7 Best Shows Like The Last Bus You Must See   

Shows Like The Last Bus

The Last Bus is a teenage action series for teens. The show was written and created by Paul Neafcy, known for projects such as ‘Jack & Dean of all Trades and the ‘The Amelia Gething Complex.’ The series is about a group from Braelawn Academy who goes to an event where the billionaire Dalton Monkhouse (Robert Sheehan) is expected to unveil an innovative technology.

Their excitement soon turns to terror when Monkhouse unleashes his army of A.I. Orbs from a genie that is said to have killed millions of people across the globe. The survivors are now aware that they must cooperate if they wish to live and bring peace. If you’ve watched “The Last Bus” and enjoyed the show, here are some suggestions. You can stream most shows like “The Last Bus” through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Amazing Shows Like The Last Bus

Runaways (2017-2019)

‘ Runaways’ or ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ centers around a group of people that fell apart after the tragic events. One of the groups, Alex, tries to connect them all by arranging a get-together when the parents are supposed to get together. But they find out that their parents belong to a criminal group called the Pride after they witness the sacrifice of a girl at an altar. Although ‘Runaways’ is more of a dark character than ‘The last Bus,’ the plots of both shows start with an incredibly heinous act performed by inspirational or parental characters.

Cobra Kai (2018-)

As with ‘The Last bus, like ‘The Last Bus, ‘Cobra Kai is a love note to the past. The second film is a continuation of the ‘The Kid’ movies. The story starts when 34 years have gone by since Daniel LaRusso defeated Johnny Lawrence in the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament, and the world has not been kind to the former. The old rivalry in karate starts to get heated again after Johnny decides to open the dojo named after him. The Karate Kid is one of those films with a timeless appeal; despite being a classic from its release, “Cobra Kai” has managed to carry on the legacy.

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Cats in Scaredy Cats (2021to)

Both ‘The Last bus’ and ‘Scaredy Cats’ are full of optimism and optimism. There’s also a feeling of sincerity in how the two shows tackle storytelling. “Scaredy Cats” is the story of a young girl, Willa Ward, who receives an amulet with a magical power on her 12th birthday as an inheritance, she received from her mom. When she discovers the facts about the amulet, Willa slowly becomes an evil witch. When the evil witches Wilma and Wanda seek the amulet, Willa joins forces with her most beloved acquaintances, Scout Lucy and Lucy.

Stranger Things (2016)

Like ‘Cobra Kai ‘Stranger Things’ is a treasure-trove of nostalgia. The story is set in the 1980s in the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins. When a girl who is a psychokinetic teenager known as Eleven escapes from a secret government research facility that studies supernatural and paranormal phenomena, She meets local youths and becomes friends with them.

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In addition to conducting human experiments and experimenting on humans, it’s revealed by the authorities that they have opened a doorway into an alternate reality known as Upside Down. A creature from Upside Down is captured by Will, who is one of Eleven’s new friends. While ‘The Last bus is set in contemporary times, it still oozes the same kind of humor we have in the ‘Stranger Things series.’

The Umbrella Academy (2019-)

Based on the comic book series, The Umbrella Academy, The Umbrella Academy tells the tale of seven characters with unique powers. Both ‘The Last bus’ and “The Umbrella Academy” feature a bunch of misfits as the characters. Both of them are alike in their dysfunction.

In addition, as in the film ‘The Last Bus,’ the actions of a brilliant but eccentric billionaire with a god-like complex background begin the story in ‘The University Academy. Sir Reginald Hargreeves or The Monocle might not be as funny as Monkhouse; however, he certainly is a fan of Monkhouse’s creativity and ambition.

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The Invasion (2021-)

“The Apple TV+ science fiction series ” Invasion is a blend of several stories set in the context of an alien attack. Caspar Morrow plays the main character in one of those stories. Like the survivors from “The Last Bus,” Casper and his friends find themselves facing apocalypse when they go on an excursion with the school. When they finally get to their homes, their families have gone. In ‘Invasion,’ the loss is more irreparable. Monkhouse simply puts Earth’s population in stagnation, and the invaders prefer a longer-lasting solution.

Utopia (2013-2014)

In ‘Utopia,’ the readers of the graphic novel “The Utopia Experiments’ think that it accurately predicted various pandemics. There are rumors of the unpublished sequel, which is believed to anticipate future diseases. Ian, Becky, Wilson Wilson, and Grant, Four friends, discover they have the manuscript for the sequel, and the whole world goes loose.

They find out that they’re being pursued by a mysterious group known as The Network and meet a girl called Jessica, who could prove to be their only hope. As with ‘The Last Bus and ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ Utopia’ is a millionaire with an obsession with god. Conran Letts, the CEO of Corvadt Ltd., initially appears to be responsible for The Network. However, the truth has been later proved to be different.

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