7 Best Kingdom Hearts Games Among The Series

Which Kingdom Hearts games are worth playing? Is this question in your mind too? Kingdom Hearts Games have recently been very popular among gamers. However, there are so many installments in the series, that it is perplexing to find out which ones should be prioritized to be played. You might also want to know about the best Kingdom Hearts Games, right?

Kingdom Hearts is a successful series of exciting action role-playing video games that follow a great storyline and each entry to the series has a connection to the other. Yet, it is better to know which ones among the series are better in most aspects that will fulfill all your requirements that you look for in a game. 

The best Kingdom hearts Games in terms of ranking are: 

1. Kingdom Hearts I

2. Kingdom Hearts II

3. Kingdom Hearts III

4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

5. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

6. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

7. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

Read further to know briefly about each of these Kingdom hearts games. 

Best Kingdom Hearts Games

As per our perception and viewpoint of games, we have ranked the Kingdom Hearts games in order of worst to best. However you might not agree with our ranking, so you can take a look at these and see for yourself which ones you would like the most. 

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7. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

This is an action role-playing game, The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is also similar to the previous gams of this series, which is, the action-RPG style taking place in a 3D environment. Just as the title indicates, the game has been set for a course of 358 days. 

The main character in the game is Roxas, who is a new protagonist in the series, who is a new Nobody created as a result of the transformation of Sora into Heartless in the first game. Roxa is named the thirteenth member of the Organization XIII by its leader after he is found by Xemnas in Twilight Town. 

6. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories

Positioned at number seven, Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories is the sequel of the original game and gives a unique experience of card-based combat. The battle system of this game is entirely new and revolves around the memories of Sora which are represented as cards. 

The only way to attack in the game is by using the cards. You can create rooms on every floor of the castle with the help of Map Cards. 

Once you are done with playing Sora’s role, you will encounter a new challenge which is the Reverse/Rebirth mode in which Riku has to climb the basements of another Castle Oblivion.

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5. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts: Dream drop distance

Dream Drop Distance is the final chapter prologue of the Kingdom Hearts series. The storyline of the game is following Ansem and Xemnas’ destruction by Riku and Sora as a result of which Xehanort has been revived. 

The gameplay of this game is Action RPG style with hack and slash where you, as a player, will have to alternate your role between Sora and Riku using the Drop system, playing through each world twice as both the characters one by one. 

In terms of portable Kingdom Hearts games, this one can be said to be the best. Time travel has also been introduced in the game which makes the story more interesting. 

4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep

Here is another portable Kingdom Hearts game that we would like to place in the fifth position in the ranking. This game has been designed as a prequel to the previous ones. The gameplay is quite good and the story of the game is also amazing. Along the way throughout the game, you will get to visit several Disney characters.

3. Kingdom Hearts III

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts III

The story of Kingdom Hearts III follows the events in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drom Distance where you will get to play the role of older Sora who is on his way to a new adventurous journey where he has to search for the seven guardians of light so that he can prevent the second Keyblade War to be brought out by Xehanort. 

You will get to join hands with several Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, as well as Riku and Kairi on your mission. The features of the game make it to the list of top three Kingdom Hearts III games. 

2. Kingdom Hearts II

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts II

Although Kingdom Hearts III is released recently with respect to Kingdom Hearts II, the latter still has won most of the gamers’ hearts. 

Kingdom Hearts II is the expansion of the first game with improved combat and a more engaging storyline where Roxas is the starting character. You will get a revelation of Organization XIII in this game. The game has included new worlds from the movies such as Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

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1. Kingdom Hearts I

Best Kingdom Hearts Games - Kingdom Hearts I

Alright, it is time to talk about the best-ever Kingdom Heart game in the whole series, which none other could ever surpass.

Yes, it is the original version of the game, Kingdom Hearts I which is the best in every aspect, whether it is the combat or the story. The gameplay is that of hack and slashes with a lot of magic spells, great features, and also customizable accessories. 

You can attack with a Keyblade as well as swap your Keyblades. The setup of the game is engaging where you can select the abilities that you will need to use to fight off Heartless. 

There are three paths – Dream Sword, Dream Shield, and Dream Rod, among which you, as Sora can choose one to begin with. 

No matter how many more installments are added to the series, this one will be the best Kingdom Hearts games to start with. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the best Kingdom Hearts games that you will find. Well, not each of them can be The Best, as there are always certain differences that make the others lacking. Still, you will not be disappointed if you play any of the Kingdom Hearts games mentioned above.

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