Best Movies like Deep Water 2022

Best Movies like Deep Water 2022

The Deep Water story is based on the book written by Patricia Highsmith and directed by Adrian Lyne. The film Deep Water centers on Vic Van Allen (Ben Affleck) and his wife Melinda (Ana de Armas) and the mind games they play each other, which leads to an intricate web of deceit, infidelity, and even murder.

The film marks the return to the genre of Lyne and is his debut film following 2002’s Unfaithful. Before you sign up for the Hulu account, here’s the list of other sexually explicit thrillers that deliver both the heat and the insane simultaneously.

Best Movies Like Deep Water

Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion sees its protagonist Bobby Grady (John Laughlin) employed to track Joanna Crane (Kathleen Turner), a sex worker. As a sex worker. Turner was previously seen as a character in Lawrence Kasdan’s film Body Heat, so she had no prior experience with the thriller that is erotic.

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Doctor Foster

A woman suspects that her husband is being involved in an affair. After a series of inquiries, more details are revealed, including a pattern of violence hidden beneath the surface.

Secret Bridesmaids Business

The lives of three close friends change as one of them unknowingly invites a stranger to their lives. A web of laughter and lies collide with the frightening stalker’s obsession in this modern adaptation.


Exit is based on the true story of four young men in their 30s and multi-millionaires before reaching 30. In an attempt to escape commitments, demands, and their families, they resort to substances.

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Patriots Day

A detailed account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis’s actions in the lead-up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftereffects, including the massive city-wide search to locate the attack’s perpetrators.

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