Beverly Puccio Murder: Where Is Michael Piantieri Now?

Beverly Puccio Murder: Where Is Michael Piantieri Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “Shattered: No Way Out’ recounts the horrific murder and the investigation that led to the victims being brought to justice. Let’s get into the details to discover where the killer of Beverly is now let’s find out, shall we?

How Did Beverly Puccio Die?

Beverly Puccio was an Iowan who lived in Dubuque, Iowa, was described as a fun-loving lady. The close friends of the 42-year old revealed that she was very energetic and always willing to have some amusement.

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In addition, friends and acquaintances have even mentioned that Beverly was renowned for her kindness and love of helping everyone and anyone in need. Her smile and cheerful attitude brought her a lot of love from the community and she’s deeply missed even to this day.

After 911 personnel were notified of the possibility of a suspicious death on December 3rd, 2017 they sent out first responders , who found Beverly dead in her home.

The victim lay naked in a bloody pool on her bed. Even those walls in her home were covered in bloody splatters. The house, however, was utterly ruined and had objects scattered all over the floor in each room. But, there was no evidence or evidence of forced entry.

An autopsy later determined that Beverly passed away from various injuries she sustained in a violent altercation.

Who Killed Beverly Puccio?

The initial investigation went along slowly without any witnesses or leads, as police began to build the suspect list. After they interrogated the person who called 911, they discovered that he was a friend of Beverly and that the two had been friends previously.

In addition, the caller advised the police that the night before the murder of Beverly, Beverly was at a local establishment known as The Walnut Tap.

In a bid to track Beverly’s final actions, the detectives obtained an warrant and took CCTV video from the camera of the pub. After hours of footage, the police finally found Beverly in the pub the night before her murder.

When she was at The Walnut Tap, Beverly was able to meet a mysterious man and seemed to be quite comfortable with the man. The two left the pub together and sat down in a bar nearby before boarding a taxi, which left towards Beverly’s house.

Michael Piantieri identified the man on the film, and detectives were able to determine that he was an individual that was involved in the killing of Beverly. After being interviewed, Michael insisted on his innocence and stated that he had no involvement in the murder. But, the police observed that he was suffering from several new bruises, which could indicate a violent battle.

In addition, according to the report the show, his girlfriend also called police and told them that, despite picking up Michael from the house of Beverly on the night she died, He returned later to find several items that were covered with blood. These items were later burned in an open fire pit inside his house.

With sufficient circumstantial evidence to convict Michael authorities, they obtained an arrest warrant for his home. They discovered that he owned one shoe stained with blood that corresponded to one discovered at the crime scene.

In addition Michael’s DNA also was the same as the sample of foreign origin found on Beverly’s dead body. So, with the forensic evidence linking Michael to the murder that he committed, he was detained and charged with the murder of Beverly.

Where Is Michael Piantieri Now?

After being taken into custody, Michael Piantieri decided to get out of death row; therefore, he entered a plea bargain for second-degree murder. Following his plea bargain, Michael, then-36-year-old, was sentenced to fifty years in prison with a minimum of 35 years, which was in place in 2018.

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Additionally, he was handed a second prison sentence in the amount of 70 calendar days due to the act of tampering with the testimony of a witness. Therefore, Michael remains incarcerated at the Anamosa State Penitentiary and will be eligible for parole when 2052.

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