BioShock: How long does it take to beat?

BioShock: How long does it take to beat?

Fans don’t need to look far for the sights; they want BioShock on lists of the top 2000 games are based on this title. The title was originally published in 2007 by 2K Games. It would go on to become one of the most popular franchises ever. BioShock 2 BioShock: Infinite And Another BioShock is currently in development. Players will be able to see the original by taking a closer look. BioShock It’s not like any other shooter, even in playtime.

The events of BioShock took place in 1960. Jack, a man, finds his way to Rapture when the plane he is on crashes into the ocean. Players will control Jack and gain various supernatural abilities through DNA plasmids. The game offers hours of content, whether you reach the end credits or go for a one hundred per cent run.

Main Story Length

BioShock’splot centres around Rapture’s history and how it went from a utopian dream of paradise to an apocalyptic nightmare after the discovery and excessive use of ADAM. Players will make moral and gameplay choices that will ultimately decide the happy or sad ending of the story. The campaign should take approximately 12 hours to complete. It may take less if you play on the normal or easy difficulty. You can expect to subtract or add several hours if a player rushes through the story or plays on hard mode.

Getting Extras

BioShockplayers have the option to purchase or find additional upgrades while exploring Rapture. These upgrades can improve the passive effects of tonics or increase the number of Jack’s plasmids. They also allow for the upgrading of the power of various weapons. Players should allow 3 to 4 hours to find the twelve upgrade stations and obtain the ADAM required to purchase the rest of the game. This will increase the overall time to complete the main story to around 15 to 16 hours.

Completing Audio Diaries

Completionists will need to locate every audio diary. Audio diaries are recordings that contain vital plots and supporting information. There are 122 diaries spread throughout the city. Most players will need to spend approximately 5 hours to complete the complex rise and fall of Rapture.

BioShock isn’t a new title, but it is a timeless story that continues to entertain for at least double the hours. Fans who have completed Jack’s story, and the entire series, will find many other survival-horror games to enjoy while they wait for the inevitable fourth BioShock game.

Bioshock is available for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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