These are the Top 8 Private Pension Providers in Britain

The Best Private Pension Providers in Britain

Looking for the Best Private Pension Providers in the UK. Wait! Here you will find some of the top private pension providers in the UK. You can usually access your pension money only after reaching 55 (increases to 56 in 2028). After that, you can take 25% of your lump-sum tax-free.

So, without auy further delay, let’s quickly move towards the private pension companies uk list.

The Best Private Pension Providers in Britain

Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor is the UK’s most popular flat-fee platform. There are more than 40,000 investments available, including UK shares, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs. The Interactive Investor Pension lets you build your pension in two ways, depending on how confident you are with investing. Beginners or people who want to create a portfolio of investments can use Quick Start Funds.

This is an easy way for beginners to invest. You can choose from six low-cost funds that Interactive Investor’s team has prepared. Investors who are more experienced or confident can choose from various shares and funds to build their pension portfolios. Interactive Investor allows you to combine all your pensions into one SIPP, simplifying retirement planning. 

Every month you get a trade for free, which can purchase or sell any investment. Interactive Investor will offer a variety of income options from your pension when you reach 55 years old (57 in 2028).

Interactive Investor charges a flat rate of PS19.99 per month (platform fee of PS9.99 + SIPP Fee of PS10). This allows you to know exactly what you’ll be paying each month. This fee is a percentage of your pension pot. The lower it becomes, the lower the percentage. 

You can also open a Stocks, Shares ISA, or General Trading Account for no additional cost. This allows you to take control of all your investments.

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Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown, an FTSE 100 firm and the largest investment platform in the UK, is Hargreaves Lansdown. Hargreaves Lansdown makes it possible to create a SIPP portfolio using more than 2,500 funds, UK shares, investment trusts, and other assets. 

Hargreaves Lansdown allows you to build your pension portfolio in two ways, depending on your investment savviness. Beginners or people who prefer to build a pension portfolio by selecting from various pre-made options. Hargreaves Lansdown’s team of investment experts will make the investment decisions and take care of the rest. 

More confident investors can choose from various shares, funds, and other investments to build their pension portfolios. The Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP costs little to start and is very easy to manage. Holding investments are subject to a yearly fee, but they are not more than 0.45%. Investing in some of the investment options may result in additional annual fees.

Please check these charges before you invest. You can also buy and sell funds for free. The type of investment you make and the frequency you trade will determine which fees are charged. Hargreaves Lansdown provides a free financial advisory service to help you make investment decisions. Hargreaves Lansdown also offers a Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA as well as a Junior ISA and Fund and Share account.

AJ Bell Youinvest

AJ Bell Youinvest, one of the UK’s most popular online investment platforms, is dedicated to making investing easy for everyone. AJ Bell Youinvest is the UK’s first online SIPP provider. Investors have the option to choose from thousands of investments, including funds, shares, trusts, ETFs, and funds from around the world. 

AJ Bell Youinvest offers two options for building your pension portfolio. Beginners and those who are more experienced can choose to build a portfolio from scratch. Investors who are more experienced or confident can choose from thousands upon thousands of investments to build their own pension portfolios. 

The AJ Bell Youinvest SIPP can be used by both self-employed people and employees who want to create a personal retirement plan. AJ Bell Youinvest allows you to combine existing pensions into a SIPP so that you can manage everything from one place. This allows you to see how your pension is performing and what charges you are paying.

You can open an AJ Bell Youinvest SIPP for free and buy investments starting at PS1.50 Holding investments is subject to a yearly fee, but it is not more than 0.25%. AJ Bell Youinvest offers a Stocks & Shares ISA (Lifetime ISA), Junior ISA (Junior ISA), and Dealing Account. AJ Bell Youinvest doesn’t offer advice.

Your capital is at risk when you contribute to a pension. The same rules apply to pensions.


Penfold, a modern pension provider, offers customers an easy and quick way to contribute to and build their pension pots. It is digital-first and accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are self-employed, employed, or run their own business. 

Penfold allows you to open a private pension, self-employed pension, or auto-enrolled through your workplace. You can choose from one of four plans, depending on your goals or values: Standard, Sharia, Sustainable, and Lifetime. It takes only 5 minutes to set up, and you can easily adjust your contributions at any time. 

Penfold can track and transfer any old pensions, even if you don’t know the details. This allows you to combine all of your pensions from different jobs in one place. Penfold has a team of experts who can help you understand any aspect of your retirement or pension.

Penfold does not require you to make a minimum deposit. You can also pay nothing each month when you set up your pension. Penfold will only process PS10 if you make a contribution. Penfold charges an annual fee of 0.75% to 0.88% depending on which plan you choose. 

The fee for a pension pot larger than PS100,000.000 is either 0.4% or 0.53, depending on which plan you choose. This fee depends on how much of your savings is over that amount.


Moneyfarm, a UK Robo advisor, provides a personalized investment plan that is tailored to your risk preferences. Investors have the option to choose from seven portfolios that are globally diverse and highly rated, as well as ethical investments. Moneyfarm’s team actively manages your investments. 

However, each portfolio is comprised of passive trackers and exchange-traded funds. Moneyfarm’s investment advisors offer personalized digital advice that is free to customers. You can also chat with your consultant by phone or email. Moneyfarm will help you plan your retirement date and manage your portfolio to reduce your risk. 

Transferring your pensions to Moneyfarm is simple. Fill in your details online or in-app. Moneyfarm will then contact your current provider to transfer your pensions to your Moneyfarm account. It usually takes 3-4 weeks. 

Depending on the provider, it is almost paperless. Moneyfarm offers a variety of options to supplement your pension income when you reach retirement age (57 in 2028). This is known as a pension drawdown, and it is free. Moneyfarm charges an annual account management fee that starts at 0.755% and decreases to 0.355%, depending on how large your portfolio is.

The average annual investment fund fee is 0.2%, and the effect of market spread is approximately 0.09%. Moneyfarm also offers a Stocks-and-Shares ISA and a General Investment Account.


Vanguard is a well-known low-cost platform for investing. It has over 75 funds under its own brand, including active funds and index funds. Vanguard does NOT offer shares or stocks, but ETFs are available for those who are interested in exchange-traded securities. 

You can use the Vanguard SIPP to create a pension. Depending on your level of investing knowledge, you can choose one of the Target Retirement funds to help you build your pension. 

These funds give you access to thousands of shares and bonds in one investment. For more experienced investors, you can choose from 75 Vanguard funds to build your pension portfolio. It’s easy to transfer existing pensions to Vanguard. However, your current provider may charge you a fee, so make sure to check.

You must have at least PS100 per month or a lump sum in excess of PS500 to open a Vanguard SIPP. A yearly management fee is charged at 0.15%, with a maximum of PS375 per year. You should verify the charges for each fund before you invest. Vanguard also offers other products such as Stocks and Shares ISA, and Junior ISA.


You can invest in various funds through the Aviva Stakeholder Pension, which allows you to access stocks, shares, and property. You can choose from high- or low-risk funds depending on how you feel about risk. 

Aviva allows you to start your Stakeholder pension with as low as PS20 per month. You can also regularly pay money into your pension plan, e.g., making a one-off or monthly payments. You can change the amount or stop and begin payments whenever you want. You have many options when you reach retirement age, 55 years old (57 in 2028). 

These include taking an income, lump-sum, or a combination of both. You can also create a pension fund for your grandchildren or children with the Aviva Stakeholder Pension. Each child can deposit of up to PS2,880 per year.

Aviva charges an annual fee of 1%. You won’t have to pay any fees for setting up an investment or switching funds. Aviva also offers financial advice for an additional fee.

Standard Life

Standard Life Stakeholder Pension lets you invest in up to 30+ funds as well as 2 Lifestyle Profiles. While you may invest in as many as 12 funds at once, you cannot combine your investment with a fund that is with profits. The Lifestyle Profiles can be used to create investment portfolios. 

They invest in funds and then move them to help you reach your retirement goals. Standard Life will automatically place your money in a Lifestyle profile based on your risk preferences and goals if you don’t want to select a fund.

Standard Life charges an annual management fee of 1% on the assets you invest each year.

The Best Private Pension Providers in Britain – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private pension?

Private pensions are schemes of pensions that are not managed by the government. There are two types:

  1. Pensions for individuals
  2. Workplace pensions

Why choose a personal pension?

A personal pension is a great way to save for retirement if you don’t have an employer pension. Even if you have a workplace pension, your pension can help you grow your retirement savings quicker.

Individual pensions can be a great option for those who:

  • Are you self-employed?
  • You are not eligible for a pension from your workplace
  • You have a company pension and want to save money for a private plan.

What is a group personal retirement plan?

A group personal pension (GPP) is a set of individual pension plans that an employer arranges for employees. You can build a personal pension fund to provide income when you retire if enrolled in a GPP.

You will be automatically enrolled into a pension plan as an employee. The provider will manage it for your employer, but you will have to agree on your pension contract.

GPPs are built up by contributions from you and your employer, investment returns, and tax relief.

How to Choose a Personal Pension?

  1. Before you commit to any pension provider, shop around. Visit the websites of each provider you are interested in to see what investments they offer and what services they provide. Ask for the key features of each pension plan that you are interested in.
  2. Be aware of pension charges. Administration fees, fund management costs, and transfer charges are all possible. Penalties for missing payments can also be included. You should check the details of what fees you will be charged and when.
  3. If your pension provider is a stakeholder pension, make sure it’s registered with the Financial Conduct Authority or Pensions Regulationator. All pension providers on Koody are regulated by the FCA or Pensions Regulator.
  4. Get professional advice from an independent, regulated financial advisor if you have any questions or need guidance.
  5. Beware of scammers. Scammers are often able to convince you that something is too good to be true. It’s possible to be scammed if you are offered a way of withdrawing your pension funds before you turn 55. The Pension Wise website has more information about pension scams.

Is it worth investing in a private pension?

Private pensions can help you increase your savings and provide more income than the state pension in retirement. A private pension has tax benefits. This means that the money you invest in your pension will be increased by tax relief. This puts more money in your pockets and less toward government taxes.

These benefits will continue after you retire. You can withdraw 25% of your pension fund tax-free as a lump sum once you reach retirement age. You will receive the remaining funds as income and taxed at the normal rates.

Keep in mind that not everyone can benefit from the tax-free private pension. Talking to a licensed financial advisor is the best way to find out if a private pension is right.

What is the Maximum Amount I can Contribute to my Pension each year?

Your pension can be paid 100% of your earnings each year, up to a maximum amount of PS40,000. Anything more than this amount will be subject to tax.

What is the maximum amount I can pay tax-free into my pension?

Private pension contributions are exempt from tax up to a certain limit.

If your pension savings exceed these limits, you’ll be subject to tax.

  • You can only claim tax relief up to 100% of your annual earnings
  • The annual allowance currently stands at 40,000
  • PS1,073,000 for your lifetime – This is the current lifetime allowance

To qualify for tax relief, pension schemes must be registered with HMRC. If you are unsure if your scheme has been registered, speak to your pension provider.

Can I have both a private and a work-based pension?

Yes, you can. You can increase your retirement savings by getting a private pension along with your workplace pension.

Is it possible to withdraw money from a private retirement account?

Most people can’t cash their private pension pots before they turn 55. This number will increase to 57 in 2028. However, there are rare situations where you might be able to. The State Pension age is the earliest that you can receive it. Your State Pension age is likely to be 68 if you are between 20-39 years old. You will need to wait until you reach this age to receive your State Pension.

Is it possible to take my pension in a lump sum?

Yes, you can. You can receive 25% of your pension pot tax-free when you reach 55.

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