Best Survivor Perks in Dead by Daylight

In Dead By Daylight, choosing perks is a serious business. While some perks can be difficult to use correctly due to their situation, others are more straightforward and make your life easier.

It is important to consider what type of Survivor you are before making your selections. Are you team-oriented or a lone wolf?

These perks are the top choices in Dead By Daylight and cover a wide range of Survivor playstyles. While newer players should choose certain perks, more experienced players may want to consider other perks.

There are many Best Survivor Perks available for all players. Picking the best perk for you is the best way to go.

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Dead By Daylight Best Survivor Perks

Dead Hard (David King).

Use your adrenaline to quickly sprint forward and tap into your adrenaline bank if you are injured.

  • To sprint forward, press the Active Ability button.
  • You can avoid all damage during the Dash.
  • Dead Hard creates the Exhausted State Effect for 60/50/40 seconds and cannot be used when exhausted.

Dead Hard allows survivors to sprint forward and gain invulnerability against any Killers’ traps or attacks during the Dash. Dead Hard is only available while you are in an injured state. It also has a long cooldown. If you are able to time the timing correctly, it is extremely effective and can be used by survivors to rescue you from harm.

David King’s Teachable Perk is Dead Hard. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 35. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

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Spine Chill for All Survivors

Spine Chill activates when the Killer is within 36 meters of your location.

  • Skill Check increases the Trigger odds by 10%
  • Reduces Skill Check Success Zone by 10%
  • Your ability to repair, heal, sabotage, unhook, vault, cleanse and unlock your doors by up to two-four/six percentage

Spine Chill can be purchased DLC for all characters. It is vital to be alerted when a Killer is within close proximity of you, especially if you are working on generators or healing survivors. All Action speeds are affected by Spine Chill, regardless of playstyle. It is important not to overlook the combination of increased Action speeds and being alerted about nearby Killer threats.

Kindred (All Survivors).

When hooked:

  • All Survivors have their Auras revealed.
  • All Survivors are exposed to the Killer’s Aura if they are within 8/12/16 meters of your Hook.

Every other Survivor is hooked.

  • You will discover the Auras of all other Survivors.
  • Whenever the Killer is less than 8/12/16 meters from the hooked Survivor, their Aura will be revealed.

Kindred can make your life and that of your fellow Survivors easier. Once hooked, the Survivors’ auras and the Killers’ Aura of their fellow Survivors are visible. This is as long as they’re not too far from the hooked Survivor. When you get hooked, your Kindred acts as a wallhack and allows your team to make strategic decisions based on where everyone is located. If the Killer is camping the hooked Survivor, it’s time for the Killer to make sure that they repair their Generators and heal the injured Survivors.

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Windows of Opportunity (Kate Denson).

Within 24/28/32 meters, the Auras of Breakable Walls and Pallets are revealed.

Windows of Opportunity is a great tool for new Survivors. It allows them to see the materials they can use, such as pallets, walls, windows, and doors. Every Survivor has experienced the thrill of first playing a map and then being chased by a Killer. In those situations, it is crucial to identify nearby walls, pallets, and windows. This perk is less likely to be used the more you become familiar with the layouts of each map.

Windows of Opportunity is a Teachable Perk that Kate Denson only has. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 35. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

Empathy (Claudette Mostl)

The Auras for Survivors within 64/96/128 Meters of your location are shown.

  • Empathy doesn’t reveal the Aura of a Killer carrying Survivors.

In Dead By Daylight, it is always beneficial to track the locations of teammates. Empathy can track the auras and movements of injured Survivors up to 128 meters away. It is only a matter of time before other Survivors are injured. Empathy instantly reveals where they are and the Killer’s location. Empathy triggers whenever there is an injury. There’s no cooldown.

Empathy is a Teachable Perk that only Claudette morel can use. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 30. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

Iron Will (Jake Park).

Concentrate and enter a meditative state.

  • Reduces pain volume by 50/75/100%

One of the most effective ways to track Survivors fleeing a Killer is to listen for the sounds they make. Iron Will eliminates those sounds, increasing your chances of fleeing danger. Iron Will has no cooldown, so it will be available for every match.

Iron Will is an exclusive perk that Jake Park can only use. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 30. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

Lithe (Feng Min).

Perform a rush vault and then sprint at 150 percent for three seconds. The Exhausted status effect is caused by Lithe for 60/50/40 seconds.

Lithe shines when being chased by Killer. This allows Survivors to experience a speed boost after performing a rushed vault. Rushed vaults notify the Killer by emitting a loud noise. The Killer will be notified if the Survivor is running straight toward a window that measures at least 2.5m. The vault is cleared, and the Survivor can continue running without slowing down. This makes it a great escape route.

Feng Min’s only perk is Lithe, which can be taught. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 35. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode)

Decisive strike: Decisive strike activates after you are unhooked/unhooked for the next 40/50/60 seconds.

  • If the Killer grabs you, pass a Skill Check, and they will release you. This will give you five seconds of stunned silence.
  • The Killer can be stunned, and Decisive Strike will not work for the rest of the trial. You will become the Obsession of the Killer.

The following interactions will deactivate Decisive Strike while it is active:

  • How to Repair a Generator
  • You can heal yourself and other survivors.
  • Blessing or cleansing a Totem
  • Sabotaging a Hook
  • Unhooking other survivors

Players who find themselves being caught more often than others or who want to occupy the Killer’s position of control are able to use Decisive Strike. If the Killer grabs players during this time period, they will automatically be released from their grasp (so long that they pass a Skill Check), and the Killer will be stunned for five seconds. They will be Obsession of the Killer, but it is a small price for the overall perk.

Laurie Stroke is the only person who can teach Decisive Strike. You can unlock it for all characters when you reach level 40. It will then appear in the other Survivors’ Bloodwebs.

Sprint Burst (Meg Thomas)

Sprint Burst: Start running at 150 percent speed for three seconds.

  • Spirit Burst causes Exhausted status for 60/50/40 seconds.

Sprint Burst kicks into action when Survivors start running. It provides a 150 percent speed boost for three seconds. The cooldown lasts 40 seconds at the Tier higher. If you’re careful, this is plenty of time to escape danger if a Killer suddenly appears. Sprint Burst is a great speed booster that you can keep in your pocket.

Sprint Burst, a teachable perk, is unique to Meg Thomas. This perk can be shared with other survivors by reaching level 35. It will then appear in the Bloodwebs of other Survivors.

Borrowed Time Bill Williams

When saving an Ally from the Hook, you are fueled with unexpected energy. The Endurance status protects the unhooked Survivor for 8/10/12 seconds after hooking up a Survivor.

  • Any damage that could put the Survivor in the Dying State instead will trigger the Deep Wound status effect. After which, the Survivor has twenty seconds to heal themselves.
  • A deep Wound can be used to take damage, or if the timer expires, it will place the Survivor in the Dying State.

Borrowed time is when attacks that would normally put Survivors in the Dying state apply instead of the Deep Wound effect. This is a brief period where survivors are stronger and can escape harm’s way to heal themselves instead of being dragged back onto the Killer’s Hook. Borrowed time is great when you have just been released from a hook by a fellow Survivor only to have the Killer attack you.

Bill Overbeck’s Borrowed Time perk is unique in that it can be taught to others. This perk can be shared with other survivors by reaching level 35. It will then appear in the Bloodwebs of other Survivors.

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