How To Change Field Of View in Warzone | 2 Easy Ways

Field Of View Warzone

Like any first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Warzone players rely heavily on what you observe on screen. In the end, how else are you going to make the perfect shot?

Another option is to alter the Field Of View in Warzone (or FOV). This feature is only available to PC players. Changing the FOV can improve your game and give you an advantage. To help you alter your FOV when playing Warzone on PC, Here are the steps you’ll have to know.

How to Change Field Of View in Warzone (FOV)

A wider field of vision is not without its disadvantages. Although you’ll be more able to see more, the accuracy of your shots is likely to suffer. In addition, a smaller FOV could make you more exposed to other shooters and can cause motion sickness even if you can concentrate your shots more effectively. It all depends on what you prefer as a shooter.

While console gamers are limited to the default (and quite restricted) of 80 feet, computer gamers have the option of choosing a FOV of between 60 and 120.

To change the FOV of your device, Go to the main menu, then click on the Options button.

Then, select the General tab. The field of view option is the second option down. You can move the slider bar to increase the size or select the box and manually input the amount you’d like to use for your FOV.

The greater the FOV, the greater the amount you will see.

How to Get Less Visual Recoil in Warzone

A unique feature of FOV of Warzone is that certain guns like the CR-AMAXseem have less recoil in the visual when switched on. The “secret” was discovered on YouTube, which shows the lower visual recoil resulting in a higher kill rate and improved gun control.

It is possible to switch to the Affected FOV instead of choosing the independent FOV. This results in the CRAMAX moving less, making it the perfect weapon for killing. Although the gun isn’t the most powerful in the market, it does have good base stats regarding damage-per-second. With less recoil, it is more user-friendly and quicker to shoot.

When you change your field of view in Warzone, you gain several perks over other players (especially over console players). Optimizing Warzone’s FOV and improving your aim can help you become a better Warzone player as a result.

There are a variety of things you can alter within Warzone, including your name as well as the muting of players. Have you got any additional Warzone tips to give us? Send them to us in the comments below.

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