Call of Duty Warzone Patch Notes | December 2021

For every game, patch notes are released to fix the bugs and add some new features to the game. Recently, a new update was rolled out for Call of Duty: Warzone. This update will be available on all the platforms including PlayStation 4 and Xbox series S.

We saw leaks of the new update at the start of season 1. But now, everything is clear and the new Call of Duty War Zone update includes many new weapons. The major ones are the popular Black Ops Cold War Weapons.

Apart from this, there’s a lot more about the new update. Stay till the end and you’ll be able to know each and everything about the Call of Duty Warzone patch notes.

Call of Duty: Warzone Update 1.49 Patch Notes (December 10, 2021)

Talking about the basic things in the update, we can see the decrease in the volume of Fighter Planes, Bombing Runs, and Airstrike Killstreaks. Also, fighter planes will not auto-target parachuting Players.

If we talk about the new update, there are the following major changes in the Call of Duty Warzone.


A lot of new changes can be seen in the VG weapons and accessories. You can see in-game more about weapons like their names, descriptions, stats, etc. 

Apart from the above changes in Vanguard weapons, some Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapon adjustments have been made in,

Assault Rifle(AR) 

  • Initial recoil gap deviation can be seen an increase in AK-47 (BOCW).
  • EM2 (BOCW) Neck damage multiplier decreased to 1.1. Recoil Magnitude and Deviation increased.

Sniper Rifle

  • Flinch Resistance decreased by 62% for Swiss K31 (BOCW).

Marksman Rifle


  • Neck Damage increased to 250 in Crossbow (MW).
  • Instead of 200, the upper Torso Damage increased to 240.
  • Lower Torso Damage increased to 220.

Marksman Rifle Charlie (MW)

  • Flinch Resistance decreased by 62%

R1 Shadowhunter (BOCW)

  • Neck Damage increased to 250.
  • Upper Torso Damage increased to 240.
  • Lower Torso Damage increased to 220.


Ballistic Knife (BOCW)

  • Upper Torso Damage increased to 248.
  • Lower Torso Damage increased to 225.
  • Upper Arm Damage increased to 200.
  • Lower Arm Damage increased to 190.
  • Upper Leg Damage increased to 200.
  • Lower Leg Damage increased to 190.

Baseball Bat (BOCW)

  • Lunge Distance decreased by 47%.

Battle Axe (BOCW)

  • Lunge Distance decreased by 38%.

Cane (BOCW)

  • Lunge Distance decreased by 46%.

Mace (BOCW)

  • Lunge Distance decreased by 42%.


  • Shotgun Bravo (BOCW) Movement Speed has decreased by 1.2% and ADS Movement Speed decreased by 8.6%.

Several changes have been made in Submachine Gun Alpha (BOCW), Submachine Gun Charlie (MW), and OTs 9 (BOCW).

Apart from it, we can also see changes in attachment adjustments, Vanguard Royale, Maps, new vehicles, machines, and a lot more. The new map coming out is Caldera. So there is no doubt that the new Call of Duty update is going to be super exciting.

Bugs Fixed

Players were reporting several bugs including the Vanguard where levels begin at 0 instead of 1, collision issues, etc. All are now fixed.

Warzone Update Sizes

The update size varies for different devices. For PC, it’s 37.8GB (Warzone Only), and 69.1GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare).

  • PlayStation 5, the approximate download size is 44.7 GB.
  • 44.7 GB for PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One Series X / S: 41.2 GB
  • Xbox One: 41.2 GB 

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