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7 Best Movies Like Moonshot You Must See

Chris Winterbauer’s ” Moonshot is a Sci-fi romance film in the year 2049 and features people living on Mars. Sophie is a student at college with a long-term partner who is currently living on Mars, and Walt works as a barista at the college campus and loves a fellow student named Ginny, who is currently living on Mars.

Sophie decides to go to the same place with her boyfriend Calvin through the Student Mars Program. However, she discovers Walt in the spacecraft as an unidentified towaway. They band together to make sure Walt isn’t discovered and make up an affair.

So, here we have a list of Best Movies Like Moonshot you should watch.

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Amazing Movies Like Moonshot You Should Watch

The 35-day trip through space is equally sweet and hilarious. The space travel and new feelings that are emerging appeal to the romantic and nerdy sides of the viewers. We recommend watching these seven similar films if you enjoyed this Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor starrer space-themed sci-fi romance. You can stream these films similar to ‘Moonshot’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

‘ The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ is a sci-fi romance that tells an account of the lives of two teens, Mark and Margaret, who always relive the same day. After learning about their relationship, they have a great time. While Mark attempts to find a way to stop the time loop, Margaret does not want to break free from the cycle. The film has made it onto this list because of the similarities in themes to ‘Moonshot. Both films feature two characters on an amazing adventure that takes them through space, the second through time and bonding through sharing experiences.

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Another Earth (2011)

The 17-year-old Rhoda Williams is drunk when she returns home and cannot look out of her car after hearing about an alternate Earth through the air. Intoxicated and distracted, she crashes into the car of three family members and ultimately kills the mother and her infant son. At the same time, her husband John Burroughs ends up unconscious. When she is done with her punishment, she goes to visit John and, instead of admitting, she disguises herself as a housekeeper.

John and Rhonda form a friendship, while Rhonda attempts to win the essay contest that could earn her a trip to the next planet. ‘ Another Earth is a film that shares many elements with Moonshot, including an emerging romantic relationship and a journey to a completely different planet. Despite the differences in the situations, we’re certain that you will love the film from 2011, featuring its bold themes and exciting elements.

WALL-E (2008)

The 29th century with the Earth is nothing more than a gigantic heap of garbage. WALL-E is one of the last garbage compacting robots that inhabit the planet, while humans live on huge spaceships. A probe is spotted on WALL-E, and EVE emerges from it, searching for something. The two begin to bond however things alter when EVE is done with her task and is put on standby.

When the mothership returns to collect EVE, the Wall-E joins in to join EVE. The animated sci-fi film is among the most charming films you’ll ever see. With its futuristic set-ups, WALL-E’s exploits with the starliner, and the overall concept, it’s not surprising that this film has earned a spot on this top list.

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Gravity (2013)

Space is a stunningly beautiful space, but there are dangers. Doctor. Ryan Stone and Lieutenant Matt Kowalski discover this the difficult way after an unstable piece of space debris takes out their spacecraft and crew. They must trek through the skies to get to the International Space Station and get back to Earth.

However, things get a little to a halt in this already dire situation, requiring heartbreaking sacrifices. Two astronauts attempt to reach their goal while traveling through space. The film ‘ Gravity’ could be described as an action-thriller like the romantic ‘Moonshot. Its compelling story, amazing performances, and breathtaking visuals are a delight.

Space Between Us (2017) Space Between Us (2017)

Gardner was born on Mars following the time his astronaut mother gave birth to him on Mars and later died in the first Mars space colonization. When he is just sixteen, Gardner is eager to find out about his father’s death and, after looking through his mother’s belongings, develops a plan with the assistance of his best friend Tulsa of Earth.

But, his health takes an extreme turn as he struggles to adjust to the Earth’s climate. Gardner’s desire to travel between the two planets and his connection to Tulsa in the film ‘ The Space Between Us is worthy of its spot at the top of the pile!

Stowaway (2021)

The MTS-42 crew of three is speeding through space on the way to Mars. They discover an unintentional escapee on their vessel with the name of an unresponsive Michael Adams. The discovery leads to the destruction of a crucial device that was essential to the crew’s survival. As the crew is attempting to fix the problem, they understand the possibility of their death. Despite the film’s seriousness, Stowaway is certainly one of the closest films to ‘Moonshot‘ when it comes to the overall concept of the movies.

Passengers (2016)

With Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, ‘Passengers is a sci-fi romance film set on a sleeper spaceship that houses more than 5,000 people in hibernation pods. The crew travels to a planet called Homestead II. But, following an accident, Mechanical engineers awakened the ship’s automatic system James Preston 90 years before the scheduled time. In search of human companionship, James can revive Aurora Lane, a beautiful journalist and writer, and informs her that she’s awake because of a glitch.

Initially shocked, Aurora soon comes to acceptance of spending the rest of her time on the ship and makes a connection with James. But, she quickly discovers the reason behind her return and gets angry at James. It is a romantic tale set on a space journey with a stellar cast, is it any wonder that the film has made a list?

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