadgets for many tricks.

7 Enchantress

After her role as the main villain in the Suicide Squad film’s Suicide Squad film, many people didn’t expect Enchantress would be an original character in the game’s DLC. While there aren’t many Injustice sorcerers who look like her, most fans were surprised to discover that she was able to perform tricks that others weren’t able to.

This meant that she was able to heal herself using medium-distance strikes and reflect projectiles from long-distance enemies. Although she isn’t the most powerful Injustice 2 character in the game, her ability to fight against the best fighters is impressive.

6 The Flash

The Flash is a popular DC superhero. He has a lot of influence in the multiverse of comics, and he makes countless live-action appearances on television and film. After leaving The Regime, he is still an optimistic and anxious hero in Injustice 2, and he exits his forced retirement just as a chance to save the world using his trademark speed.

The Flash is, as expected, the fastest character in the game. He can close the distance quickly and can hit his enemies with confused combo chains and attacks that are nearly impossible to interrupt with any other characters. The Flash’s Super Move, which is the most destructive in the game, makes it extremely easy for players to pull off fancier attacks with him.

Hellboy 5

Hellboy is another non-comic addition to DLC’s roster. He is an excellent character with a mix of film appearances and a shared passion from all types of comic fans. Injustice 2 players hoped that Hellboy wouldn’t be overlooked by superheroes in more glamorous fashions. Thankfully, very few were disappointed.

Hellboy is one the most difficult characters to disturb in the game. His moves allow him to negate tank hits and crowd control effects without taking too much damage. This gives Hellboy a strong presence and allows him to deal with the more powerful characters in the game who rely on distance and stuns.

4 Raiden & Sub-Zero

3 Green Arrow

He is completely human, Green Arrow is very similar to Batman. He must rely on his wits and equipment. He is also a master archer, with superhuman-like abilities with a bow. While most people think of him as being less interesting and more boring than Bruce Wayne, his skills are surprisingly superior to the bat from Injustice 2.

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1 Deadshot

Deadshot is a brand new character in Injustice. However, he is the most powerful character you can get. He’s a lot like Green Arrow and is very dedicated to long-range fighting. However, he also has an impressive amount of combos that can quickly disrupt opponents with disruptive strikes.

Due to his powerful sniper , he has some very similar moves to Green Arrow in terms of distance. However, he is far more deadly when he has an opponent locked up. Deadshot can also be used to keep your opponent from getting closer, which makes him an excellent option for players new and experienced who want to make their opponent miserable.

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