Best Pokemon Games for Xbox One | Ranked from Best to Worst

Game Freak, a developer, has been reinventing the Pokemon franchise for every new generation of gamers for more than 25 years. These adorable (and sometimes frightening) little monsters are captivating both new Pokemon trainers and Pokemon masters. Perhaps it’s the desire to catch them all keeps players coming back. Perhaps it’s the adorableness of these tiny pocket monsters. No matter the reason, Pokemon players continue exploring and returning to the franchise.

Each game has a consistent feel. Each game builds on the previous one, but each has its unique feel. Each new version of Pokemon brings new features and Pokemon to the table. Each game is unique in its ability to bring players into the world of Pokemon, even though they may be familiar to Pokemon fans. It looks like Pokemon Legends will be the next instalment. It might break the mould with an open-world, new game that is a little like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This franchise knows how to keep fans coming back for more!

Game Freak has been producing so many versions of Pokemon for so long that we decided to share the best Pokemon games with newcomers. We have also included the best Pokemon game remakes and spin-off Pokemon games so that new players can explore the huge world of Pokemon in various ways.

Here are best Pokemon Games for Xbox One. Remember that “best” and “worst” are relative in the world of Pokemon. These are the best entries to the universe. While each entry is excellent, we recommend these.

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Best Pokemon Games for Xbox One

Pokemon Silver/Crystal (generation 2)

Starter Pokemon, Chikorita and Cyndaquil. Totodile

Pokemon Gold and Silver both added 100 Pokemon to the original number of 151. This includes the most impressive trio of starter Pokemon ever seen. Generation 2 made significant improvements to the Pokedex in many areas.

You had to consider the time of the day when you were trying to catch new Pokemon. The day/night cycle cleverly added an extra layer to your time in the long grass.

Gold and Silver both added the Kanto region to the map. This connects Johto to the landmass which started the phenomenon. Silver and Gold have the longest, most complex, and longest Pokemon games ever made.

In addition to the systems in Pokemon yellow, generation 2 leaned more towards dual-types. This allows you to create a more diverse and strategically diverse team to take to battle.

Johto is our favourite region to explore and has the most legendary birds (Lugia, Ho-Oh). This instalment added three legendary Pokemon, Raikou, Suicune and Entei, which can be found roaming around Johto after a static encounter.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention HeartGold and SoulSilver. These enhanced DS remakes, Gold and Silver, are. But that’s all for now.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, Gen 1

Starter Pokemon (Blue/Red): Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur

Starter Pokemon (Yellow): Pikachu

We rank second partly because of nostalgia and because these games feel so good today. Generation one’s trio of excellent Pokemon games is part of our top three. Generation one still has the greatest collection of Pokemon. We won’t forget the first 151 or Ash’s first adventure. It was a great feeling to be there, from the first moments in Pallet Town to choosing your starter, fighting Team Rocket, and defeating The Elite Four, Pokémon Red and Blue.

While some of the more complex mechanics that the series is well-known for aren’t in the original games, something about their simplified identity brings a smile to our faces. Pokemon Yellow was the full colour of the series, and Pikachu joined us, making it feel like we were on a journey with Ash to catch all the Pokémon. We will always cherish Generation One. It’s magical.

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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (gen 3)

Starter Pokémon: Treecko. Torchic. Mudkip

Generation three was when Pokemon games began to lean into nature and EV systems. IV systems also emphasize the species and the individual members of the species. Each model of the 386 Pokemon became more vivid thanks to the best Game Boy Advance game.

Although we don’t think the 135 new Pokemon were a good group, Ruby and Sapphire did have one of the most interesting regions. The Hoenn Island region felt bigger than other regions and was more enjoyable to explore. On Nintendo 3DS, you can find Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon Sword and Shield (gen. 8)

Starter Pokémon: Grookey Scorbunny Sobble

The most recent Pokemon games were released as Nintendo Switch games. Game Freak finally fulfilled our long-held dream of having a 3D Pokemon adventure on a home console. You can explore the new Wild region in the British-themed Galar and capture monsters or follow the established paths from one town to the next. The frustration of finding Pokemon hidden in random encounters is greatly diminished as they are now easily accessible.

With 400 Pokemon to be caught and the Dynamax system to boost your monsters’ power, Pokemon Sword and Shield can keep you busy for hours. Due to the game’s removal, you won’t be able to catch all the long-standing monsters, such as Squirtle and Psyduck. With the arrival of the Isle of ArmorDLC and Crown Tundra DLC, you will have the opportunity to explore new areas in the Galar region and catch new Pokemon.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon (gen 7)

Starter Pokemon: Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

SunUltra Moon and enhanced changed the standard Pokemon progression. Sun and Moon were introduced to players by Team Skull, an organization dedicated to protecting Pokemon.

Instead of progressing through the various towns’ gyms, you had to complete island tests. These included a small battle with a powerful Pokemon and a dungeon. After that, you could battle the Kahuna on the island.

The new 80 Pokemon were the most exciting additions since the early games. Also, the Alolan version of the original Pokemon was inspiring. Z-Moves and Ultra Beasts were welcome additions to the game. A broader take on Mega Evolutions was also included. This best 3DS game is also available in Pokemon Snap-style.

Pokemon X/Y (gen 6)

Starter Pokemon: Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie

Pokémon X and Y were the first 3D experiences in the series. The camera’s perspective changed from top-down to a closer and behind-the body angle. This gave Pokemon a new sense of scale. The France-inspired Kalos region featured flair and style and is one of our largest mega-cities.

X and Y introduced 72 new Pokemon. However, this was the beginning of Mega Evolutions. Although the storyline is a bit disappointing, the Nintendo 3DS hardware provided a higher quality presentation that allowed for Pokemon models to pop in battle sequences. This enabled crisper fighting animations.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (gen 4)

Starter Pokémon: Turtwig. Chimchar. Piplup

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl played an important part in the evolution of Pokemon. The Nintendo DS made them look much better than gen 3 Pokemon. However, they only showed the direction the franchise would go.

Generation four introduced an important feature: Online trading and battling. With the addition of the new 107 pocket beasts, filling out the Pokedex became a more global task.

It didn’t take much to find people who had copies of the game you wanted to trade with. Instead, you could go online to make a trade and get what you need. Online battling lets you see who the best trainer was in the series’ history.

Although Generation 4 is a great period for technological innovation, it’s also one of the most overlooked periods in Pokemon history.

Pokemon White/Black (gen 5)

Starter Pokemon Snivy Tepig, Oshawott

Generation 5 was an anomaly. This was the first series instalment to receive a sequel. White 2 and Black 2 were released a year after the originals. Although the sequels retread some familiar territory, they told a different story and included new areas and Pokemon. With 156 new Pokemon to be caught, Generation Five holds the record for most Pokemon.

However, in addition to Pearl and Diamond, generation five felt like a temporary fix for the next series’ evolution. Although we consider generation 5 the “worst”, we still think it’s quite good. Although it didn’t bring much innovation, the true sequel concept was interesting.

Remakes of the best Pokemon games

It’s difficult to change a winning formula when you have it. The Pokemon games have established a niche market and managed to entertain this audience regardless of their graphics. The Pokemon franchise has released a few new remakes that are well worth your attention.

These games are nearly identical to the ones listed above, but they have some differences that make them worthwhile to be checked out. They also work with the most recent instalments of the main series, so you can do cross-generation trading or battling.

Pokemon HeartGold (gen 4) and SoulSilver

Starter: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile

Pokemon HeartGoldand SoulSilver, are improved versions of the Pokemon Gold and silver predecessors. This game was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of GoldSilver’s original release in 1999. The game was created to feel like a new game and respect the memories of the originals.

These games have some new features that were not available to Pokemon Crystal. It is also the first Pokemon game to allow the party of players to follow them around in the outside world. This was very similar to the way Pikachu would follow you around in Pokemon yellow. A few minigames were also added.

To compete in the Pokeathlon, players could use their Nintendo DS touchscreen. The GB Sounds was a brand new item that would change the background music to the 8-bit original music from Pokemon Gold or Silver.

Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed (gen 3 remake).

Starters: Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur

The FireRed is the first remake of Game Freak. LeafGreen is an enhanced remake of the Blue. They are part of the third generation Pokemon games, even though they were based on Red/Blue. We are transported back to Kanto, allowing us to recall some of the Pokemon that we have seen.

The game ends with us being welcomed to the Sevii Islands. This is an entirely new area that was not available in Red and Blue. The island is unique because it contains Pokemon that are normally only found in the Johto region. It also has some fun post-game missions. Players can trade Pokemon with other players who have Ruby and Sapphire after completing the Sevii Islands missions. This makes it possible to get Hoenn-exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Omega Ruby (gen 6)

Starters – Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip

Ruby and Sapphire were the most popular, and we were invited back to play with Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. This game was part of the sixth generation of Pokemon games. It can be played on the Nintendo 3DS. Game Freak made some changes to the original game, even though it is a remake.

Split types of Pokemon were seen in the fourth generation. The fifth-generation had unlimited TM usage, triple battles and Pokemon with split types. They also included features from pokemon X and Y, such as Super Training or Mega Evolution. Latios and Latias can be used to fly around Hoenn. This was one of the most notable new mechanics.

Because we could use these Pokemon to fly, there were “mirage spots”, which contained Pokemon that weren’t available elsewhere in the Hoenn area. This includes many legendary Pokemon from past generations.

Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Starters: Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup

2021 releases Pokemon Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Brilliant brought gamers long-awaited remakes. The two Nintendo 3DS classics are now available on Nintendo Switch with enhanced visuals and gameplay.

We were impressed by the game’s accuracy, translated Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. This can be a problem as the game’s linear gameplay, and lack of challenge may appeal to younger gamers but turn off veterans.

The Underground has been transformed into the Grand Underground. This area contains a large dungeon where you can capture and battle Pokemon of different types. This dungeon is great for gaining XP and filling out your Pokedex.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (gen. 7)

Starters: Rowlet, Litten, Popplio

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are part of the seventh generation of Pokemon games. They enhance the Sun versions and Moon to make them more enjoyable. The game was criticized by critics and played differently by players. The additional features were great. It didn’t go too far off the original storyline, making it feel almost like the same game.

We did see some amazing new features in the game. There are new Ultra Beasts and new forms of the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma. Also, there is a Lycanroc form. Totem Stickers could be collected in the Alola region, which would give us the chance to obtain a Totem-sized version of a Pokemon.

There were also new activities like Mantine Surf, which allowed us to surf the region’s waters; the Alola Photo Club, which allowed us to take photos with our Pokemon; and Ultra Warp Ride, which allowed us to travel through Ultra Wormholes, where we could encounter Ultra Beasts in their world. There were also new Z-Moves to help a few Pokemon and an upgrade to the Rotom Pokedex that added Roto-Loto.

Best Pokemon spin-offs

There are many other Pokemon adventures than the mainline games. Some are slightly different from the core formula, while others are completely different. The Pokemon franchise has produced many duds that feel like cash grabs. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, anyone? Some Pokemon spin-offs are quite successful. These are our top picks.

Snap a New Pokemon

New Pokemon Snap, the latest instalment in the Pokemon franchise, is one of the best. New Pokemon Snapchat combines an amusement park and a puzzle game. You are required to take pictures of Pokemon while driving a self-driving vehicle. As you travel across multiple maps, you earn stars and points based on your pictures.

The key to capturing the perfect picture is timing. You need to know what actions or lures will get the best reaction from the Pokemon. There are many hidden paths to find. Wild Pokemon will become more comfortable with you over time, which gives you even more chances to capture a memorable picture. It is relaxing and charming to see these cute creatures in their natural habitat, and New Pokemon Snap makes for a great game to unwind with.

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium introduced 3D to our friends long before the mainline series launched on Nintendo 64. It used the turn-based fighting system familiar to all of the original 151, giving them the glory they deserved.

It was fun to work our way through the stadium cups and play multiplayer against other friends. The Transfer Pak was the best thing about Stadium. You can insert your Blue or Yellow controller attachment to the N64 controller and use it in the exciting 3v3 battles.

Pokemon Conquest

Pokemon Conquest was a fantastic experience in tactics that turned the Pokemon formula. It was set in the new Ransei area and featured a unique story with warlords, waging factions, and other characters. Although the turn-based tactics gameplay was not as challenging or deep as Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, it was an excellent introduction to the genre.

Pokemon TCG Online

Although Pokemon was originally a video game series, the trading card game has evolved into its own entity. Wizards of the Coast published the West’s most beloved trading card game, Magic: the Gathering. The physical Pokemon spin-off is easy to follow but rich in detail. Pokemon Online is an online version of this tabletop game that includes the most recent expansions and has a clean interface. Each pack of cards includes a redemption code that allows you to double down digitally.

Pokemon Snap

An on-rails photographer about taking candid photos of Pokemon in their natural behaviours for Professor Oak. Sign us up. Sign us up. It was a wonderful experience, especially when we got a photo of a fire-breathing Charizard.

Pokemon Go

PokemonGo is the most popular Pokemon game in terms of player counts. You can become a Pokemon trainer from anywhere with the mobile app. AR technology allows Pokemon to pop up wherever you are, whether you’re on the street or in your backyard.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unify is the first-ever Pokemon MOBA. You can create your own trainers and battle five against five using the most famous Pokemon from the series. You can choose from classic attacks, evolutions and cute outfits for your Pokemon. What’s not love about it?

Let’s go, Pokemon

Let’s go on. Nintendo Switch is very close to being a mainline Pokemon title. It’s a faithful remake of Pokemon yellow and features stunning 3D visuals. This includes battling, gym badge progression and the Elite Four. Let’s Go is different in the act of catching Pokemon.

A simple catch minigame begins when you run into a wild Pokemon. Let’s Go also shows wild Pokemon roaming worldwide, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Pokemon: Let’s Go is an amazing fusion of two types of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokemon Puzzle League is a Tetris attack but with a new paint job. It is still one of the most entertaining Pokemon games. The rules are simple: one player has their board on one side, and the opponent’s on another.

The tiles will be filled on both boards. Players must arrange the tiles so that lines of three or more tiles are formed. Clearing the tiles will remove them from your board. This will also send blocks to your opponent’s board, which they will have to clear. It is simple, but it is challenging. This game is especially fun when playing against someone else. It also has a nostalgic feel due to the presence of different characters from Pokemon.

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Flipper for the Game Boy Color is quite addictive, considering it only has two tables. Hit certain objects on the table to create Pokemon. Players can catch them by hitting the ball multiple times before the time limit expires.

It is a simple game with some interesting features. The game cartridge is a bit shabby and contains a battery-powered “rumble”, which adds haptic feedback. This novelty was unique to the Game Boy when this game was released.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe mix is an online game that you can play for free. It requires you to solve puzzles. You and your Eevee are the owners of a cafe that serves Pokemon-themed food. Each order requires you to solve a puzzle to prepare the item. To clear the Pokemon icons, you will need to link them in a ring. You can upgrade your cafe by finishing a level. These Pokemon will eventually become part of your staff.

The game is very similar to many other mobile games. It is easy to learn for first-time users who have tried it. For those who are on the move. The game can be played on the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. However, the game only works in the Switch’s handheld mode. Pokemon Cafe mix isn’t an original game that will win special awards, but it’s still a fun game for Pokemon lovers to play.

Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament is a Tekken-inspired fighting game. You take control of your chosen Pokemon and fight your way to victory. This Deluxe version of the 2016 Wii U game brings enhanced gameplay and expanded rosters to the Nintendo Switch.

The action switches between 3D/and 2D and successfully combine Pokemon powers with traditional melee fighting. It is welcoming for Pokemon lovers and deep enough to satisfy those who love fighting games. Pokken Tournament has a single-player campaign but shines in the online competitive multiplayer mode.

Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu was the first in the Pokemon franchise. This adventure game takes you on a thrilling journey. Tim Goodman is the protagonist. He stumbles across a Pikachu he strangely understands. It turns out that this Pikachu is the Pokemon of Tim’s dad, Harry Goodman. We also learn that Harry is missing. It’s now up to you and your Pikachu to find Harry and uncover the secrets of Pokemon Comprehensive Laboratory.

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