Can Drilbur Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

It is not surprising to say that many Pokemon Go players are still completely obsessed with the Shiny Pokemon in the game because of its incredible qualities and captivating appearance. However, the game still lacks the Shiny variants of plenty of Pokemon. One of which is Drilbur.

But quite recently Pokemon Go has just released a new list of Pokemon with their shiny versions. Will Drilbur also join that list? Well!! This is not clear yet. Let’s clear it up now.

Unfortunately, you are out of luck with this Pokemon. As, for now, shiny Drilbur is not present for Pokemon Go players. This comes as a disappointment for Drilbur’s fans in this game.

But, Don’t Worry!! Maybe some good news related to its shiny form is waiting for you later in this article. If you wanna know complete information on Drilbur’s shiny form, then don’t stop reading this article. We cover almost everything related to it with the right knowledge.

Can Drilbur Be Shiny In Pokemon Go?

No, there is no shiny version of Drilbur in Pokemon Go 2022 yet. Even, its evolution, which is Excadrill, doesn’t have any shiny version. To the best of our knowledge, there is no shining Drilbur in this particular game. However, it is possible that we have just been particularly unlucky.

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How Can We Know That Shiny Drilbur Is Not Available In Pokemon Go?

We get to know about this with Test Your Mettle Event. Drilbur is one of the Pokemon that does not have stars in the top right corner of its “picture”, as you can see if you look at the post advertising the “Test Your Mettle Event”. Due to the fact that only Pokemon with those tiny stars have shiny variations, this pretty well proves it. Therefore, forget about it if you are playing Test Your Mettle Event and looking for a unique Drilbur.

Will Drilbur Ever Receive Its Shiny Form In Pokemon Go?

The shiny form is not available for every Pokemon, providing Niantic the option to add it later at their choice. Players will probably have to wait till a choice a made because Niantic rarely makes an announcement about when specific shiny forms will be added to Pokemon Go. 

As the popularity of Drilbur and Excadrill, especially among Pokemon Go trainers who enjoy battles, should be noticed, thus it’s possible that Drilbur will receive the shiny version sooner rather than later.

Is Drilbur Without Shiny Version Not Worth In Pokemon Go?

That’s absolutely wrong!! As Drilbur has not had its shiny form, it does not mean you should ignore Drilbur when you encounter it. The Pokemon itself is quite good. 

Excadrill is moreover truly amazing. It has excellent resistance against a wide range of assaults and has a high damage output.

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This concludes our knowledge about shiny Drilbur in Pokemon Go 2022. Naturally, things could change in the future. Perhaps, Niantic will eventually release its shiny version soon. That’s it you will need to know about its shiny form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Drilbur reproduce in nature?

Yes, they can reproduce near parks, farms, quarries, parking lots, and hiking paths. Drilbur spawning occurs naturally at a higher rate.

Does Pokemon Go have a shiny Venipede?

In Pokemon Go, there is a 1/450 chance of finding a Shiny Venipede if you catch every Venipede you come across. Like any other pokemon, its likelihood is also quite low.

How rare is finding a lucky pokemon?

There is a 5% chance of a Pokemon becoming a Lucky Pokemon when it is traded, and this chance rises with the length of time when Pokemon has spent in the Trainers box; the older the Pokemon, the greater the chance.

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