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Bloodborne is one of the most popular games of the year on PlayStation. Everyone wanted it. However, nobody got it. PC gamers have been asking for Bloodborne for a long time and have been aware that Sony has announced that it will bring several of its exclusive IPs to computers. Now, it appears that Bloodborne has finally and sincerely available on PC.

Confirmation that Bloodborne is Coming to PC

At 1:31, Nick Baker confirms that the Bloodborne PC port is completed. It’s an important thing to know since If it’s true that the Bloodborne PC port’s creation is completed and is ready, it’s just an issue of time before it’s released. However, there are no details other than Nick Baker confirming that the port has been completed in his podcast.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a release date and can only speculate about the developer who is involved in the PC port. However, it appears to be 99% likely that Bluepoint is involved, as Bluepoint is currently working on developing a Bloodborne remake on PlayStation 5 PS5 and PS5 and a Bloodborne sequel for the same console.

Is the Bloodborne PC Leak Real?

Nick Baker has proven to be highly reputable as a leaker, particularly when he’s as clear and confident in his assertions like he does in the video below. Of course, any leak is worth a pinch of salt, but this Bloodborne PC leak is as authentic as you can get when it comes to leaks. Additionally, it’s been speculated that Bloodborne is coming out for PC as well, so the port is likely.

Additionally, Sony has recently been doing all-in in the process of porting their exclusive games: Ghost of Tsushima is believed to be making the switch onto PC as well, and the possibility of a PC version of God of War has already been confirmed. It would be more unexpected if Bloodborne is not being released on PC. Recent reports of Bloodborne 2 signify that a Bloodborne sequel suggests that Bloodborne is a hot franchise and that the time to release the PC port is just right.

How to Play Bloodborne on PC Without Port

It’s an option for you to enjoy Bloodborne on PC, and it’s very simple: Bloodborne is on PS Now, which allows game streaming on PC. PS Now is Sony’s exclusive game-streaming service and streams games on every PlayStation and PC and PC, giving PC gamers the ability to play PS3 or PS4 games. To access PS Now, all you require is an active subscription which requires an active PSN account. 

You can avail seven days trial for a free PS Now trial – which may be more than enough time to complete Bloodborne or pay $10 per month or 60 EUR per year. Suppose you’ve got a good internet connection and do not mind using an actual controller (who would ever play Bloodborne using a keyboard and mouse anyway?) and don’t want for the day when an official Bloodborne PC port is available. In that case, This is the only choice for playing Bloodborne on PC today.

When Is Bloodborne Coming to PC?

It’s all speculation. However, I’m willing to wager that the Bloodborne remake will be the same version coming to PC. I’m also willing to bet the Bloodborne remake will be available simultaneously on the PS5 and PC. Because Nick Baker claims that the PC version is already in production, this would suggest that Bluepoint is awaiting the PC version for a while before the release.

It could also mean the PS5 remake is already in progress, which makes sense considering that Bluepoint is also said to be working on a Bloodborne sequel if the developer plans to release the sequel by 2024. they could be in the beginning stages of any one of the titles. Our bet: Bloodborne will be released on PC in 2023.

If you’re not familiar with Bloodborne, but you’ve made it through this post, first of all, congratulations. In addition, it’s time to explain the story behind Bloodborne is about: pain. Seriously. If you’ve ever heard of the expression ‘Souls-Like,’ you probably know what to expect: You’ll suffer the same fate repeatedly.

You will not only die and be unable to recover your equipment, some of your abilities, and get forced back to the beginning of every stage. If you are involved in boss battles, this means you’ll have to fight every goon before attempting to beat the boss once more. The great thing about this is that you become stronger each time you run, not due to your equipment; however, repetition creates perfect. That’s what the essence of Bloodborne is about, and in this regard, it shares some similarities to games such as Hades and Curse of the Gods.

Even even if Bloodborne isn’t coming to PC, This PS1-style demake will

We don’t know for sure when Bloodborne will ever release on PC; however, at the moment, there’s this amazing fan game that fans can anticipate. The Bloodborne PS1 Demake recreates the initial area of the game within Central Yharnam and includes the boss fight against Father Gascoigne. The 90s-era graphics work well with Bloodborne very well. It will be possible to play the game for free when it comes out on January 31st, 2022.

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