Core Keeper Edge Of Map | How Big Is The Map In Core Keeper?

Core Keeper Edge Of Map

Core Keeper is a colossal game that takes you to an unimaginative map. Every new world you design is created by a procedural process by the game’s algorithm, and its position of bosses, resource locations, and locations shift around, making it feel fresh.

This guide will show you how huge the world map of Core Keeper is, so you can tell if you’re digging far enough or aren’t digging enough.

What is the dimension of the map that is in Core Keeper?

Core Keeper’s map is almost endless, so we cannot determine the exact dimensions. It is possible to dig in any direction for miles and continue. The only walls not breakable are ones that lead to regions that the developer Pugstorm hasn’t yet included.

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For instance, The Sunken Sea update included a huge new biome that players could explore, but that wasn’t the final stage of this game’s evolution. Prior to the time when The Sunken Sea was released players were unable to dig beyond the walls leading to the new biome and after its launch, players were not able to explore another biome.

This is because certain biomes are selected in order to open the doors to new ones which will be added later on in development, while other biomes don’t have this limitation. This means that players are able to dig for hours in specific directions based on the arrangement of bosses and locations named.

Is the map of Core Keeper infinite?

Core Keeper’s maps are endless since you can create procedurally an entirely new world that is filled with possibilities. It’s just a matter of digging and locating the possibilities.

At first, certain biomes can block certain paths and make the map appear smaller. But once the game is fully released it will allow players to roam for hours and never encounter an edge that hinders their advancement.

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It could alter depending on whether Pugstorm decides to place limits on the size of the world but it is unlikely to occur until the game’s final launch.

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