7 Best Movies Like Apollo 10 1/2 You Must See

Movies Like Apollo

Directed, written, and co-produced with Richard Linklater, “Apollo 10 1/2″ directed by Richard Linklater” is an animated coming-of-age film. The plot unfolds in the Houston region during the time that preceded and followed the iconic Apollo 11 Mission. The main character is Stan, a fourth-grader with a vivid imagination. An older version of his ( Jack Black) is the narration.

As he grows into what’s arguably the forefront of technological advancements for humanity, Stan imagines himself being a candidate for the eponymous moon mission. It is inspired by Linklater’s early years and the lives of his friends, siblings, and a host of others who were living in the region at the time.

Here are some recommendations if you’ve watched “Apollo 10 1/2” and enjoyed the film. You can view most of these films, similar to “Apollo 10 1/2,” via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Best Movies Like Apollo 10 1/2

Keep Watching Me (1986)

“Stand by Me” is the ultimate film about friendship, childhood, and nostalgia. Based on the novella of 1982 “The Body” by Stephen King, the story centers around four boys, Vern, Chris, Gordie and Teddy Gordie, Chris, Vern and Teddy -and their quest to locate the body of a missing child in the fictional city of Castle Rock, Oregon in the summer of 1959.

Both ‘Apollo101/2 and ‘Stand by me are nostalgic odes to past times. They pay tribute to the past and its significance to the character. The narrator’s voice in “Stand by Me’ is an older model of one of the characters, Gordie, who has become a writer.

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It was only Yesterday (1991)

It is a Studio Ghibli film that tells the tale of Taeko Okajima, a young 27-year-old woman who comes to Yamagata in Tokyo to spend time with her sister’s elder brother and her in-laws. While traveling, and once she arrives at her destination, she is captivated by her childhood.

She thinks about her past with nostalgia and recalls the first moments of heartbreaks and romance, puberty, and her frustration in her studies. In the meantime, her adult self is struggling with her work and relationship issues. Similar to ‘Apollo 10 1/2,’ ‘Only Yesterday conveys the intrinsic bittersweet side of the old days.

Crooklyn (1994)

The director Spike Lee wrote the script for “Crooklyn” along with his brothers Joie and Cinque Lee. In “Crooklyn,” Lee explores Brooklyn’s surreal and bizarre life by introducing eccentric characters and funny situations. The protagonist grows dramatically throughout the film, particularly when the family is devastated by a tragedy. She is forced to be a role model and take care of her children. Similar to ‘Apollo 10 1/2,’ ‘Crooklyn’ highlights the impact of the environment on individuals in their growing years.

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Minari (2020)

Lee Isaac Chung’s ” Minari” derives its title from a kind of water dropwort utilized in various ways. It illustrates the Yi family and their struggle to create a house for their family as they struggle to make a living in small-town Arkansas. As with ‘Apollo101/2 and a few other entries on this list, ‘Minari can be described as partially autobiographical.

It looks at the myth of the American dream from the perspective of the Yis Yis, an ethnically South Korean family. As ‘Apollo 10 1/2 is to Houston, Minari is to Houston; it is an affectionate note to Arkansas. Both films are devoted to exploring the social problems of the present; however, the focus is on the main themes of their respective films. In ‘Apollo 10 1/2, it’s the moon landing, while in ‘Minari’ it’s the theme of immigration.

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The Tree of Life (2011)

 Terrence Malick’s ‘ The Tree of Life, The Tree of Life is an impressive showcase of the immense talents of Malick as a filmmaker. The film is both spiritual and grounded in the real world. Since its debut, there’s been a lot of speculation regarding the documentary’s autobiographical aspects. Like ‘Apollo 10 1/2, The Tree of Life is set in the 1960s in Texas and focuses on the protagonist’s early years, his relationship with his family, and his journey to self-discovery. The Tree of Life is a story about the O’Brien family in the background of the history of mankind and our planet Earth.

Persepolis (2007)

If “Apollo 10 1/2” is about the first moon launch, the film ‘Persepolis’ is about another significant event in human history: The Iranian Revolution of the 1970s. As with ‘Apollo 10, Persepolis is an animated feature. It’s an autobiographical account of Marjane S. Satrapi, who directed the film alongside Vincent Paronnaud. The tales of the revolution and the following years are told in flashbacks. The film depicts the struggles of Iranians Iranian population in opposition to their ruler, the Shah of Iran, and how the Islamic conservatives slowly gained control of the country.

Boyhood (2014)

In terms of conception and execution terms of both execution, ‘ Boyhood’ is an extraordinary film. It is among Linklater’s most impressive creations. A few of the themes from “Apollo 10 1/2” are present in this movie, such as childhood imagination, imagination, and family. It is told through Mason Evans Jr. from the age of six to 18 as the character grows up and lives in Texas, documenting various aspects of his life. Linklater and his crew produced the film from 2002 until 2013 with the same actor, Ellar Coltrane, who played Mason Jr. in different phases of his life.

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