Peggy Find Her Son

Can Peggy Finds Her Son In Next Ep ‘The Gilded Age’?

Peggy Scott (Denee Benton) is one of the major characters in The Gilded Age period drama. Peggy Scott is initially hidden in mystery. Her background and the circumstances of her life are revealed over the seasons. After graduation from the Institute for Colored Youth, Peggy arrives at the train station in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to journey towards New York. Will Peggy Find Her Son?

This is where she is introduced to Marian, and both of their lives are changed. Peggy pays for her train ticket when Marian’s ticket and cash disappear. As they arrive in New York, Peggy can’t travel any further due to the storm, and Marian can take the girl to visit her aunt’s house located on 5 the Avenue. In awe of Peggy’s writing skills, the aunt of Marian Agnes van Rhijn hires Peggy as her secretary.

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It is evident at the beginning of the show that Peggy and her dad, Arthur (John Douglas Thompson), aren’t friends. The true reasons are discovered in episode 8. Peggy was engaged and pregnant at one time, but her father annulled the union and informed her that her baby son was dead shortly after his birth. In the finale of season 1, Peggy finds out that her father was lying and that her child is still alive. If you’re wondering when Peggy will be able to find her son, here is the information you need to be aware of. Beware of spoilers in the future.

Do you think Peggy finds her son?

Peggy decides to head to Philadelphia and look for her son during the season’s finale. The show’s mother, Dorothy, says that she’ll accompany her. But, nobody except Arthur knows where the child is, and he doesn’t intend to inform them. Peggy and her mom wouldn’t have discovered the truth if a staff member didn’t discover a note inside Arthur’s pocket. Dorothy examines the contents of the document and appears irritated. After her daughter arrives back home in Brooklyn, Dorothy is honest with her. Peggy’s baby survived birth, and Arthur later found an appropriate family to adopt the child.

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Arthur believed that he protected his grandson and daughter from shame if he did not tell their parents the full truth. Even after his lies are revealed, Arthur refuses to accept the responsibility. He insists that his actions in the past were in the best interest of his family members. When Peggy asks him for details regarding her son’s life, Arthur refuses to provide any information. He advises Peggy and Dorothy to leave the child to his own.

In the second season in season 2, we’ll likely have Peggy and Dorothy traveling to Philadelphia to search for the former’s child. It’s likely not to be a simple search, and things could become more complicated should they discover the boy. When a child establishes an attachment to his adoptive family, she’ll be unable to separate him from them. Peggy will then have to decide between the happiness of her son and the happiness she wants for herself. Peggy might run into her ex-husband, Elias Finn when she’s living in Philadelphia. That would reveal more about the story.

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