BGMI for iOS has Officially Launched | Here’s the Link To Download Pubg Mobile India

BGMI for iOS Download Link

For the past few days, we were getting only rumors of BGMI for iOS. Some official Instagram posts by BattleGrounds Mobile India showed only clues about the official release of the game.

No one knew about the exact launch date of the game. Even streamers like Dynamo and Scout guessed from the Twitter and Instagram handle of BGMI.

Nevertheless, BGMI is finally available for iOS. People with Apple smartphones and iPad can enjoy the game. As the game is recently released, it is not showing up in the App Store. You’ve to manually find the link and download the game.

I have made a complete guide on how to download BGMI for iOS + you will get the official BGMI download link that will redirect you to your App Store.

Download BGMI for iOS | India Ka BattleGrounds

Before you move directly to the download link, there are some prerequisites that you need to follow in order to play BGMI smoothly on your iOS device.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Downloading BattleGrounds on Your Apple Smartphone or iPad

  • Must have a stable Internet connection.
  • If you have Apple smartphone, make sure that you have iPhone 6s or above, or iOS version 9.0 or later.
  • For iPad, it requires iOS 9.0 and up.


The total size of the game is 1.9Gb.

How To Download BGMI on Your iOS Device – Official BGMI Download Link

In order to download BGMI for iOS, click here.

After clicking, you’ll be redirected directly to the Apple App Store. Just click on the “Get” button and wait for the download. After downloading, open the game and it will ask for some permissions. Allow them and you’ll be able to enjoy your game without any error.

Problems I Faced After Downloading BGMI on My Smartphone

Currently, I’m using iPhone XR and it is running on iOS version 14.7. Today, after downloading and playing the game on my smartphone, I faced a huge lag in it. I set my graphics settings to Smooth+Extreme but still faced the lag. As to me, my BGMI was giving not more than 20fps in certain conditions.

How To Fix Lag Issues in BGMI in iOS and iPad?

After trying some troubleshoot steps, I finally found one step working. It can also work for you if you too are facing lag in your Apple smartphone.

  • Go to settings
  • Find General option> click it and scroll down
  • Now you’ll get Reset option> click it
  • After hitting the reset option, click on “Reset all Settings”.

This will not delete any data on your smartphone. It will only format settings. So, you can perform this action. After doing all this stuff, I’m playing the game at constant 60fps.

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