Could Not Connect Outdated Server Realms Update Pending Within 48 Hours

The “update in progress” error message is a bit frustrating however there are some ways to attempt to correct the issue. But don’t fret there’s a guide to help you get it fixed! Just keep reading.

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Fixed – Could Not Connect Outdated Server Realms Update Pending Within 48 Hours

The “update was in the works” problem is an error displayed whenever Minecraft Realms tries to update however, the process is taking longer than normal. It can be due to a variety of reasons The most common scenario is that the servers are overloaded and are unable to cope with the demands.

A majority of the time it will be completed and allow you return to playing with no issues. There are instances when the update can become “stuck,” and you’ll require actions to correct it.

Here are some things you could try if experiencing the “update waiting for update” issue on Minecraft Realms: -Try restarting the game. This is typically the quickest and most effective solution to the problem. Check your internet connection.

It is possible to repair it with a download of the entire world, and then replacing the world with the version downloaded. Be sure that if you use any texture packs, you download and download it again and then upload it to your world! Game ON!

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How long will it take for the bedrock realms to be updated?

When they do, your realm will automatically update. If you are the proprietor of your domain and doesn’t have the opportunity to update their account. The kingdom must update within 48-72 hours following the announcement in the event of the upgrade.

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