How to Change Field Of View in CS: GO | 2 Easy Ways

Change Field Of View

How to Change Field Of View in CS: GO: The possibility to modify and customize the user interface to suit your preferences is just one of the many advantages of the game.

Contrary to other shooters, unlike other shooters, CS: GO is well-known for its flexibility, whether its crosshairs or HUD scale or view model location. The console lets you modify virtually anything within the game.

Change Field Of View in CS: GO

If you’d like to experience an alteration in your pace, reducing or increasing the field of view (FOV) can be worthwhile. But how can you make it happen?

Change Field Of View in CS

If you don’t have it, you’ll need to turn on the console and attach it to a keyboard. It’s as easy as pressing Help NS Options, navigating to Game Settings, and selecting to enable Developer Console. It is recommended that the default keys be in the form of a tilde (~).

When your console is functioning, go to a public or private match, then hold the tilde (or whatever you connect it to), then select “viewmodel_fov,” and press enter.

Change Field Of View in CS

There are a variety of options to choose what your vision field is. The smallest FOV possible is 54, while the maximum is 67. The smaller your FOX is, the more closely the model of your character will appear on screen, while the higher the FOX, the further away it appears.

Change Field Of View in CS

If you’re not able to determine your FOV, the pros – those who compete at the top levels for cash prizes that are huge–generally tend to prefer a larger FOV. Many, including possibly the greatest player of all time, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev choose “viewmodel_fov 68.”

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