Should You Choose Mushrooms Or Bats in Stardew Valley?

Mushrooms Or Bats

Do you have a question about whether to put Mushrooms Or Bats in your home within Stardew Valley? Here’s everything you should be aware of.

After you have moved onto Your Stardew Valley farm, you’ll be able to select the kind of item your cave on the farm can produce. It is a tiny cave that is located on the highest point of the farm. In this cave, you’ll be able to select what you want to do with the space.

There is a choice to grow mushrooms or fill your cave with bats that will drop fruit. The choice can be difficult; however, that’s the reason we’re here to help. In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth review of each type of cave and also which is most useful. Let’s first look at how to get into the cave that is used for farming.

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How To Unlock The Farm Cave

To open the cave for farming, you must be able to earn a minimum of 25000g. Prior to earning this amount, the cave will be empty. You’ll still be able to enter. However, the cave won’t be producing any kind of product.

After you’ve earned 25000g, Demetrius will visit your farm. At the entrance of your farm, Demetrius will speak about using the cave to conduct his research. He will also offer you the option of bats or mushrooms.

When you have made the choice that you have made, you won’t be able to change it. That means that you’ll be locked into the cave model.

Fruit Bats In The Cave

If you decide to fill this cave using fruit bats, you’ll likely observe an assortment of fruits on the cave’s floor each day.

The rate at which fruit spawns is dependent on the quantity of fruit in the cave. If, for instance, it is not occupied, there’s an 88% chance of fruit being spawned. This decreases to 25% when there’s only one fruit in the cave, 13% when there are two fruits and 7% if they’re more than three fruits there. All in all, it is important to take fruit every day so that you have a better chance of finding more fruit.

Below, you can see every fruit available, along with their chances of dropping and the sale prices.

FruitSpawn ChancesNormal Quality Sell Price
Spice Berry20%80g
Wild Plum20%80g

The fruits listed above are available during any season. While the fruit is likely to be available during certain times of the year, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the caves on the farm.

In addition, the quality of fruit can vary from average to gold. If you are a Botanist job and you are a Botanist, all fruits are of iridium grade. This will increase the value of the fruit.

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Growing Mushrooms In The Cave

The choice of mushrooms can turn the cave into a growing area for mushrooms. There are six different bins which will take approximately one or two days to produce mushrooms.

The growth of mushrooms depends on the time of day you get to the bed. If you go to bed later, the mushrooms will grow faster. For example, when you fall asleep early at 2 am, the mushrooms will have growing by 12:40 the next day.

Sleeping in before 6 pm can cause mushrooms to increase in two days. For maximum yield, try going to go to bed later in the daytime. You will get more mushrooms and also have more time to wander around and tend your farm.

There are five kinds of mushrooms that you will find below, as well as their rates of spawning and prices.

Mushroom Chance to SpawnSell Price (Normal Quality)

Common Mushroom 69.8% 40g

Red Mushroom 12.3% 75g

Purple Mushroom 2.5% 250g

Chanterelle 7.3% 160g

Morel 8.1% 150g

As opposed to fruit found in the caves of farms, all mushrooms you discover within the cave will be of regular quality.

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Which One Is Better Mushrooms Or Bats?

So, which one should you pick? The first step is to examine the advantages of acquiring this cave of mushrooms.

Each and every mushroom (except that of Chanterelle) is included in the bundle to benefit the Community Center. Most of the mushrooms are also rare. In a cave for mushrooms, you’ll be able to obtain rare mushrooms in bundles without waiting for the season to come around.

In addition, all of the ingredients to make this Elixir could be produced inside the mushroom cave. The Life Elixir is a handcrafted product that can completely bring back your health and 200 energy. It is extremely useful in cave exploration and is sold at the cost of 500g. It provides a huge quantity of energy and health. However, when compared with specific iridium-based products is not as effective.

The cave in the mushrooms is a great source of materials needed to make bundles. If you are planning to do much mining or cavern exploration, then the cave of mushrooms will be an excellent source of the ingredients to make your Life Elixir.

The fruit bat cave also has many advantages of its own. Like mushrooms, every fruit that you can find within this cave (excluding Salmonberries) is needed in bundles to be used at the Community Center.

Fruits make an excellent gift for the villager and also. It is an extremely popular gift. If you have a constant supply of fruits is a great way to strengthen your relationships with your fellow villagers.

Selling fruits can be an excellent source of income; however, once you’ve got numerous fruit trees on your property and the cave is outdated. Instead of waiting to get an orange, it is possible to plant a few of them.

Which is the best? It will depend on what you intend to pay attention to when tending to your farm. Below, you will find the type of playstyle each cave is suitable for.

Mushroom CaveFruit Bat Cave

  • Completing The Following Bundles:
    • Fall Foraging
    • Dye
    • Exotic
    • Field Research
  • Crafting Life Elixirs
  • Offering Rare, expensive mushrooms (great income-generating)
  • Completing The Following Bundles:
    • Artisan
    • Fall Foraging
    • Summer Foraging
    • Enchanter’s
  • Gifting Villagers Fruit

In the end, you’ll enjoy more benefits from an underground mushroom cave. The mushrooms are sold for more money and will increase continuously if you go to bed at 6 hours. If you plant enough fruit trees, you’ll be able to take advantage of not having the cave for fruit bats.

The choice is entirely up to you, however. Pick the one that feels right for you! You’ll benefit from both cave choices, and there isn’t a ‘best one.

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