Best Shows Like Sanditon You Should See

Shows Like Sanditon

Created in the hands of Andrew Davies for the small screen, ‘Sanditon’ was created by Andrew Davies for the small and dramatic historical TV show. It’s based on Jane Austen’s famous unfinished novel. The story follows Charlotte, a young and full of life woman who finds herself in Sanditon, a new beach resort. She meets the unusual residents, becomes involved with their secrets, and struggles with friendship, love, and heartbreak.

The captivating people and the Regency Era charm of ‘Sanditon The viewers are enticed by the turns and twists of the story from beginning to ending. If you’re looking for other shows like this that transport you to another time, We’ve got the best enjoyable list. You can stream most of these Shows Like Sanditon via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Best Shows Like Sanditon You Should See

Poldark (2015-2019)

The show is based on Winston Graham’s famous novel, ‘Poldark,’ a historical drama television show filmed between 1781 and 1801. Debbie Horsfield developed the show; it follows the protagonist, captain Ross Vennor Poldark, who returns home to his hometown of Nampara after serving three years as an army officer. When he returns, he discovers his property in ruin and himself weighed down by debts due to his father’s death. In addition, Ross is devastated. Ross is married to a scullery cook named Demelza after discovering that his childhood crush Elizabeth is engaged with his brother Francis.

For two decades, the storyline follows the interconnected life of Ross and his family, who go through various stages like loss, war of parents, divorce, and previous romantic relationships. Similar to Charlotte in the show ‘Sanditon,’ Ross cannot find his first love due to obligations from his family but ultimately finds the one he meant for his needs. Additionally, both shows dive into the intricate interactions between the characters and feature a handsome, brooding male protagonist.

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Cranford (2007)

Produced by Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin, “Cranford” is a time-based comedy-drama television series inspired by three novels written by Elizabeth Gaskell. Set in the fictional village in the 1840s early on, it follows the widowed and single women and their daily escapades, which are interspersed by occasional romantic interactions with a diverse variety of male lovers.

Strong female relationships of Cranford ladies are a strong reminder to viewers of the bond between Charlotte and the ladies of Sanditon. Both shows explore small-town politics and tackle issues of gender roles and their role in the Regency Era lifestyle through their eccentric characters.

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Beecham House (2019)

Based on themes of forbidden love and dark family secrets that complicate characters, the historical drama TV show ‘ Beecham House has a strong likeness to Sanditon. The show was created by Gurinder Chadha, Paul Mayeda Berges, and Shahrukh Husain; the show follows the former East India Company soldier John Beecham and his family as they settle into their newly built Delhi house in their time in the Mughal Era.

The birth of a mixed-race baby and a few new people soon alters the routine of the Beecham family, triggering many interesting events. The obstinate and calculating Henrietta Beecham shares major similarities with Lady Denham in the film ‘Sanditon. In addition, the tragic relationships between the Beecham brothers, squeezed by family obligations not much different from Georgiana’s and Sidney’s.

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Bleak House (2005)

“Bleak House” is a drama television series based on the eponymous novel written by the well-known writer Charles Dickens. The show follows the fictional Jarndyce the v Jarndyce case, which is a complicated legal battle between the many people who were beneficiaries of a dead man’s huge estate. When the case is further studied, shocking details concerning secret affairs, unlegitimate children, and murders are brought to the light. The contenders for the property eventually use every means to conceal their actions and gain the property.

A major plot arc in the show ‘Sanditon’ is the conflict among the three potential inheritors of the estate of Lady Denham and echoes the conflict in ‘Bleak House. Both past dramas expose the disgusting nature of greed and the depraved way humans commit crimes to hurt their relatives. Additionally, each tells the stories of love-haters.

Dorrit Little Dorrit (2008)

A re-imagining of a Charles Dickens novel, ‘Little Dorrit is a time-based television series that follows Amy, a young and strong woman who overcomes any obstacle to aid her family struggling with burdensome debt. But, shortly, Amy is greeted by Arthur Clennam leads to a series of interesting twists that alter Amy’s life.

The two, Amy and Charlotte Both, are strong, female protagonists that refuse to let heartbreaks or problems cause them to fall. Additionally, in the same way, that their Denham family is tangled in a troubled family history of the inheritance of their children, Amy and Arthur, as well, are caught in an ensuing mess because of an unidentified benefit. The relationship between the two couples has been a rocky ride.

When Calls the Heart (2014-)

It was created from the perspective of Michael Landon Jr., ‘ When Calls the Heart is a drama TV show based upon Janette Oke’s novel of the same title. While it’s non-set in the British Regency Era, the concept is remarkably identical to Sanditon. It centers around a young teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher, whose arrival transforms people’s lives in Coal Valley. With her warm and welcoming assistance, The women of the town begin to blossom and blossom into a flourishing community.

Like Charlotte, Elizabeth travels to the town of her choice in search of finding a meaningful adventure and finds friendship and love, as well as many other things. However, she also is a victim of his first lover Jack. However, she refuses to abandon her love for life and the city’s love, just as Charlotte is when Sidney quits her. Additionally, the unique townsfolk are a major factor in the development of the characters.

Bridgerton (2020)

Based on Julia Quinn’s book” Bridgerton” is a period drama television show on Netflix. The show is set in the London high society of the Regency Era; it documents the adventures of the eight Bridgerton siblings as they begin their journey in the world of society and strive to find suitable spouses during the season of social gatherings. Narrated by an unidentified creator Lady Whistledown, the show portrays the elegance of that time elegantly.

The oldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne has quite the same traits as Charlotte regarding innocence, yet each character shows incredible courage and righteousness throughout. In addition, the two films ‘Sanditon,’ and Bridgerton’s, explore racial disparity within English high society. They also feature impressive female characters who are of color. Additionally, all male characters have the same characteristics of handsome, tall, and a bit obscure.

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