Best Trucking Games For Xbox One 2022

Riding cars and bikes is common, but how about Trucks? Do you know there are some outstanding Trucking games for Xbox One available out there? Want to check out the best ones among all? 

Xbox One is a popular video gaming console and there is not a single genre on which it doesn’t have a good list of games. When it comes to simulation games, there is a great range of amazing truck-based video games for Xbox One. 

The best trucking games for Xbox One are: 

1. American Truck Simulator 

2.  Monster Truck Championship

3. Snow Runner

4. Monster Jam Steel Titans

5. Mudrunner

6. Truck Driver

7. On The Road – The Truck Simulator

Let us now discuss all these truck driving games for Xbox One in detail. 

Best Trucking Games For Xbox One

Here are the truck driving games for Xbox One that we want you to be aware of for your Xbox One. 

1. American Truck Simulator

Trucking Games For Xbox One - American Truck Simulator

This trucking game for Xbox One features some amazing 3D truck models that are officially licensed along with a great range of tuning accessories. 

You can choose a number of industries and companies for which you would like to work in the game. Not just this, you can even start a business of your own and earn money while building your trucking empire and be the Truck king of the road. 

The game supports several input devices including the steering wheel and gamepad. There is an Air brake simulation in the game and there is also a retarder, Trailer brake, and Jake brake. 

The game also has a built-in music player on which you can stream any of your favorite MP3 radio stations. 

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2.  Monster Truck Championship

Trucking Games For Xbox One - Monster Truck Championship

Monster Truck Championship is one of the best Monster truck games for Xbox One

There are 8 kinds of monster trucks that you can drive in this game. With more than 50 elements that can be customized and about 25 arenas which mean there is a wide range of varieties. And there are three leagues in the game all different from each other. 

3. Snow Runner

Trucking Games For Xbox One - Snowrunner

With a truck having a highly advanced physics engine, get ready to encounter some of the most extreme environments. As you progress in the game, you will get to unlock 40 different vehicles in the game. You can also upgrade and customize your existing trucks. 

There are a great number of challenges in the game that you can complete and the game can be either played in solo mode, or in co-op mode with up to four players. 

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4. Monster Jam Steel Titans

Trucking Games For Xbox One - Monster Jam Steel Titans

Want to drive some amazing and popular monster trucks? Here is Monster Jam Steel Titans where you can choose out of 25 well-known monster trucks which also include Max-D and Grave Digger. 

You will require to break the body panels, deform the junker cars and demolish the environment with your chosen monster truck. There are several stunts that you can perform with your truck on the route. 

There will be 12 different stadiums in the games all packed with a huge crowd of fans roaring and cheering for you while you enter the Monster Jam World Finals. It is your turn to enter this Massive Outdoor World and explorer it as well as smash down through the environment. 

5. Mudrunner

Trucking Games For Xbox One - Mudrunner

It is time to enter a dirt track racing game for Xbox One where you will have to take your truck across the giant maps of the American Wilds. 

There are some of the most iconic US trucks that you can take charge of and have some amazing new driving experiences while you master several environments of the rough lands of North Dakota and Montana. 

There would be muddy terrains, rivers, and various other obstacles that you will have to go through and the experience will not be any less than real life. 

6. Truck Driver

Trucking Games For Xbox One - Truck Driver

You have got one job – the job of a truck driver in this game that you can enjoy to its fullest and at the same time, interact with the community around you to build some good and strong relationships with people from different jobs. 

There are several parts of the truck that are customizable, so there is a lot of variety. This open-world game is a great choice for you if you are badly looking for trucking games for Xbox One.

7. On The Road – The Truck Simulator

Trucking Games For Xbox One - On The Road - The Truck Simulator

Travel in 16 different cities with road designs that are completely new and unique with roundabouts and bridges and large waterways. 

The ground of the game is based on the data retrieved from the satellite and you will be able to drive some of the licensed vehicles from Scania as well as MAN. 

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 Wrap Up

These were all the best trucking games for Xbox One that you surely would regret missing. So, go ahead and get them for your console as soon as possible without wasting much of time.

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